Where Do My Ideas Come From Part 2 of 3

Last week I talked about Reflections. This week I'll be focusing on The Carriage, a story about a conceited teenage girl, Alexis, whose sister Brooke, sends her back in time in a fit of anger.. Alexis arrives in the Victorian Era, and meets Ezra, a man dealing with his own sibling rivalry, having been killed by his brother Amos, months before, and brought back to life with a dark magic his father paid for with his life.

The Carriage is actually an idea that came from my new adult, romance story, Pretentious. Feeling the need to take a trip to New York and confirm the logistics of the story, I started researching what we would do when we got there, and where we would go. The tourist side of me demanded we take a trip to Central Park, where they still have old-fashioned carriage rides. At the time I wanted to write another historical romance from the Victorian Era. So I googled and saw the carriages online, and since I always look at the images, I saw some accidents. My brain began swimming from there.

The first draft for The Carriage was only 20,000 words, but with the help of critiquer's, it grew into the full novel we see now. I love it when my plotting friends sit down with me. They are a special breed in my book. The kind of writer willing to do all they can to help you with your story, and you in turn, help them with theirs.

The next hurdle was that I wanted to write this story in first, while all my other stories were written in third. I tend to have a number of subplots, and that's a little more difficult in first, So now I have my companion short story called Amos, on my website. www.jenabaxter.com, where you can load it as a mobi or pdf file, free. It's also available on itunes, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble, free as well.

Unfortunately, I never did get to take the trip to New York, but I've been able to see images and talk to other writer's from the area. While Pretentious was based out of New York, The Carriage is not, as Alexis lives in San Francisco, so it didn't impact this story too much. Pretentious, is another story, since it's based in New York..

You can find these stories on Amazon.com, and The Carriage is available on audible.com.




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