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Character Madness - Interview 5 of 5: Raonal Tiornestake

This Week Tolor Interviews  Raonal Tiornestake The Final Interview from  The Followers of Torments, series,  by Katheryn Caffee Author’s note:  Before you start reading Raonal’s interview, please be aware that he is what is called a pukah.  They are a faerie cross between the fae and any other creature.  Unlike most fae, the pukah have one flaw that always shows up after their faerie side awakens – they cannot tell the unvarnished truth.  They make great listeners, but if they tell you anything be advised to take it with a shaker of salt.  There may be truth buried in what they are telling you, but figuring out what it is can be more of a challenge than you expected.  Raonal’s way is about what you can expect – neither worse nor better than average. Tell us about your story My story?  You want to know about my story?  Well, you had better make sure you are comfortable.  It won’t take but a moment to tell, but a life time to listen to.  You see, I was born before

Character Madness Monday-Interview 4 of 5 The Followers of Torment

This Week Tolor Interviews  Celecanepo Raghadeyah Interview 4 of 5  from  The Followers of Torments, series,  by Katheryn Caffee Tell us about your story It is a long and sad tale.  However, I did overhear you speaking with Raonal.  You wish this to focus on the part that involves the Master. For that, I cannot say much.  I met him after I had just been freed for misconduct by my previous master, and he was in such pain.  It called to me like none have before.  Though I am an outcast Guardian, I also remember when I was still in the tribunal’s good graces.  The tale being told, I hope is one of redemption.  One that perhaps will enable all those with the Master to be redeemed into the good graces of our respective people. What part do you play in it? I am a healer.  Though I can heal the body, I prefer to focus on healing the heart, soul, and mind.  For the Master, I am a beacon of what he should aspire to, rather than the filth and corruption he has

Review for Elven Dreams by Raven Williams

Review for Elven Dreams Elven Dreams Released today  by  Raven Williams Angels, Elves, Shifters … Raven Williams has it all. Summary Dreams are becoming nightmares and a great war is coming.  The demon, Vaduxach, is using nightmares to pull humans into the war between Dark and Light.  Will he succeed?  If he does, which side will they choose? Cheyenne is a human woman with strong magical potential.  She is the target of the demon and his evil plans.  Will she be swayed to Darkness or remain in the Light? Relalith, an Elven Realm Jumper, is tasked with determining the cause of human nightmares.  In the course of this quest he finds out Cheyenne is much more than anyone realizes, especially for him.  Can he save her from the demon's clutches or will he be too late? The Story Cheyenne is a human having dreams of her life as an elf. Needing to know what’s happening to her. To make things worse, she’s being persued by a dark demon c