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It's Nanowrimo Time

Novel in a Month? That means it's November when writers all over the world connect with other authors and write their stories. Every year I say I'm not going to do it, and every year since I started, except one, I've done it. This year I'm working on a number of novelle sized short stories. Two for a series of fairytales I'm doing with Raven Williams, one for my Little Match Girl novella, and another for a Christmas anthology, due next year. I've found it best to get the anthologies done as soon as I can so I made it a priority. So far, I'm not doing as well as I hoped, but I'm keeping up with things. I was short in word count one day, but had enough overage on other days to keep up with it. I also need to keep up my reading for the screenwriting contest, as well as a few other obligations, so seriously, I have no complaints with my totals right now. My first story is about a girl being harassed by a witch invading her dreams. When the
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