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CHEROKEE SUMMER by Susan Antony ***Check out the Author's favorite romances -- Giveaway***

Cherokee Summer by Susan Antony Genre: YA Romance Release Date: January 2019 The Wild Rose Press When Ace leaves home to spend the summer in Cherokee, North Carolina the last thing she expects to find is a boyfriend until she meets Cherokee Tribe member John Spears. As Ace and John's friendship blossoms, they find their life experiences mirror each other and they fall in love. Despite hurdles thrown by well-meaning family members and jealous frenemies, the star-crossed lovers remain committed to their mutual belief that the universe has drawn them together. However, when Ace sends John a strange text and then suddenly disappears, the two must rely on their trust in each other to save both their lives and their love. Add to Goodreads Buy Links Barnes and Noble       Amazon      Itunes      Kobo      Google Play       Scribd       Hoopla      Walmart  Guest Post Susan Antony's top ten romance stories of all time. This is a hard question

COME A LITTLE CLOSER by Chrissy Brown (Georgia Boys #2) ***Excerpt -- Giveaway***

Come A Little Closer  Chrissy Brown  (Georgia Boys #2) Publication date: January 13th 2019 Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult Sophie was the love of my life. Okay, we were twelve the last time I saw her but still. I’ve tried everything to move on—whiskey, women, weed. Nothing seemed to fill the void. Now, ten years later, she shows up out of the blue. The problem, I’m not the boy she used to know. I have a reputation that could ruin everything. Still, I have to try. Even if nothing happens between us, having Sophie in my life as a friend is better than not having her at all.Come A Little Closer is the second installment in the Georgia Boys Series. It can be read as a standalone novel. Goodreads / Amazon EXCERPT: I blush and shake my head. “We should get started on the bedroom.” Kevin follows behind me, fiddling with his phone. I refill the paint tray and set it on the bedroom floor. Maroon 5’s “Girls Like You” starts playing. Kevin comes up behind me,

AS SILVER IS TO THE MOON by R. A. Watt ***Excerpt -- Giveaway***

As Silver Is to the Moon  R. A. Watt  Publication date: April 28th 2019 Genres: Paranormal, Young Adult New school. First love. A psychotic werewolf that wanted me dead. And it was only week one in Santa Isadora. For fifteen-year-old Teavan Laurent and his older sister Suzanne, Santa Isadora seemed like a sleepy and idyllic California town to finish high school after their unexpected move west from New York City. As he struggles to make friends in a town shrouded in secrets, Teavan soon finds himself the target of an irrational tormentor and rumored-to-be werewolf. The revenge-obsessed psycho vows to wipe out Teavan and his small family due to past wrongs beyond Teavan’s control or knowledge. The twisted legacy left to him by his late grandfather brings Teavan at odds with everything he knows to be true—or at least everything he thought to be true. The impossible truth of the tale begins to gain traction at his first wolf sighting, and Teavan and Suzanne soon fi

SILVER: The Silver Series Book 1 by Cheree Alsop ***Spotlight -- Giveaway***

Silver  The Silver Series Book 1 by Cheree Alsop Genre: YA Fantasy His Father Is Murdered By Werewolf Hunters After his father is murdered, Jaze and his mother are forced to flee and start new life. On top of adjusting to a new school and trying to make new friends, he must try to stop a killer from striking again. ˃˃˃ A New Pack, A New Love Moving to a new place is difficult for any teenager. Being a werewolf, Jaze must make peace with the territory’s pack. Falling in love make his new situation even more perilous. ˃˃˃ A Fresh New Werewolf Series Silver is the first book in a fast paced and exciting series unlike any werewolf books you have read before. It shows that with love, there truly are no limits. ˃˃˃ “All around this book was such an awesome read. If you enjoy books with suspense, fighting, and romance you'll love this one.” Niala- Goodreads Reviewer **FREE on all platforms!!** Add to Goodreads Amazon * Apple * B&N * Google * Kobo *

The Scorpion's Lullaby Luminous Lands Book 1 by Juliet Vane ***Spotlight -- Giveaway -- Q and A with the Author***

The Scorpion's Lullaby  Luminous Lands Book 1 by Juliet Vane  Genre: YA Fantasy Be ruthless. Be rich. Live like gods. Joella’s band of thieves lives deep in the jungle. Riding on giant scorpion dragons, they search the beautiful landscape for villages and caravans to rob. But dangerous mists thread through the jungle’s undergrowth. One touch transforms its victims into mindless, murderous shells of their former selves. When the mists interrupt a routine raid, Joella becomes separated from her people. She’s alone except for a stolen book of legends and Marc, a religious disciple dedicated to pacifism and preserving the ways of the old goddess. Searching for their tribes, Joella and Marc brave mist-infected beasts, deceitful clans, and the sweltering days and freezing nights of their beloved jungle. An uneasy alliance grows between them as they read from the book and uncover in its pages the truth of why the jungle has been fraught with evil. They must

THE GOOD GIRL'S GUIDE TO BEING BAD by Cookie O’Gorman ***Excerpt -- Giveaway***

The Good Girl’s Guide to Being Bad  Cookie O’Gorman  Publication date: April 25th 2019 Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult Seventeen-year-old Sadie is tired of being a good girl. Her Career Aptitude Test results say she’s ideally suited for a career in the clergy (aka a nun), and on top of that, she receives yet another rejection. An aspiring dancer/choreographer, Sadie dreams of being featured on Dancer’s Edge—but they say she’s too sweet, needs more life experience. Her BFF, Kyle, and her oldest friend, 79-year-old Betty, agree: Sadie is in desperate need of a life makeover. But she’ll need a coach. Sadie doesn’t lie, cheat or steal–heck she doesn’t even curse (part of the reason she hasn’t checked off anything on her “Carpe Diem List”). Sadie doesn’t know the first thing about being bad. But Kyle’s twin brother, Colton, does. And he’s willing to teach Sadie on one condition: she has to do everything he says for the next month. A dazzling first kiss, two sm