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Character Madness Monday Today's Interview  Kai Zolu from Providence Mthical Madness Book II by Author AR DeClerck Alexis put a rubberband in her mouth and pulled a brush through her hair. It was her turn to do the character interview and she wanted to look her best. She tied her hair up high with one hand, copying a style she had seen Catara do when she snuck into the Misty Haven area of Jena’s imagination. Watching the mirror, she tilted her head, twisted to the side and smiled. She was ready. She entered the living room. Ezra was off somewhere so she waited for the interview alone. The doorbell rang and she ran to answer it. She opened the door to a young man with dark hair and silvery blue eyes. If she was a single girl, this interview would have been dangerous. “Ah, come in,” she says. smiling. “Thanks. I’m Kai Zoku.” She takes his hand. “It’s good to meet you Kai. I’m sorry, what story were you from again?” “Story, you say? I’ve bee

Character Madness Monday: Dora Gonzalez

Hey Everyone, It's Character Madness Monday. Today we Have Edwin  from  The Five Kingdoms of Severi  by  Dora Gonzalez Selene strolled through the meadow enjoying the sunshine. Colovere ran through, playing with his herd. She stopped when she heard Tolor's voice behind her and turned to find him walking toward her with Juliette, a young stranger took long, confident strides beside them. They stop and Juliette motions. "This is Edwin from The Five Kingdoms of Severi, he's your interview this week." Selene's hooves tear at the foliage. "You're a little early. Wonderful." “If I didn’t come now who knows when I would be able to wander from the rest of my group.” Edwin tugs at his belt strap holding his sword and tries to keep his gaze from wandering to the centaur’s lower body. This was his first time seeing such a creature. Selene blushes but she was used to it. Still, she wa