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A Review by Brandy's Book Nook


A Young Adult Novel by M S Dirubio

A young girl must confront the fact that she has the Gift. A unique ability to use subatomic particles trapped in the matrixes of gem stones. The Gift allows the user extraordinary feats, but comes with a hidden cost: the madness. Agnes must find her way in the world of the normals and of the Gifted. She must also confront the realities of wielding enormous power.

Brandy's Review

This is a rather neat story about a girl who starts to be able to see partners. At first she thinks they are fairies but soon finds they are more than that, and she comes from a family who is able to use partners to do "workings". There is a science to it, and the construct of crystals and gem stones plays in to how strong a person is with their partners. You also have to understand how things work to be able to do workings. Like healing a person requires that you know and understand the human body, so you can tell your partners what to do. It really was a fascinating concept at least for me.

There are dangers as well as interesting twists to historic events that kept me entertained by this story. Those who can do workings have a different version of history because they have to hide the truth. Rock hounds and those who like crystals should enjoy this story as well as learning some new things about crystals and carats of rocks, as well as their inner matrix.

Agnes is very talented with her workings with partners, and due to her grandmother’s high rank has access to a lot of gems. She has to learn a lot fast as there is danger and jealousy when dealing with the council. She makes some good and bad choices, and finds that there can be some serious consequences. Growing up can be hard, throw in major power that can drive you crazy and you have a great story.

The only thing that stood out as a bit of a problem was pointed out to me by my teen. Agne's age doesn’t match her grade in school. I based my idea of her on her grade level not her age as it makes more sense with the storyline. There is no adult content, and some battles with the partners.

About the Author

Michael Dirubio is a new author on the scene writing hard science fiction. I swear never to write a book about an elf, a quest, or a sword. Not that there is anything wrong with fantasy, I love it! I just miss Heinlein, Poul Anderson and Asimov. I served twenty years in the US Military on submarines so my lack of social skills is perfectly suited to being a writer. I don't currently plan to write a huge series. I don't want to tie myself down to the same characters. I have some published now and ideas for about ten more in my head. I write fairly quickly so ideally I plan to put out a book a year.

Additionally, I think it is incumbent upon me to let you know I write simply for myself. I don't care for money or fame. If you have a criticism or I have made a mistake, please feel free to share it but I reserve the right to disregard all. I encourage anyone who thinks they can do better to please try. That's how I started: a simple premise: what if I were the program manger for a Mars Mission. I used my knowledge of the defense industry to look at that idea. My other books are similar, why did they do that? As for the rest, age, where I live and family? Unimportant but late fifties. I live in the bay area and have a long suffering wife.

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