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Common Ground
by Alice Rachel

Genre: Upper YA Dystopian Romance
Release Date: October 2017

When Taylor Jones moved into the neighborhood, he didn't expect to fall for the feisty girl next door. His life was already complicated enough as it was. Between his difficult relationship with his father and his sister's wedding lurking on the horizon, Taylor had a lot on his mind. But his attraction to Kayla wasn't something he could resist, no matter the consequences. 

Karen Jones had no desire to marry the man who had forced his way into her life. She had always liked girls, and pretending to be straight was never an option. But Jeff wasn't about to ignore his bruised ego and let her go that easily. 

Kayla Haynes refused to fall for the handsome man next door. Her previous relationship had been a disaster, and she was done catering to men's needs. But soon, falling for Taylor would be the least of her concerns.

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Guest Post by Alice Rachel
An Intro To The Characters

COMMON GROUND is a Prequel to the UNDER GROUND series, which means that new readers can read it first before the other books, but it also means that the previous readers of the series already know the characters and are usually expecting their cameos in the various books.

So I will try and present the characters of COMMON GROUND without giving spoilers of the story and/or series.

1 - Taylor Jones:

Taylor is a man from the upper class elite. As such, he is expected to find a woman of his choice to marry. However, unlike other men of the upper class, Taylor has no desire to force any woman into marriage. He's a journalist and a sculptor, and his primary goal is to prevent his father from forcing his sister into marriage against her will.

Inspiration for Taylor: Nathan Owens


2 - Kayla Haynes:

Kayla is a young woman of the upper class elite. While other women of her class are promised to men for marriage (usually against their will), Kayla's family doesn't care to force her to wed anyone. She's a ballet dancer hoping for a big career.

Ideal model for Kayla: Sira P. Kante


3 - Karen Jones:

Karen is Taylor's sister. She's upper class like him, and she's promised to a man she hates. Her situation is all the more heartbreaking in that Karen is gay, so she will never love the man forced upon her.


4 - Morgan Malas:

Morgan is Kayla's best friend as well as her neighbor.

Like Karen, Morgan is promised to a man she does not love.

Ideal model for Morgan: Clara Alonso


5 - Rose Haynes:

Rose is Kayla's sister. She's seven years old, rambunctious, and extremely cute. For unknown reason, Rose cannot stand Taylor.


6 - Tyreese Lefort:

Tyreese is an attorney. The readers of the series know him really well, but to avoid spoilers, I can't say much about him. Those things are revealed in COMMON GROUND.


7 - Jake Smith:

Jake is Kayla's ex-boyfriend. He's as obnoxious as he's gorgeous. He's also an officer for the authorities of New York State.


8 - Chase Martinez:

Chase is a member of the lower class. I can't say much about him, except that his book DANGEROUS COMMON is coming out in October.

Chase is known in the series as Taylor's best friend.


About the Author

Alice Rachel comes from France.
She now lives in the USA, where she teaches French and fosters guinea pigs.
When Alice doesn't write, she draws, reads, and drinks way too much coffee. 
Her YA / NA Dystopian ROMANCE series focuses on feminism and LGBT issues.
She enjoys talking about books a LOT, so send her a message... 

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