A Character Interview by S.M. McCoy, Author of BLOOD CRESCENT ***Giveaway***

Blood Crescent
Genre: YA Fantasy Paranormal
Release Date: September 21st 2018

While investigating her mother’s disappearance Crystal’s bloodline leads a supernatural council to hunt her down for her latent magic. Love, lies, and long buried secrets change her life forever.

Sixteen-year-old Crystal Dylan has been marked by the waning crescent due to her latent diviner heritage. The magic from her is a beacon to any nearby supernatural beings, especially energy serpents, vampires sent by the Divine Council to capture her. She never believed in the strange, the superstitious, or magical until she started looking for her long-thought-dead mother. Too many attacks on her aura have left her drained, dying, and vulnerable leaving Victor no choice but to try anything to help her, even the serpent’s kiss.

The Divine Council was looking for the lost heir, and Damien, a drawn class serpent, was their retrieval system with an agenda of his own. Crystal’s memories are being manipulated, and she struggles to find the truth about who she loves, what happened to her mother, who she is, and how to stay alive long enough to figure it all out.

A Very Special Blood Crescent Character Interview 

by S.M. McCoy

Thank you for having me on your blog! I hope you don’t mind that I brought along a few guests, don’t worry for the most part they are harmless.
Damien: Your definition of harmless is disillusioned. (He looks from me to Victor.)

Right yes, umm. Well, they are very well trained and capable of restraining themselves around gentle company as yourselves. Aren’t you?
Crystal: He’ll behave. (She glares at Damien.)

So, I know you’ve been around for quite a number of years before you truly came into yourselves outside of my mind. But now that you’re here why don’t you tell the readers how you feel about your current situations? Like why are your eyes violet?
Damien: Most serpents have some discoloration of their eye color. It’s a form of depigmentation that happens when the melanin dies. I was born this way. Some have it so extreme that it’s not violet, but pink, or red.

Serpents, tell us about them.
Crystal: They are a secretive species, a lot is unknown about them.

Aislin: As I told Crystal. They are energy vampires, feeding off of people’s auras, life energy. And some of them… don’t know when to stop feeding. Which is why we are in this mess to begin with.

Crystal: No, we were going to be in this mess with or without them. My mom was taken, and they’d have come after me eventually. It was just sooner than later.

Victor: I don’t think this interview is a great idea, what if the Council sees it?

This whole blog is protected by some serious wards and the Dragon has made sure that you’ll all be safe for this interview.
Aislin: What were the Dragon’s exact words? He’s all about the details.

You’ll all be fine. Back to the interview.

Crystal: We have to make this quick, I don’t know how much time we have. To get down to it, I’m a dreamwalker, it’s in my blood. Passed down from my mother, and I have no idea what actually happened to her. Aislin is trying to help and these two snakes can’t seem to contain themselves long enough to realize we’re all on the same side.

Victor: Not all of us are on the same side. (He glares at Damien.) Some of us know more about the Council than they let on.

Damien: Jealousy is a bad look on you.

Aislin: Enough! You’re both children. This isn’t about either of you. I’m sorry, we can’t stay any longer. Crystal, we need to figure out why the Dragon and the Council want something from you. There’s more to the story than this.

You’re right Aislin, I’ve taken up a lot of your time in the middle of a crisis. I apologize. Crystal, please take care of yourself. Just remember that I’m rooting for you.
Crystal: You’ve put me in an odd spot. (She reaches for her neck where teeth marks still show. Fake smiles.) I know my father was right about the Council, they won’t stop until all the anomalies are taken care of. I won’t let them hurt Victor.

Victor: Or you. (He grabs Crystal’s hand.) I wish you’d just let me take you away with me.

Crystal: We can’t. My mom is out there. They have her.

Aislin: Let’s go!

Wow, there they go. They are so fast. Don’t worry, I’ll be following them closely on their journey. I can hear Crystal’s thoughts in my head. Quickly, I’ll write it down for you. Whew, that’s some adventure. I hope Crystal is trusting the right people, and will find the strength to stop the Council. Thank you so much for having us on your blog.

You're welcome, best of luck to you all.

About the Author

Stevie Marie is the author of young adult paranormal fantasy and the Divine Series. Born within the apex of another universe, where magic flows like leaky faucets, and forged from the fires of the Underrealm she dug her way to Earth and reluctantly participates in human society, secretly returning to her home world to relay the stories of her monsters, and the troubled love of her people. When she isn’t writing she’s crafting clothing in her sewing room, cuddling her significant-other creature, or pretending to adult by managing a portfolio of properties for an accounting business in the rainy city of Seattle, Washington.

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