Patriots, by Will Kane Thompson - Summary and Giveaway

Patriots: Book One
Genre: YA/NA
Release Date: October 18th 2017

Whether they admit it or not, or even realize it, their whole lives have been altered by the events of September 11th, 2001, when they were just kids.

They came to this paradise of a college campus to find freedom, themselves, their future, sex, love, fun, God, intellectual discovery, their creative core … but instead find their world being torn apart again by political divisiveness, extremism, rage.

And now one of them will turn back to the terror of their youth in the hope of finding answers.

The rest will be victims.


“Tristan and Kyle opened the door they weren’t supposed to with its signs about ‘ALARM WILL SOUND’ and ‘EMERGENCY ONLY,’ only they always opened it and alarms never sounded, as they stepped out onto the roof of their dorm and walked across the silver, rubber-like tar, holding hands even, to their spot. Even then they knew it, even the first time they came up here together, even Tristan when he came up here by himself in the years before meeting Kyle, or with another boy, they knew somewhere in the recesses of their minds, in places they didn’t like their thoughts to go—to the future and away from this place, to old age and looking back on youth—they knew that this view over campus was where their minds would go in nostalgia to a time when life seemed ‘perfect,’ when the world of opportunity lay before them, but when right here, right now, rightfully deserved the complete domination and absorption of their thoughts because it was, relative to so much else, truly perfect.”

NPR interview in South Florida after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas tragedy


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