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Storm Raven
Genre: YA Fantasy
Release Date: December 15th 2017

YA Fantasy with Pirates!

Captain Nereyda and her first mate, Brynja, lead a band of pirates as they seek out grand adventures and loot vulnerable merchant ships. However, when they attempt an overly ambitious raid, Nereyda and her crew are captured by Commander Erhan of the Imperial navy and separated. Nereyda is pressed into service aboard a ship to patrol the treacherous waters of the Shattered Sea. Meanwhile, Brynja and the rest of the crew are sent to a life of hellish labor deep in an Imperial mining prison camp.

While serving her sentence, Nereyda is shipwrecked on an unknown island. As she explores it, she stumbles into some ancient ruins and finds…something. Whatever it is, it wakes a part of Nereyda that she had not felt before. Something that could help her free the rest of her crew and return to life on the sea, if only she can learn to control it. Unfortunately, Commander Erhan is also on the island. Nereyda must escape him, get off of the island, and rescue her crew before the commander can stop her and before her crew withers away in the oppressive mines.

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Guest PostA Special Scene by Author K. Hanson

Rather than write a traditional character interview, I wanted to do something that fits a bit more with Nereyda’s character. Today, we join her just after she’s been caught trying to rob a bank and is being questioned by the head of security. This isn’t anything from the book and is a scene I created for this interview. I hope you enjoy it.

In the back room, the two guards shoved Nereyda into a chair across the table from the chief of security, then stood behind her just off of each shoulder.

“All right, miss,” said the chief, “you’re accused of attempting to rob our bank, and I have some questions. First of all, who are you?”

She flicked her black hair out of her face and gave him a smirk as she fixed him with her purple eyes. “My name is Nereyda, and I’m captain of the Storm Raven.”

“Captain, huh? So you’re some kind of pirate? Where’s your ship?”

She shrugged with one shoulder. “Hard to say. Could be anywhere?”

“You don’t know where your own ship is?”

Nereyda focused on picking dirt from under her fingernails. “You know how it is. You dock your ship, but by the time you get back, you’ve forgotten where it is, and all of the ships look the same.”

“You don’t sound like a very good pirate. How did you become captain, anyway?”

“Well, it’s a long story, but I suppose we’re not going anywhere. My parents, whoever they were, left me floating in a barrel in the ocean when I was a child. A pirate ship picked me up, and I’ve been there ever since. On the first day –”

“I don’t need your full life story.”

“Fine. After spending my whole life at sea, I got pretty good at everything a pirate needs to know. When our last captain died, I sailed us out of a storm and was elected to be the new captain.”

“Yet, you’ve managed to lose your ship and get yourself caught robbing a bank.”

“Oh, I have an idea where my ship is. And who said I didn’t want to get caught?”

“Why would you want to get caught?”

“So I can talk to the wonderful head of security I’ve heard so much about. By the way, how long has it been since you caught me?”

“About ten minutes, but I don’t see how that matters. You’re not going anywhere for a long time.”

“Doubt it,” she said with a smile.

An explosion from elsewhere in the building shook the room.

With the distraction, Nereyda shot out of her chair and elbowed the guard on her left hard in the gut. As he doubled over, she yanked her sword belt from his grasp and pulled her cutlass out. The other guard attempted to strike her, but she disarmed him with a swipe of her sword.

“Okay, chief, toss me your keys.”


Nereyda pointed her sword at him. “I’m taking them one way or another. It’ll be better if you just give them to me.”

He scowled at her for a second before taking the key ring from his belt and tossing it to her. She caught it in her free hand and backed toward the door.

“Thank you for the company. It’s been a lovely time. Next time, perhaps consider not building your bank next to the coast,” she said as she left. Shutting the door, she rummaged through the keys to find the one to lock it. Once she was done, she strode off to find her crew and help them raid the bank’s vault.

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The scent of treasure floated in the ocean air as it breezed through Nereyda’s black hair. She gazed across the water at the largest cruise ship she had ever seen, which would be carrying some of the wealthiest lords and merchants from the Empire. She didn’t see any armed passengers aside from the personal bodyguards that were along for the ride. Just as importantly, no cannons were visible. The ship didn’t even have any gun ports. Easy prey.

Pirates never dared strike so close to the mainland. The high level of naval activity, along with a large number of ports from which reinforcements could sail, made it dangerous. However, Nereyda felt confident that they could slip in and hit one ship before escaping into the open ocean.

“Send them a warning,” she said to Brynja, her first mate.

“Aye, aye,” Brynja said as she relayed the order.

It wasn’t even really necessary since the huge ship couldn’t possibly flee or outmaneuver the Storm Raven. Still, they should at least give their target a chance to surrender.

The shot splashed just aft of the cruise ship. A minute later, the cruise ship’s crew had furled their sails and run up a white flag. As they drifted, the Storm Raven pulled alongside them. Nereyda’s crew tossed hooks to link the two vessels. Due to the height of the cruise ship, they extended ladders across the gap.

Nereyda mounted one of the ladders and climbed to the deck of the Luxura, followed by the rest of the boarding party. As she vaulted the railing at the top of the ladder, she looked around the deck. The passengers remained seated at tables strewn about the area, apparently enjoying their afternoon tea. All of them wore terrified expressions. All except for one bodyguard who walked toward her, drawing his sword.

“How dare you interrupt our journey!” he asked, pointing his blade Nereyda. “Get back on your ship and leave at once.”

Nereyda smirked at him. “Or what?”

“I’ll run you through myself,” he threatened.

Nereyda smiled, her amethyst eyes twinkling. “Go ahead,” she said as she drew her own cutlass.

The bodyguard stepped forward with a thrust toward her stomach.

With a swipe of her blade, she knocked his sword to the side. Nereyda stepped forward and struck him in the gut with the pommel of her weapon.

As the guard bent over to clutch his belly, Nereyda knocked the sword out of his hand and kicked it up to her free hand. She pointed both blades at him and said, “Are you finished? Go back to your seat and shake it off.”

“You’re not going to kill me?”

“Is there a reason I should? Sit down like I said, and you’ll get through this just fine.” Nereyda handed the guard’s sword to one of her crew members and patted the guard’s back before she turned back to the travelers. “Anybody else feel like fighting?” She opened her arms in a welcoming gesture.

Nobody stood up. “Now that we’re done with that, surrender any gold, jewelry, or other valuables you have, and we’ll let you keep going on your nice little journey. My friends here have some convenient bags. Just toss your things into them as they come around.”

Her crew scattered about the deck, holding up their canvas sacks as the wealthy passengers surrendered their possessions. As the crew worked on collecting these treasures, Nereyda spotted a table with an open seat where some fluffy-looking merchant or lord or whatever sat with his wife and a young man who appeared to be their son.

“Is this seat taken?” she asked. They just stared at her as she plopped down into the available chair.

“Is now, I guess.” Nereyda reached across the table for the teapot and an empty cup. After she had poured herself some tea, she pushed aside the teapot, leaned back in her chair, then lifted her legs to rest her boots on the table.

“Having a nice trip so far?” she asked in a bright voice, looking around the table.

They gave her no answer other than looking away from her, avoiding eye contact.

“Come now, what happened to all of those manners you rich people spend a fortune to teach your kids? I asked you a question.”

Still no answer from the couple, but the young man leaned forward. “Why should we treat you with any sort of manners?”

“I’m a guest at your table, aren’t I?” Nereyda flashed a smile. “We don’t have to let this be unpleasant.”

The boy’s eyes narrowed as he scowled at her. “You call robbing our ship pleasant?”

“That depends on how you look at it,” she said. “I may be taking some of your things, but you should look on the bright side. You get to leave with your clothes on. I’m not taking your food. And, best of all, you get to sail away from here, alive.” She leaned in. “I’d say that’s a pretty good deal.”

“You talk as if letting us live is some kind of favor.” He jabbed a finger toward her. “I’ve seen what your kind of people do, falling on ships and villages alike, taking what you please and killing whoever gets in your way.”

“You actually missed the part about how we snatch children away in the night to eat them.” She winked at the young man. “Wouldn’t want our reputation to suffer. But really, we’re just making a living like everyone else. May I ask how you earn your place on a ship like this?”

“Lesser people pay us nobles for the privilege of working our land, and we provide them with protection.”

“And what if they stop paying?” Nereyda asked.

He rolled his eyes. “Then we run them off our land and take what they owe us, of course.”

Neryeda tilted her head. “So they’re paying you for protection from…you? At least we’re honest about being criminals.”

“You mock us, wench!” The young man jumped to his feet, knocking aside his chair and sending it clattering to the deck. He drew a sword from his hip and pointed it at Nereyda. “I will not let you leave this ship.”

The pirate captain chuckled. “Tsk, tsk, tsk. You brought a sword to tea? That’s not very gentlemanly. It’s a pity those etiquette lessons didn’t stick.”

“Who are you to talk about etiquette? You sit at our table with your weapons, drink our tea, and laugh at us. Do you even know who my father is?” He glanced over at the older noble at the table. “He’s High Judge Aydin of the Imperial Court.”

Nereyda shrugged. “I’m a pirate. I do what I want. And I don’t particularly care who your dad is.”

“Stand and face me, coward.”

She sighed and rolled her eyes as she lazily eased her feet from the top of the table. With the young man’s blade following her, she pushed herself to her feet and looked into his eyes with her purple gaze, but did not draw her own weapon. “Do you know how to use that thing?”

He drew himself up straight and puffed out his chest. “I’ve had lessons since I was a child. I know what I’m doing.”

“Oh, I’m sure you know how to swing it around with all the right moves. Maybe you even know where to stick it. But have you had to use it for real?” She took a step toward him and held his gaze with her own. “Have you ever had to kill a man?” she asked. “Have you ever been one wrong move from losing your own life or one right one from taking someone else’s?”

His eyes flicked away for a moment. He swallowed but did not respond.

Another step. “Have you ever looked into a man’s eyes as the life flickered out from them, just after you spilled his blood and guts from his belly?”

The blood drained from his face, leaving him pale, and he shifted uncomfortably on his feet, as if he wanted to retreat but held his ground out of pride. His grip loosened slightly, and the sword dipped lower.

A third step, and the tip of his blade pressed against the leather armor over her sternum, resting between her breasts. “Now is your chance. You can get your first taste of blood right here, right now. I’d be honored to be your first,” she said as she stroked the length of his sword with her fingertips. “All it takes is one little thrust or a big one depending on the sword, and you can bring me to my knees. What do you say, boy? I hope you don’t disappoint me.”

The young man dropped his sword arm to his side and slouched his shoulders.

“Don’t worry. Even the best sometimes have trouble keeping it up.”

He looked down at the deck, refusing to make eye contact. “Just take what you want and get out of here.”

“I think my crew is just about done anyway. You’ve been a great date. Thanks for the tea!” Nereyda strutted past him and slid her hand over his shoulder. She looked around and saw that her crew had indeed almost finished collecting the passengers’ valuables.

Nereyda ordered her crew to set about hauling their seized goods from the cruise ship to the hold of the Storm Raven. When all of it had been loaded, the crew of the Raven hauled in the boarding lines and cast off from the cruise ship.

About the Author

K lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where he works as a software developer. In his spare time, when he isn’t writing, he enjoys reading, working out, playing video games, and spending time with his wonderful fiancee, Bobbi. Some of his fa vorite authors are Tom Clancy, George R. R. Martin, and Sarah Maas.

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