How does a Book Blog Hop work? For the Authors participating in JB's Bookworms with Brandy Mulder's 'Can't Wait for Spring' Blog Hop

How Does a Book Blog Hop Work?

This is for the Authors participating in JB's Bookworms with Brandy Mulder - Can't Wait for Spring Book Blog Hop.  I'm learning myself, so this is not an in-depth post, but this is how ours will work.

Can't Wait for Spring Book Blog Hop

I want to keep this as simple as possible. This is relevant for after you've signed up on the blog site.

-The secret question didn’t save for some reason, so I’ll be contacting you through your links for that information.

-The blog hop begins on February 24th, and ends at the end of the day on the 25th.

-The blog page link is here, and above. Please keep it somewhere on your page during the event, so the reader can click back to the blog to connect with the next Author's blog, (if you know how to add the html to your page, I can give you the list and you can use that instead, so the reader can simply move forward.) 

-While we wait for February 24th, I’ll make an ad for the readers and post it on the FB link so we can share it. It will be less confusing to not have the Author sign-up details on it.

-The link you used when signing up is the page the bloggers will visit. Treat it just like a facebook event.

You can ...

- Share links and summaries of your books

- Talk about your characters. Who they are, what’s important to them, things in their past. You know where the lines need to be drawn before it becomes a spoiler. Or you can give spoilers too if you want, but some readers don’t like them.

- Ask fun questions – (Example: How would you handle this situation, post your favorite … song, color, meme.) Make it correlate with your story if possible.

- Play games

- Do your own giveaways however you want to do them. You are responsible for your own giveaways of course.

- Share excerpts from your books.

- You need to have some kind of secret on the page for the reader to see and place in the comments. This way, we know they were there, and they looked over your page. This is what will enter them for the grand prizes; books, and swag given to Brandy at a Writer’s conference, as well as some donations we've received. Those I’ll be posting on the blog page for the event.

- Use your imagination. If you can spend time on the page, that’s great. Readers like interacting with Authors they like.

- Share – Share – Share. A good turn out will be more fun, and good for all of us.

**Sites with adult content must be clearly marked 18+**
I tried to make this as simple as possible. If you have any questions, PM me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Because this hop is open to all genres, readers are not required to visit every page, however visiting the pages is how they are entered in the grand prize drawing. One site = One entry. The answer to your question must be correct, so don’t make it difficult to find.


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