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The Phantom of New York, volume 1 - Peter and the Crown
by A.L. Janney
Genre: MG/YA Adventure
Release Date: December 2017

'This is a story about vigilantes and magic.
About prophecy and hope.
About a boy and his hotel.

When twelve-year-old Peter Constantine wakes up in the Crown Hotel with a new identity, life is over as he knows it. But perhaps that’s not such a bad thing…

A dangerous man Peter only knows as “The Client” is after his family, so they’ve relocated to New York City. With help from unlikely friends living at the glamorous hotel, including the ghost on the tenth floor, Peter's new life begins. Soon, however, he learns of a plot to destroy his new home, a plot only the Phantom can foil.

Peter and the Crown is the first book in the Phantom of New York series, an adventure for readers aged ten and up. If you like smart, funny characters and “can’t put it down” escapades, then you’ll love Alan Janney’s Phantom of New York series.'

On sale for only $0.99 this week!

An Interview with Author: A.L. Janney 

Welcome A.L. Janney

Tell us about your book.
I was in a hotel room a few years ago, flipping channels. I came across Batman Begins, the first Christian Bale movie.

Great movie.
I love it. In the few scenes I watched, Bruce hobnobbed with the wealthy, showed impressive business acumen, and then thrashed some villains, like six thugs at once. He’s the best. But how’d he get that way?

His parents were murdered?
That provided motivation. We know why. But I wondered, how? He wasn’t bitten by a spider. No one injected him with a super serum, no gamma radiation, no parents from a distant planet. How does one become sharp at business, at social interactions, at violence, get the body of an olympian, all at once?

In the movie he was trained by the League of Shadows.
This is where movies fall short of novels. The movie dedicates ten minutes to his training. Ten minutes to become the world’s most feared vigilante. But it would take a lifetime, or longer. And that’s where the fun is, that’s what a novel can explore.

Your book is a coming-of-age story?
Yes. But I wanted to write a coming-of-age saga. Go from Bruce-the-boy to Bruce-the-Batman, so to speak, which took years. And all the tears, the fun, the adventure, the loss-of-innocence, the trials along the way.

I see your point. What fun would Harry Potter be if he went from the cupboard under the stairs to Auror in ten minutes?
Exactly! The joy is in the journey. We want to watch Harry learning how to apparate or whatever.

Like getting the Marauders Map and getting Ginny as a girlfriend?
Especially getting Ginny.

The Phantom of New York is a coming-of-age sage about Peter growing into…what exactly? A super hero?
The best comparison I can think of is Zorro, though I don’t know if kids know about him. The reader meets Peter when he’s moving, waking up in a new place as a scared kid, and eventually he’ll be a fabled warrior, taking care of his city.

A warrior who is fulfilling a prophecy.
Yes. Kinda. Readers will understand once they finish the book. Book two explains it even further. =)

Thank you for joining us today. Scroll down for more about A.L. Janney.

About the Author

Winner of the 2016 National Indie Excellence Award!

You work hard.
I write adventures.
Let me entertain you.

My favorite adventurers: Ender, Frodo and Sam, Rand, Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin, Katniss, Spenser, Peter and Alicia and Amy (from The Passage), Jack Ryan, Dirk Pitt, and many others, including my two sons and my super hot wife.

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