Character Madness: The Covens of Misty Haven


As Belshazzar's closest friend, and part of the first coven, Pagan is one of the first werewolves, and honored as a man just lower than the gods. Quick tempered, he has a cantankerous personality, and expects things to be done decently and in order. An ancient man, he is old fashioned, and has no qualms about punishing anyone that falls short. 

Pagan holds the Sovereign of Misty Haven, Khayrie to a high standard, and is more hands on than the other Paladin who watch over the world. He has a secret just like Khayrie, but his is out of the bag early in the story, and soon he becomes Rylan's lover.

As part of the first coven and Belshazzar's inner circle, he shares responsibility for Belshazzar's fall, the benefactor of Misty Haven. 

You can read part of Pagan's story in Belshazzar, The Legend of Misty Haven, a short story in Haunted by Darkness, A Collection of Dark Fairy Tales and Legends, and also in The Covens of Misty Haven, posted each month in my newsletter. You can join the newsletter using the form on the right side of the page, or watch for it on my website.


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