Character Madness: The Covens of Misty Haven


I always say story ideas come in a myriad of ways. Misty Haven was initially meant to be a love story, and it is, but it's so much more. This week I would like to introduce you to my Heroine, Brielle.

Brielle is a young woman ready for medical school, until she awakens from a dream to find her Aunt and Mother, kneeling before a wolf that becomes a man. She learns she is a witch. A witch with very little power, but witches must be taken to Misty Haven and be trained in the covens that police the balance of the natural and supernatural worlds,

The wolf is a Paladin. A Witch from the first coven, and friend to Belshazzar, He was also one of the first werewolves. While Brielle's Mother argues she has no power, Vaden, another Paladin gifted with sight, has given a prophecy that indicates Brielle will be an important part of Misty Haven in the days to come.

Against her will, she goes to Misty Haven to find a Priestess who hates her, werewolves that want to kill her, and the Sovereign of the supernatural communities who is very much attracted to her.

The Covens of Misty Haven is released a chapter a month on my newsletter. You can sign up for it using the form on the right side of this post. Or watch for the chapters on my website a month after their release.

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