Books Make Great Gifts

We're getting closer to Christmas, and shoppers are running out of time. Please remember that books make excellent gifts and there are numerous ways to give them, whether you use B&N or Amazon, or better yet, the small bookstores like pipe & thimble publishing and bookstore, and others that are working to stay in business. 

How can you give someone a book?

Amazon and other retailers offer a gift option for e-books on their buy page.

You can purchase a kindle unlimited membership.

You can purchase a plan through for those who prefer to listen.

Some Authors offer their books on their websites. You can even get them signed.

Check out the bookstores in your neighborhood, many are still there.

Gift cards for these items are awesome too.

And don't forget that many people still love the scent and feel of a paperback in their hands.

Do you have any friends still confused about what they might give? Suggest a book, or an Author you really loved.

Have a great week all. If anyone is travelling, please stay safe.


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