What I love about Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone.

I see so much negativity about this holiday. After all, lovers should be lovers all year long, right? I know this to be true, and the commercialization of it all is also true, but any holiday is what you make of it. You don't have to buy into the commercial side of things if you don't want to, How to avoid it? Here are a few simple thoughts ...

Grow your own flowers or special plant.
Make your own card.
You're going to make dinner anyway, so what's the problem with setting the table and digging out a few candles?
Most people dress up for a date on any day of the year, so why not this day?

I don't have an issue with the commercialization of Valentine's Day, but I like boxes of See's chocolates, teddy bears, and cards. I used to love creating romantic candlelight dinners, but I haven't done that in a long time. Realizing that led me through the things that have changed over the years and why.

I never needed a holiday to make a special dinner or celebration, I just needed the desire to do something special for the people I love.

Then why does the holiday have a place close to my heart? It goes back to a time when Valentine's Day wasn't really about a lover, but more about friendship; all the way back to grade school.

We always had a party at school on Valentine's Day. Parents, (unfortunately not mine), made cakes and other treats, and everyone gave out little cheap cards to all their classmates and friends. Some were even hand-made. I remember meticulously going through the boxes of cards at the store to make sure my cards would be special. Okay, so there is still a little commercialization involved, but they were pretty economical for the most part.

After I had I cards I spent days going over and choosing the right ones for the people on my list, and wrote a little note on the back, special for every single person in my class. It was the one day that no matter the color or religion, we were all friends having fun. We would never all be at the same party any other time of year, and I loved it.

Today Valentine's is simpler. My husband usually buys me flowers, (always what's leftover because he waits till the last minute, but it's the thought that counts), and he takes me out for a nice brunch or dinner. I've been bad about getting him gifts the last few years, but he doesn't seem to mind because he's quirky, and he knows I support those quirks all year. Still, I think a candlelight dinner will be in order later this year.

Have an awesome holiday everyone, even if it's as simple as holding someone close and telling them you love them.


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