Blog Prompt - Share a character's backstory

I've been behind on my blog prompts for a while now. I know, it's a bad habit and not uncommon, but sometimes life unwittingly catches up with me. Here is one I started, but hadn't finished.

share a character's backstory


This is tough because there are always a few spoilers involved. I decided to introduce, the wisdom character of my Reflections novel, Colovere.

Colovere is the King of unicorns, and his subjects love him, some of them enough to live in the magical world he's been confined to while his brother Petaire rules in his stead. He was tricked by the witch, Zylphia, who made him believe his missing mate is waiting for him in her world behind the mirror. He follows her, only to realize he's been deceived when he arrives.

He loves his mate Ophelia, with all his heart, but Zylphia gave him her horn, to prove her death. Now he is trapped, and rebuilding his life with his friends.

Tolor, a bear shifter

Selene, a female centaur

 And a herd of unicorn subjects that would follow him anywhere.

When he meets Juliette, she throws rocks at him, but she is a maiden, and he is drawn to her and her need of his help. He becomes her first friend, and much of Juliette's success in survival is based on his kindness and wisdom.

His favorite pastime's are spending time with Juliette, and playing with his herd in the meadow in front of Zylphia's cottage.

His biggest fear is the Witch Zylphia, bringing harm to those he loves.

His favorite food? The apples he and Juliette harvest when she climbs on his back.

A Teaser

A fairytale loved by children and adults alike


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