Character Madness and Musings Blog prompt- How Artwork Affects my Stories

I feel like I've written this one before, but maybe that's because I send out blog prompts on tumblr, and have a board for fantasy prompts on Pinterest.

I've mentioned many times that everything is a blog prompt for me, but music and images have a special place in my heart. Here are a few reasons why.

The first is that I'm crazy about color and color blends. I think colors represent specific things to all of us, like yellow for the sun, orange for fire, red for blood, and blue for water. Color always speaks a variety of things to me.

The second is that if you send an image to a hundred storytellers, they will return to you a hundred different stories. This has always amazed me. I wish I had the chance to read some of the stories to the prompts I've sent out.

The third is the content. Abstracts make the mind reach for a story, A dragon blowing fire might be preparing the hearth for a maiden to cook a meal, or roasting it's next dinner. Mermaids might be playing with a sailor, or sending him to his death, only the storyteller knows until the pen is set to paper, or fingers dance on a keyboard.

My favorites are the strange one. I worked on writers prompt posts today, and this one really struck me.

.It's the curious quality of the book, which is held open on a specific page, and the dead tree in front of it, and then the mermaid/merman, that just dove into the water. I could make a list of questions from this image, leading to a great story in a variety of genres.

Many of the images I've used for prompts have come from Alpha coders. They aren't mine to keep, but most if not all are available for wallpaper, and to be viewed. I have a dragon novel for the future that came from viewing their images. There is great talent on the site. If you're curious, you can find it here. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find the image that gave me the idea, but it was incredible. I'm seriously jealous of the talent of a great artist.

Artwork, like music, can also help set the mood for a scene or story you're writing.

I don't manage to get on the Alpha Coders site as much now that I'm on Pinterest, but I still like flipping through the images.

Check out my Fantasy Writing Prompts, board here if you're interested, or my tumblr prompt blog, Writer's Corner, here.

Have an awesome day everyone.


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