The Answers are in the Forest by Katie Kaleski ***A Brandy Mulder's Book Nook Review***

The Answers are in the Forest

by Katie Kaleski

Genre: YA
Release Date: March 29th 2019
Limitless Publishing

New town. New house. Unexplainable occurrences. 

It didn’t take me long to figure out that there’s something strange about the house my mom and I moved in to.

Weird drawings, toys appearing out of nowhere, the sound of footsteps and kids giggling at night—it all points to one thing…our house is haunted.

Instead of packing my stuff and running as far away from the creepy house as possible, I decide to investigate. Risky? Stupid? Maybe. But rather than feed my fear, the mystery that surrounds the haunting leaves me wanting answers.

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A Brandy's Book Nook Review for YA Bound Blog Tours

The Answers are in the Forest by Katie Kaleski

YA mystery 


this book was not what I expected. It is a mystery with some slightly creepy parts. Gabby's new house is haunted, and the way that the ghosts decide to communicate is a bit disturbing. As she tries to figure out what is going on, she gets close with a local boy, whose twin brother has something to do with the house but can't remember anything. The ghosts need Gabby to help them, but with a mystery killer on the loose she doesn’t know who to trust.

I did not see the twist at the end coming at all. There is an interesting mix of characters and plot twists that kept me interested until the end. I would recommend this for older teens as there is some content that might disturb really young readers just a bit. There is no adult content, and there is violence to people and animals. Nothing in explicit detail, but it might bother some people.

About the Author

Katie Kaleski has started down many career paths and held many jobs—indie craft store clerk, pizza maker, photo developer, shoe salesperson and cashier, dental assistant in the army, daycare teacher, student teacher—but her favorite one by far is being a writer.

She’s originally from Chicago, so she says things like pop, gym shoes, and front room. Her favorite food group is sugar, and she loves writing young adult and romance novels.

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