Magic Heist by Mary Karlik (Fairy Trafficking #2) ***Guest Post with a Dragon; Find out if his scales make him itchy -- Giveaway***

Magic Heist 

by Mary Karlik 

(Fairy Trafficking #2)

Published by: Ink Monster LLC
Publication date: July 9th 2019
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

Layla rescued fairies that had been kidnapped and brought the human world. But now they can’t find their way back to the magic realm and time is running out.

Layla is a powerful fairy with magical ability that stretches beyond throwing spells. But with all that power, she still doesn’t know how to get over one-hundred fairies back to the magic realm. With their magic gone, the rescued fairies have no immunity to protect them from the toxins of the human world, and they’re slowly dying.

To find the path home, Layla knows she must team up with the one man who can make her insides quiver with an accidental brush of his fingertips. The same man who’s alter ego dragon is the natural predator of fairies. The man she knows will give his life to keep the fairies safe—Scotland’s finest Specialist Crime Division leader, Ian Cameron.

Ian has only been a dragon shifter for a few days. He struggles to control the dragon spirit locked inside his human form, doesn’t know what magical powers he may or may not have, and has never been to a magical world. But none of those things frighten him as much as the little spark that ignites in his soul when the half – human fairy is around.

But this little fairy is no Tinkerbell. She is brave, powerful, and can wield a sword like a medieval knight.

With growing feelings toward Layla, he couldn’t refuse to help her get the fairies back to the magic realm if he wanted to. The problem is the dragon who lives inside him would like nothing more than to feed his appetite with all of those little fairies—especially the half human one who killed its leader.

“Mary Karlik, is truly a hidden gem of a writer.” – I Am the Bookworm

Dragon Interview

Welcome to JB’s Bookworms.  
So, are you a good dragon, or bad dragon?
It depends on your perspective. I mean I have to eat just like everybody else. I like plants but I’m no vegetarian. A bovine or two a day doesn’t really hurt anybody does it? Okay, aye, I do like the fairies. But they’re all rotters. They’d be perfectly happy to see all dragons cleared from the land.

Tell us a little bit about your story.

The human’s call me the Red Dragon. Dràgon Ruadh in Gaelic. I’m a scout for the den. My first encounter with the humans was when I blasted through the barrier separating the non-magical world from the magical world. Honestly, it was terrifying at first. The air was a bit heavier and it took me a few seconds to sort the currents. I was sent to bring back the fairy, Layla. What I didn’t expect was to encounter a human dragon-shifter. Twice, he nearly took me out. I reckon I’ll get him eventually. Just a matter of time.

Who’s your favorite character?
The human dragon-shifter, Ian.


He doesn’t really know what he’s doing when he’s in dragon form but he has good instincts. A dragon has to respect that.

Do you feel like your author portrayed you and your species correctly?

No. We’re terribly misunderstood. We’re no more violent than the Vikings of human history. But we have large appetites. And fairies are not just a delicacy. Their magic reinforces our hides.

Is there anything you would change?

I’d free Airril. He’s the King of Dragons. He’s been bottled up—literally bottled up—for too long.

Do all those scales make you itchy?

No more than your skin, I reckon.

What do you want to do with your life?

I want to be free to fly wherever I want. I want to hunt, I want to live outside the crowded dragon den. I hate being cooped up in that dark, damp, cave.

Have you eaten any sacrificed maiden’s lately?

No. That’s not our style. We’d rather stick to cow, sheep, and fairies.

What’s your Author like?
She’s okay. Speaks the Gaelic so I can’t complain. I wish she’d tell things from the dragon’s point of view though. You know the villain is in the eye of the narrator.

Has he or she written any other books?

Aye. She’s written a whole series about a small town in what is called Texas. There are no fairies, dragons, or magic in those books. And there is the first Fairy Trafficking book, Magic Harvest.

Is that smoke coming from you? Please don’t burn the place down.

Aye. I had a bit too much salmon last night. Always gives me digestion issues.

Are there any forecasted books on the backburner that you know of?
Aye. I think there’s a third Fairy trafficking book. I heard her mention that she’s going to write a Romantic Comedy series about people taking solo tours in Scotland.

Is there anything you want to add before we end our interview?

If you see a dragon flying around don’t run off screaming, it huts to know people are afraid of you. Honesty, humans aren’t good eating.

I'll do my best. I'm not sure many humans will listen to that advice though.
Thank you for being with us today. Good luck with your book.

You’re welcome. Mar Sin Leat.

Author Bio:

Mary Karlik has always been a dreamer. When she was a teen, she read The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, and then sat in every wardrobe in her Nanna's home, trying to open the door to Narnia. She didn't find it, but she did discover her voice as an author: one filled with her young adult self, and grounded in her roots as a Texan and her Scottish heritage, nourished by obscure Scottish folklore.
You can find her Texas roots in her YA contemporary romance Hickville series , which has been described as "100% solid storytelling," and begins with Welcome to Hickville High, a "lovely story about growing up."
She digs deep into her Scottish roots - there is magic there, she just knows it - for the forthcoming YA epic fantasy Fairy Trafficking series, beginning with Magic Harvest.
She makes her home in the beautiful Sangre de Cristo mountains of Northern New Mexico where she is a certified professional ski instructor, but she also loves visiting Scotland where she is currently studying Scottish Gaelic at the University of Highlands and Islands in Skye. Mary also earned her MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University, has a B.S. degree from Texas A&M University, and is a Registered Nurse.
Mary currently serves as the President of the Young Adult Chapter of Romance Writers of America and looks forward to raising a glass or two of gin and tonic with her fellow writers every year at RWA's national convention.

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