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Always and Never 

by Lisa Shumate

Self Help, Personal Growth, Happiness, Motivational and Inspirational
Date Published: April 11, 2019
Publisher: Lucid Books

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Today, more than 45 million men and women are in their twenties and trying to figure out this very important phase of their lives. Striking out on their own with many firsts and unknowns, they face a decade filled with self-discovery and self-doubt.

In the challenging book Always and Never: 20 Truths for a Happy Heart, Lisa Shumate shares an incredible resource for twentysomethings, walking them through 20 truths that they should always and never incorporate into their lives.

Whether you are twenthysomething or older, these concepts are simple yet timeless, and they have the power to transform the way you think and act, setting a high standard for you and the quality of your relationships.

Shumate asserts that putting Always and Never mantras into practice every day will build a strong foundation for the rest of your life, one that helps you realize your most cherished goals and dreams. This book will guide, inform, and inspire you for the bright future to come!

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How Boundaries and Mentoring Can Help the Class of 2019

I’m the mother of two grown children, and as they were headed into their twenties, I wanted to write some advice to them that would guide them for the rest of their lives. You spend so many years getting your kids to that point, time flies by, and you wonder, are they ready? How can I send them off into the world with encouragement, inspiration, and the fundamental wisdom you hope you taught them over the years, but many often forget?

I started with a blank journal and wrote words that matter, words that everyone can relate to, words that are central to the quality of life: trust, time, faith, love, forgiveness, gratitude. I came up with about 23 and edited them down to 20.

We know that trust, for example, is more important than any degree, skill, or anything else you think you have to offer. Nothing can replace being reliable. Trust is what holds together every important relationship whether at home, work, or community.

Everything in my background influenced the book and journal. My Catholic school upbringing, loving parents who set down very clear rules, a career in media that began by learning and sharing everyday as a reporter, and roles in management that tested my skills as a leader. Personally, being married for 36 years, being a parent for nearly 35 years, and being an aunt, a godmother, and now a grandmother taught me how important it is for parents to encourage children to try new things, set a good example, and be interested in their interests. Now, working at the University of Houston I see that students need and want mentors, to be empowered, and to know that it’s not only safe but expected that they will make mistakes.

I believe people seek out their mentors and that mentoring means everything from giving advice to being the best role model you can be. My role as mentor began in my early thirties when interns were assigned to work with the programming department at KTRK-TV in Houston. I enjoyed working with them and seeing the business through their eyes. It has continued over the years as I joined the management ranks. Friends, colleagues, the University of Houston, and professional organizations have asked me to advise students or professionals trying to get to the next level.

I owe my start in media to a woman named Mickey Wellman who hired me at WWL-TV in New Orleans. She mentored me by giving me new opportunities to learn and by encouraging me when I faced challenges. She made the time to listen, teach, and to promote me to other station leaders. I will never forget her impact on my career and I will always find a way to say yes to someone who needs advice, encouragement, or guidance that helps them take another step toward realizing their dream.

About the Author

Lisa Trapani Shumate is Associate Vice President of the University of Houston System and General Manager of Houston Public Media, and also serves as Executive Director of the Houston Public Media Foundation. She holds national leadership roles with PBS and the Public Television Major Market Group Board.

Lisa has more than 20 years of media management experience, is the recipient of numerous awards, and participated in an International Business Residency in China. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Loyola University in New Orleans, Louisiana, and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Houston.

Lisa is expanding her media footprint to publishing with the goal of sharing wisdom and encouragement with young men and women entering adulthood.

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