MEWRANTERS: ATTACK OF THE SEA MONSTER by Kachi Ugo -- Mewranters: Attack of the Sea Monster uniquely blends adventure with an engaging fast-paced writing style to present readers with an action-packed story of wits, wisdom, and sheer force of will. --

Mewranters: Attack of the Sea Monster

Genre: YA Fantasy
Release Date: November 6th 2018

Mewranters: Attack of the Sea Monster uniquely blends adventure with an engaging fast-paced writing style to present readers with an action-packed story of wits, wisdom, and sheer force of will.

Every Mew in the country is out to kill Perry, and the sea monster is calling him out to the sea. Therefore, he must quickly learn why every Mew is threatened by the existence of an eagle Mew if he is to stand a chance at saving his parents and killing the monster. On the day of his initiation, he shifts into a huge Golden Eagle. However, this is a bad thing since no eagle Mew makes it past the age of twelve. To complicate his life, his shifting into an eagle Mew has reawakened the sea monster. A tentative partnership is formed between the different clans. But when Perry Johnson realizes that this partnership could mean the death of his parents, he has a decision to make.

With every Mew in the country out to kill him, and the sea monster calling him out to the sea, Perry must quickly learn why every Mew is threatened by the existence of an eagle Mew if he is to stand a chance at saving his parents and killing the monster. If he fails, it may very well be the end of his family… and the rest of the world. This fast-paced story, with its intriguing plot and original fantastical world, keeps every zoo-going, animal-loving kid wanting more as they follow Perry’s adventure.

An Interview with Kachi Ugo

Tell us a little bit about why you write in your chosen genre, and if you have books in other genres as well.
I write in YA Fantasy because it’s the genre I read and enjoy the most. I’m also passionate about young readers and teens. Their energy is always inspiring and invigorating, and it’s such a joy to be able to write for them and be read by them. 

I have written books in other genres before. I have written horror, romance, and epic fantasy in the past. But I’m fully committed to the YA genre. Maybe, I’ll write in other genre from time to time.

What was the title of your first book, and what was/is it about?
The title of my first book is The Vigilante: Curse of the Sword. It’s an epic fantasy about Briksan, who’s cursed by the goddess Arashani. In the night, he turns into a crazy, lunatic killer, but with super powers (much like the hulk). Now he must use his powers (or curse) to save the love of his life from death. That’s basically a two line summary of the book.

Was it a series?
Yes, it’s a planned series. I only have the first book out. Book 2 is in the works.

The first book seems to be the most difficult to get off the ground. What inspired you to write it?
The Vigilante was actually inspired by a dream I had. In fact, the dream I had eventually made it into the novel (near the end). A few of my books have been inspired by dreams I have. Mewranters, my current book, was partly inspired by a dream—but I had to do all the hard work of fleshing it out, though! 

What is your most current book? 
My most current book is Mewranters: Attack of the Sea Monster. It’s out as an ebook on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and everywhere books are sold online. It’ll release in book stores on the 12th of February. So, if you want to wait for the paperback or hardback, check your local book store on that date. Otherwise, you can order an e-copy right now.

Is it a series? 
Yes. Mewranters is a planned series. I’m working on Book 2 at the moment. I hope to have it out within one year of the release of the first book. It’s exciting writing in Perry’s world, where everyone can transform into larger than life creatures. Imagine turning into an eagle and soaring the skies for pleasure. Exciting!

New books are so exciting. Do you have more stories planned or that you’ve been working on for the future?
Yes! As I said earlier, I’m working on Book 2 of Mewranters. I’ll be doing a title reveal later on, so let’s just call it Book 2 … ha-ha! Aside from that, there’s this new book I’m currently writing. It’s a book about prophets, and I’m totally stoked about it. I’m currently at 170k words, and I might be breaking the 200k word barrier before the story is complete!

It’s a YA Fantasy as usual, and it’s high-octane, fast-paced, basically all the good stuff. Plus, it’s long! Sheer pleasure. Almost unlimited enjoyment. You’ll love it!

Can you share a little bit about your main character’s, and what drives them?
Okay, so Mewranters’ main character is Perry Johnson. Perry is mostly driven by a desire to protect his family. He starts out as being average and timid. But when the book’s main incidence forces him out of his shell, he realizes the courage within him. Sarah Croft is another main character in Mewranters. Sarah is mostly driven by friendship and loyalty to her friends. James Fortin is another of Mewranters’ main character. He is driven by his desire for danger. He’s a thrill seeker and very courageous.

Some stories have strong themes. How important are themes in your writing? Is your theme based on the story, or are your stories birthed from a theme/or themes? 
Themes are very important in my story, and there are certainly a lot of themes in Mewranters. But I don’t start out writing based on a particular theme. I sort of discover the theme of my book as I go along. 

If the answer was yes, is the theme personal for you, or simply an important issue?
I’ll say a bit of both. Some themes are personal to me, but they’re also important societal issues. 

What other stories have you written?
Aside from Mewranters, I wrote Biohazard: A Dark Christmas, The Great Hunt, The Vigilante: Curse of the Sword, The Blood Moons: Wrath of Elijah, and Witch Hunters.

I love to bounce around websites because I’ve found I can learn so much about an Author there. Do you have a website, blog, or other place where you showcase your work?
Yes. My website is I’m also active on Instagram @kachiugo3 and Twitter @KachiUgo. Feel free to connect with me on there.

So many Authors are artists by nature. Do you have any other artwork or hobbies you do on a consistent basis?
I play a lot of video games. I hope that counts. Ha-ha!

What were your passions growing up?
My passion growing up was singing. Yeah, I actually loved singing. I still do.

What are your passions now?
My passion now is writing. Also inspiring people. I get a kick out of helping others succeed, especially by encouraging them and inspiring them to aspire to greatness.

Thank you for joining us today. 

About the Author

Kachi Ugo's whole life has revolved around writing. When he was twelve, while his friends still flipped through picture books and comics, he took an interest in thick, picture-less “story books” that opened him up to a whole new world of possibilities and adventures. A decade later, he writes those same books himself. Kachi Ugo is an avid supporter of YA Fantasy. For him, writing is a passion. He relishes the power it gives him to create worlds of his own where anything and everything is possible.

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