Raven Williams Omnibus Release

Realm Jumper Chronicles
Raven Williams

Volumes 1-3 

Now available in one great set.

Realm Jumper Chronicles Omnibus Edition

A world where fantasy and paranormal collide and chaos reigns supreme.  Do you dare to enter?  

Welcome to the Omnibus Edition of the Realm Jumper Chronicles.  In this edition, you will find the first three books in the Realm Jumper Chronicles Series.

Elven-Jumper, Book 1:
What happens when humans begin having memories and dreams of a life as an Elf? Do the Elves step in or do they leave the humans to their own devices and hope they remain undetected? 

Elf-Witch, Book 2:
When an Ancient Witch Prophecy is discovered, The Elves, Guardians, and Dragon-Shifters become involved in the human realm once more. When worlds collide, destinies become entwined.

Elven-Fire, Book 3:
With war looming, each of the Elder Species must make a choice. The Elves and Phoenix-Shifters have pledged their support. Will the other species join them or leave Earth to its fate?

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