Character Madness Monday: Today's Interview 

Merlin from Rolf's Quest.

A Sneak Peek

Tolor walks in with a sheet of paper, clears his throat and sits down.
“Hello Everybody. Today we have—“

Colovere enters, hooves clip clopping on the tiles.
“Sorry, Tolor. This is my interview.”

Tolor’s brows creep up to his hairline. “I’m the interviewer here. Go find an apple or something.”

Colovere grabs the back of Tolor’s shirt with his teeth and swings him out of the chair into Selene’s waiting arms.

“Time to go big guy,” Selene says covering his mouth and pulling him out the door.

Merlin sits quietly on a stool with his staff in his hand and chuckle. “I like a unicorn with attitude."

Juliette walks in and places a pair of glasses on his nose.
“Thank you.”

Colovere turns to Merlin.

"My apologies, sir. Would you like to continue this in the meadow?"

"It’s raining right now, but if you’d like I could change that. No, never mind. I’d rather finish my cup of mead."

“Okay then."

"Today I want to introduce you to our newest friend, Merlin from hmm? by Author Aubrey Wynne, who like Jena, sleeps too much."

Colovere holds up a hoof in a proper unicorn greeting.

"Welcome Merlin. Can you tell me what the name of your story is? I'm afraid Tolor failed to jot it down."

"Rolf’s Quest"

"Thank you, Merlin. Good title. What’s it about?"

"Let’s say I made a woman a bit angry when I cast a spell on her. Her heart wasn't cooperating and I got impatient. So she trapped me in a tree to teach me a lesson. I had to depend on the first born of each generation to free me by finding genuine love without the use of magic. Not many people know I had a son. Six hundred years and not one of those self-centered boys could break the enchantment."

Colovere shakes his head with a tsk. "I don’t understand why women are so temperamental about being cursed. You should see how Juliette gets some days."

"Your story sounds interesting, Merlin. I heard Jena say you’re a bitter old man."
He snorts trying to hide a chuckle.

"Of course I’m bitter. I taught Vivien everything she knew and then she turns one of my most powerful spells against me. Women. They are the bane of my existence."

Colovere rolls his eyes. “And I thought we gossiped too much. Lie down on the couch and tell us what made you that way?”

"You are right about the old part. If I lay down on the couch after this warm wine, I’ll take a nap. I’m fine, let’s move on."

"Okay then, who is your favorite co-star in your story and why?"

"Absolutely Rolf—he was my last hope. His father had ignored his true love because she wasn't titled. Didn’t realize it till she died giving birth to Rolf. The Arbrecs are a hardheaded bunch. So I took over his training at the age of 10. He reminded me a lot of Arthur. Good boy, he was. Not real happy living with me in the Enchanted Forest, at first, but he came around."

"Um hmmm. I’ve heard you have a pretty awesome cave out there."

"Do you feel like Aubrey portrayed you properly, or is there something you would have done different?"

"I think she did a superb job in almost all aspects. But I still do not believe I deserved to spend so many centuries in a Hawthorne tree."

Colovere leans in. “Any good gossip on your end?

"Well," (leans forward and lowers his voice) "did you hear Eleanor of Aquitane found Henry II with another woman? Rumor has it she pulled the woman from the bedchamber by her hair. Ah, I’d love to be a fly on the wall in that palace. Now there’s a woman."

"We unicorns hate flies but that will certainly be an interesting tidbit to share."

“This fact sheet says you have a pretty feisty girlfriend. What makes her special to you?”

"I do. Vivien is fire and ice. Never know which she’ll be from one day to the next. But she’ll come around. This time I’ll hold my tongue—and my magic—until she does. One thing I took away from that imprisonment is patience."

"A good plan."

"If there was one thing you could change in your story, what would it be?"

"I’d get out of that damnable tree faster. But my manservant kept me company. He’s a faithful one—took good care of Rolf too."

The glasses fall off Colovere’s long nose.

"You have a servant? I want one. What’s it like?"

"If you can’t get out much, they are vital. But for me it was more having the sound of a human voice around so I didn’t lose my mind."

“He sounds more like a cherished friend than servant.”

Colovere glances at the clock.

“I’m afraid our time is up for the day. Is there anything you want to add?"

I hope you read my little historical fantasy. It’s part of a great Valentine’s anthology with several different genres: Love Least Expected. Nine stories, in all I think. But you’ll like Rolf and Melissa’s story. And if you do, look for my tale to come out next. Oh, the look on Vivien’s face when she realized…Or just watch the book trailer. Some magic there, if you don’t mind my saying so."

Okay folks. Thanks for joining us with Merlin from Rolf’s Quest, by Author Aubrey Wynne.
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  1. The characters of two of my favorite stories talking to each other. Yay!! I loved this.

  2. Fun interview. I just bought my copy of the LLE and can't wait to read it.

  3. Oh, how did I miss this? I looked earlier this week and couldn't find it. Fantastic interview--and some great questions that made Merlin think. Good look with Juliette, she has her hands full here. I think Merlin and Colovere might end up good friends.

    1. I'm glad you liked it. I've posted it to fb and twitter all week. I think I'm going to have to tag the authors to make sure they see their interviews.


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