Character Madness Monday: The Carriage

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Tolor hops onto a square, bends as he growls and scrapes the ground with his sharp claws before righting himself, but still balancing on one of his feet.

Selene tilts her head, the sweat on her forehead shows she's more than a little bit skeptical.

Colovere snorts, while Juliette covers her mouth to hide a burst of laughter.

"Try it," Tolor says. "It's fun. All the cubs in my village played it."

"It would be near impossible for me to do that, and if I tried it would hurt my hooves!" Selene tells him.

Alexis and Ezra enter the room with Brooke and Amos. Mr. Bowen, Ezra and Amos' Father, follows behind with Cora, the maid, and Mrs. Brentwood.

Alexis crosses her arms. "What are you doing, Tolor?"

"Playing hopscotch. I'm trying to teach Selene and Colovere, but they aren't getting it." He scratches his furry head.

"That's not a hopscotch," Alexis says, rolling her eyes.

Juliette laughs.

"It's a crossword I made for our guests to play at the party," Alexis adds.

Tolor frowns. "Well it looked like a hopscotch. See here ..." He traces along a vertical length of squares with one hand.

Juliette pulls him off the crossword. "One-Two-Three!"

"Congratulations on your big day!" Everyone yells in-sync.

Ophelia enters carrying balloons in her teeth.

"Wow, Amos," Alexis says. "Black balloons. Guess they knew you were coming."

Amos clenches his teeth with a low growl. "Do you know how much I hate you?"

Ezra places a hand on his shoulder. "Yes, brother. We do, but as Alexis would say ... 'Give it a rest.'

Juliette's boyfriend Brayden, hands out glasses of cider, "Made fresh from the apples in the meadow," he says.

Everyone graciously accepts the sweetartly refreshment.

Ophelia rubs noses with Colovere. "The balloons were actually left over from Valentine's Day. We had a small party behind the mirror. But this isn't about us. I want to hear your favorite quotes from your story."

"No more hiding behind Jena's imagination now."

"Our favorite quotes," Mr. Bowen says, his fingers stroking his beard. "My favorite quote was:

“I knew the cost. I’m an old man, Ezra.” A tear trickled down his cheek.“I lost one son. I refused to lose another.

"I was so strong. A good Father you know. Taking care of Ezra like I should."

Juliette smiled. "What about you, Alexis? What was your favorite?"

Alexis blushes. "Mine was a tie between Charles Dickens, and the first time Ezra held me. it was after I had a nightmare of the asylum."

She crossed her arms over her chest as if holding herself. “I’m not like you, Ezra.” Her voice was toned with frustration. “Where I come from, a man can hold a woman without it ruining her reputation. Sometimes people just need to feel safe, or they want to show affection. There’s nothing wrong with that.”
"Indeed," Amos says. "Time for my favorite."
Mr, Bowen and Ezra frown.
His eyes glowed red, full of the hatred he’d carried all our lives. His skin so pasty white, it almost glowed in the darkness. He hissed his rage and my eyes widened as I watched long fangs protrude down from lips barely tinged pink. Saliva dripped from them.
“I’ve waited a hundred years to kill you.” 
Brooke rolls her eyes. "Some things never change."
"Time for a change in topic," Juliette says, handing a piece of paper to Brooke.
"A mad-lib? I love mad-libs."
Ezra chuckles. "Our bookworm. Okay, we have to leave soon so get that posted for our guests."
Cora grabs it. "Yes, Master Ezra."
"Thank you, Cora."
"What is this mad-lib about?" Mrs. Brentwood asks.
"It's the scene where Alexis crashes in the carriage," Cora Says. "All the readers have to do is fill in the boxes and click the 'lib it!' button to create a funny story all their own. Have fun everyone, and thank you so much for coming to our party. If you read the book, please consider leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads. We characters like to know how we're doing on occasion. If you're enjoying our blog, please consider signing up for the newsletter, or following."

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"Thank you for coming everyone," Alexis waves. "I hope we can meet up again soon ... And like Tolor always says. Buy a book so the Authors will keep your favorite characters around.

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