Character Madness Monday: Today's Interview - Alexis from The Carriage

Tolor carefully picks up this weeks file with long claws. "Juliette, why is it addressed to Juliette?"

The gremlin enters, "grabble grabble grabble grabble." He takes the file and pops Tolor on the head with it.

"What was that for?"

"Grabble, grabble."

Juliette enters the room and laughs.

"It's my turn to do the interview, Tolor." She rubs the knot on his head and gives the gremlin an 'I'm not pleased with you,' sort of look.

He grabble, grabble's his way to the corner.

Tolor shrugs. "It's okay I guess." He glances at the cover. "She looks pretty upset to me, anyway. Reminds me of you when you arrived in Zylphia's world".

Juliette smooths her hair. "I'm certain I didn't look that bad."

"Here she is." Tolor says, walking toward the door. "I'll see you later."

Juliette smirks at his back, then smiles at Alexis as she reaches for her hand.


Alexis steps back. "You're not going to kiss my hand like Ezra does are you?"

Juliette arrows her eyes, ignores her and pulls up a chair.

"Have a seat."

Alexis sits.

"Wow, you look stunning. You fixed your hair and everything," Juliette says, feeling a little inferior.

"Well, Jena told me to look my best. A girl does what she can."

"You told her we were doing this?"

"Of course I did. I don't keep secrets from my author like some people I know."

Juliette sighs.

"Don't worry, as long as the unpublished characters remember their place and don't tell their secrets, she's good with it."

Juliette huffs. "Well, there's nothing we can do about it now then, is there? Lets just move on. 

What's your story about?"

"It's about me - and Ezra of course. My sister Brooke, I'm sure you've seen her around Jena's imagination. She gets mad at me and chants a spell that sends me and a carriage crashing into the Victorian Era, where Ezra finds me of course. He's so cute and such a gentleman. 

"I'm pretty mean to him at first, but after he helps me out when I get in trouble for stealing a tomato, I warm up to him. Geez, can you believe it? Jena made my life miserable over a stupid tomato."

Juliette nods knowingly. "She tried to starve me for awhile too. I have no idea what I would have done without Selene, Colovere and Tolor." Shudders.

Alexis nods. She's harassing Lily now. The woman in the angel story. At least that's what Brooke told me."

Juliette shakes her head. "I know Jena can get a little mean sometimes, but I bet you forgave her the moment you saw the hottie she had planned for you."

Alexis chuckles. "You know I did. Isn't he delicious? I never got why Cora didn't hit on him. She was his servant and a pretty one too. She was a good friend of mine."

Juliette smiles. "So what happened to make you warm up to him?

"Well, Ezra isn't like other guys. I mean, he was a bit of a stalker but I did finally get him to go away. He's polite, and kind to everyone. Even his good for nothing brother, Amos."

"Amos. I heard he tried to kill you."

"He did," Alexis says with wide eyes. "But I can't share more on that right now. Too much of a spoiler."

"Understood. I'm just glad you're here now."

"I am too. Anyway, Ezra tries everything he knows to get me home but it was an almost impossible quest. Then we got in a fight and that slowed progress down too."

"I'm sure it did," Juliette says. "What about Ezra? How is he doing these days? My file says Amos did actually murder him. How is it he's still alive?"

"Well, again, I can't give too much information out yet, but his father knew a man that could raise people from the dead. I know. It sounds totally creepy, but Ezra's not creepy at all."

Alexis looks at her watch. "Sorry, but I need to go. I have to meet Brooke for lunch, we're going to look for the witch that gave her the potion she used to curse me."

"Why would you do that?"

"Sorry." Alexis giggles. "No more spoilers today."

Juliette shifts irritably. "Not much of an interviewee are you? Any last words?" Before I strangle you?

Alexis smiles devilishly. "Well, I do have one little secret."

Juliette bends forward to hear better. "And that would be?"

Jena is going to release the e-book for .99 cents for the first week. After that it will be 2.99, available at Amazon and Smashwords. She'll also have a paperback copy available on Create Space.

"That is a surprise. I'll be looking forward to reading it. Thank you for visiting us today, Alex. Tolor is trying to arrange a small party on your release date. Any ideas when that will be?"

"Jena hasn't told us yet, but I scanned her thoughts and the goal is February sixteenth."

"You're pretty sneaky, aren't you?"

Alexis laughs."Look whose talking. You're one of the character's that has parties, gossip sessions, and interviews behind her back."

"I suppose that's true.

Thanks again for joining us today, Alexis."

"So that's all for today folks," Juliette says standing and taking Alexis hand to bid her a proper goodbye. "We'll see you all next week."

The Carriage - February 2015

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  1. What a fun post! I've read Reflections and know Juliette and it was interesting to have her interact with Alexis from your upcoming book. I even laughed when they would refer to Jena - great! Both of your covers are lovely. How soon until we can buy The Carriage?

  2. Thanks so much, Rush. The goal is to have it edited, polished and ready to post on February 16th.


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