Monday, June 22, 2015

Character Madness Monday

An interview with

Elsa Reeve 

from Rachel Rossano's Medieval Romance Novel


1. Tell us about your story 

I am, Elsa Reeve, the second daughter in a family of three daughters and one son. My younger brother is going to inherit everything my father owns upon my father’s death, including the title Baron of Malorny. My duty as a daughter is to marry well, something my sisters have accomplished already. Unfortunately my mother and my brother have plans for me to marry for their benefit, but I am doing all I can to avoid their intended ends short of open rebellion.

2. What part do you play in it? 

I am the female protagonist, in other words the heroine.

3. Is it scary or a love story? 

A bit of an adventurous love story.

4. Have you heard any good gossip lately? 

The Earl of Dentin supposedly killed his father, but I am not sure I believe the gossip. He doesn’t strike me as the type. Not that he wouldn’t kill. I am sure he would and has, on the battlefield, but murder takes a different kind of motivation, a different mental state. Dentin is too honor conscious for that.

5. If you could be anything you want to be, what would you be? Why? 

I dream of what most women my age dream of, a kind and rich husband, a comfortable home, security, children, health, and contentment. If my husband wasn’t kind, he might beat me. I don’t require a fancy home, comfortable will be more than enough. Security is something I have worried about a lot lately. It would be nice to not have to any more. I love children and want to have a full household with many little ones underfoot. With the hope of bearing all of those children, I better pray for my good health to continue. Pregnancy and childbirth are risky events in the medieval world. Contentment is essential to enjoy any life, no matter how rich or poor. Without being grateful and content in what I have, I cannot be happy.

6. Where would you live? 

Far from my mother and my brother, but close to my father and sisters and their families. Yes, that would be a bit impossible.

7. Where do you live now? 

In my parent’s household with my parents and occasionally my brother. I have contemplated asking one of my brothers-by-law, Aiden, if I could live with him and my sister Moriah. He is a good master and would prove a dependable protector, but I suspect he would eventually send me back to my parents.

8. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? 

Never had anyone pursue my attention in that way. At least not until recently.

9. What would they think about the change? 


10. Does your fur mat and pull? I was just wandering because I have a mat right now and it really hurts. 

Pardon? I don’t have fur. Though it might prove useful at times.

11. Who is the scariest person in your story? Who is the happiest? What’s your author like? 

Merrill and Dentin are both scary, though I would lean toward Merrill being the scarier. Dentin is more intimidating.
My little sister just got married to a very nice man. I suspect she is the happiest of all of us.
My author is pleasant most of the time. She has her moments of panickiness, bossiness, and cross spells. Overall, I couldn’t ask for a better author.

12. Do you think she portrayed your part well? 

Yes. She seemed sympathetic to my feelings and thoughts. Though she did have a disturbing inclination to make my situation much worse than she needed to.

13. Does she sleep as much as Jena does? 

I don’t know who Jena is, but I suspect my author sleeps less than the average adult. Something about trying to maintain a writing career, a cover design business, and raising three small children might have something to do with it.

14. Do you have any pictures to share?

Here is a link to my book cover

Here is a link to my book trailer
You can catch a glimpse of Dentin, the intimidating man I mentioned. I would be interested in hearing what you thought of him. 

"I love trailers" 
Thank you for joining us today Elsa. Good luck with your story.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Character Madness Monday


Character Madness Monday

An interview with

Lachlan King, King of Cearbhall

From Elle  Clouse's Stealing the Wolf Prince

 (Wylderland Chronicles Book 1)



Tell us about your story


I am Lachlan Canis, King of Cearbhall. I lost my mother at a young age and the family curse set in when I was fifteen years old. 

My story doesn’t truly start, though, until my saving grace, Kiera, returns to my life. I thoughts I’d never see her again, as the curse had all but claimed my humanity. But she tamed the beast and set me free in more ways than one.

I awoke to a world where my own brother’s ruled through fear. Where they neglected their royal duties in favor of their vices; women, mayhem, and manipulation.

Is it scary or a love story?
Yes and no. The curse is not to be taken lightly, a raging wolf is not easily tamed. But Kiera captured my heart long ago and freed me.

Have you heard any good gossip lately?
Who has time for gossip? The treasury is depleted, people have vanished with no trace, and two treacherous princes have to be dealt with. I only have time for the facts as I get Cearbhall back in order.

If you could be anything you want to be, what would you be?
I’d ask for a cure in a heartbeat. No man should be burdened with the wolf curse. Call me a wolfkin if you must but living a dual life with a wolf isn’t something I’d wish on my worst enemy.

Where would you live?

I wouldn’t live anywhere else, I was born to rule Cearbhall and there I will stay.

Where do you live now?
Currently I reside in the servant wing of the castle as the royal wing burnt to the ground. Repairs are coming along nicely and should be completed within a year or so. When I have spare time, I visit Kiera at her cottage as she studies her new magic lessons.

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
I’m not sure I understand the question, I have a lot of friends. I am betrothed to my best friend, Kiera. I have many allies too. 

What would they think about the change?
Do you mean are they happy I am betrothed? Considering many assumed I had perished, I think they are happy for us. As I said, the wolf curse is not to be taken lightly. Many don’t see their humanity again once it’s set in. 

Does your fur mat and pull? I was just wandering because I have a mat right now and it really hurts.
Uh, no it does not. It’s short and sleek. 

Who is the scariest person in your story?

There are many scary aspects of my story, some of the worst is how people can twist the truth to justify their actions. It’s appalling was people can do with the right information or motivation. Just look what my brother Ayden did…

Who is the happiest?
At the end of the day, that would be me. I have my life back. My fairy tale ending, as Kiera would say. 

What’s your author like?
Elle is a magnificent wordsmith and tells my story with flare and style. 

Do you think she portrayed your part well?

Elle is the only one that could have told my story. No one else would have done it justice.

Does she sleep as much as Jena does?

Probably not as she has small children to care for. She also has more stories to write about the Wylderlands which keep her busy. My story was merely the tip of the iceberg. Expect many more stories from these Northern territories.

Do you have any pictures to share?


Monday, June 8, 2015

Character Madness Monday, This week Ashley Nixon


Madness Monday

Today's Spotlight 


By Ashley Nixon

Anora Silby wants her mother alive again. She’d do anything to feel her touch, hear her voice, and understand the strange circumstances surrounding her death. So when the new kid, Thane Treadway, offers outlandish answers, Anora listens.

Thane believes Anora’s mother had her soul stolen by the Cercatore di Anime, a race of soul eaters. It isn’t until Thane starts forgetting things and having random outbursts of anger that Anora begins to wonder if Thane has personal experience with the Cercatore. 
Anora’s search for answers leads her into the center of a mid-world battle between good and evil—the soul and the soulless. Not only that, she is the Eurydice, the only one of her kind who can enter and exit spirit. Her gift makes her a target, and soon Anora finds herself faced with the loss of her mother or the love of her life.

Can Anora see past her grief long enough to make a decision or will she lose everything?

Bio: Ashley was born and raised in Oklahoma, where the wind really does sweep down the plains, and horses and carriages aren't used as much as she'd like. She has a Bachelor's degree in English Writing, and a Master's in Library Science in Information Studies. When she's not writing, she's reading, working out, or pretending she's Sherlock Holmes. Her obsession with writing began after reading the Lord of the Rings in the eighth grade. Since then, she's loved everything Fantasy--resulting in an unhealthy obsession with the 'geek' tab on Pinterest, where all things awesome go

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