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Character Madness: Haunted by Darkness - Hunted

Javan Javan from the novelette Hunted in Haunted by Darkness
Friends with the river fairies, Javan is a dreamer. As Equerry to Prince James, he hopes for a future with the kingdom's darling, Princess Darla. They endlessly flirt, and he does all he can to ensure her pleasure and comfort, until he finally asks her out. Certain she will love the fairies, he takes her to the enchanted river. Darla is delighted, but Javan's pleasure is cut short when she commands him to cage the his magical friends. 
You can read Javan's story in Haunted by Darkness.

Character Madness: Haunted by Darkness - Hunted

Royce from the novelette Hunted
Royce is the hunter that finds Darla in the woods. Her violet eyes and odd color of her coat haunts him. In frustration, he marvels over the attachment he seems to have formed with an animal, an animal that should have been on his dinner table. But he couldn't kill such an exquisite creature. He could swear it talked. He feels like he's losing his mind, but he seeks her out again, determined to kill her this time.
A friend of Prince James, Royce has heard the story of the missing Princess, and witnessed the loss in his friends eyes on more than one occasion. Will he learn the truth about Princess Darla's demise before it's too late, or will he kill her to preserve his sanity?
You can find Royce's story in Haunted by Darkness, A Collection of Fairy Tales and Legends.

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Character Madness: Haunted by Darkness-Hunted

Darla Darla from Hunted: Haunted by Darkness
I've spent the last month on Misty Haven. There will be more to add later, but it's too soon for some of the characters. So this month we're changing to my newest release, Haunted by Darkness, A Collection of Fairytales and Legends. Haunted by Darkness is a book of short stories I created with Raven Williams. We each have four novelettes. As a treat, I've asked Raven to showcase the characters from her stories too, but in the meantime, we'll begin with one of mine, called Hunted.
Darla is Princess of the kingdom of Levoran, and everyone's darling. She's beautiful, but different with her dark hair, and violet eyes. She is used to getting her way, and tends to manipulate the situation when things don't move the way she wants them to. She's close to her brother, Prince James, and has a crush on his Equerry, Javan. She knows they can't be together, since he has no title, but leads him on anyway because s…

An Interview with Raven Williams

It’s a Celebration

Raven is no stranger to my followers. We market and write together, and in some cases, share the same fans. Today book seven of Realm Jumper Chronicles is finally released. The completion of her first series. So, I decided it was a great time for another interview.

For friends that aren't familiar with Raven Williams, she is a Fantasy Author, who has an anthology called A Horde of Dragons, with five other authors, and a true story called My Brother’s Keeper, a book of poetry and other books, both fiction, and nonfiction. She has hosted numerous interviews and marketed other authors, and is instrumental in the administration of Virtual FantasyCon every year.

Q – Welcome Raven. Wow, seven books. How long did it take you to go from start to finish in this series?A – I started writing the first book, Elven-Jumper in March 2014.  That one took the longest to write and released in February of 2015.  After that, the words continually flowed, and now, two years later a…

Character Madness: The Covens of Misty Haven

Leona from The Covens of Misty Haven
Leona has it all. Priestess of her coven, Beautiful and fit, and magical power rivaled by few. But she doesn't have Khayrie. My antagonist, Leona is jealous, catty, and cruel. She hates Brielle, wants Khayrie and the prestige he'll bring her, and ultimate power of the covens. She'll do anything to get it, even if she has to pull down the man she's trying to pursue. 
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The Covens of Misty Haven - Chapter One