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Character Madness: The Covens of Misty Haven

Aunt Elsa
From The Covens of Misty Haven
A little bit crazy and a whole lot of maternal, Aunt Elsa adds just the right amount of humor to the story. Witches stay young longer so many don't look their age, Aunt Elsa is Khayrie, Rylan, and Catara's mother's sister.
She visits, cooks, babysits, and cleans, while Khayrie does his best to make sure she doesn't do something serious, like burning the house down.
Aunt Elsa has no qualms about shutting Kitty outside.

It's possible Aunt Elsa knows more about what's going on than she shows us, but who can tell?
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Learn more about kitty here.

Character Madness: The Covens of Misty Haven


As Belshazzar's closest friend, and part of the first coven, Pagan is one of the first werewolves, and honored as a man just lower than the gods. Quick tempered, he has a cantankerous personality, and expects things to be done decently and in order. An ancient man, he is old fashioned, and has no qualms about punishing anyone that falls short. 
Pagan holds the Sovereign of Misty Haven, Khayrie to a high standard, and is more hands on than the other Paladin who watch over the world. He has a secret just like Khayrie, but his is out of the bag early in the story, and soon he becomes Rylan's lover.
As part of the first coven and Belshazzar's inner circle, he shares responsibility for Belshazzar's fall, the benefactor of Misty Haven. 
You can read part of Pagan's story in Belshazzar, The Legend of Misty Haven, a short story in Haunted by Darkness, A Collection of Dark Fairy Tales and Legends, and also in The Covens of Misty Haven, posted each month in my newslet…

Twenty-one days makes a habit?

21 Days to Make a Habit? Think Again

I've been thinking for a while now that I need to get things in order. Healthier eating, more functional writing schedules, blogs with more output and focus. I have three, along with my website. A friend of mine worked on habits one at a time last year, using the 21 days plan. I was impressed with the idea, so I decided to do the same one day, but I couldn't remember the number of days, so I googled it, and found that the numbers have changed. It is now believed that it takes sixty-six days to make a habit. That's a lot more than twenty-one. What's worse is I told a friend, and he decided it's more like ninety.

I think statistics are based on what the researches see as average. In college we were taught to look at who researchers tested. I didn't do that this time, because like my friend said. It took him longer to quit biting nails, and stop smoking. My guess is that we're all pretty different, we just need to figure o…

Character Madness: The Covens of Misty Haven


Khayrie is the Sovereign. Ruler of the supernatural communities. He is the most powerful man under the Paladin whose positions are only a little below the Gods. They do tamper with his life on occasion, but usually let Khayrie handle things on his own.
He lives in Misty Haven with his brother Rylan, and teenage sister, Catara. As Lord of the family, their safety and welfare is his responsibility. This is something, Kitty, a black panther he found in the rain forest, helps with.
His strength lies in his silence, and he takes on many projects himself simply to see they are done correctly. He has a secret only he and Kitty know, and he guards it carefully. His best friend is the Lord of Vampires, Yvain. 
The highest covens are separated male and female, and the two parties are arguing over who should have the final authority under the Sovereign. Khayrie has declared a period of separation between the two until the matter is solved, except in the case of family members. But when …

My Biggest Distractions and How I fight Them

Writing takes determination, courage, and focus. There are so many distractions around us. These are the worst for me.

1 - Noise Noise Noise. I made this number one because it's my biggest challenge. My husband likes to watch TV constantly, and there is nowhere to go to get away from the cacophony of sound. For him, it's static in the background. For me, it's total distraction. I've tried earplugs, but don't really like the way they feel, and they don't block everything. He says to tell him and he'll wear headphones, but why do I need to tell him what he already knows? And the bottom line is that this is his home too.

How to combat the situation?
The only thing I've found to help is listening to instrumental music while wearing headphones myself. This can actually be helpful, if I find something that suits the mood in the story I'm writing. It needs to be loud enough to block the other sounds, so you might be courting a headache if it's loud.


Character Madness: The Covens of Misty Haven


I always say story ideas come in a myriad of ways. Misty Haven was initially meant to be a love story, and it is, but it's so much more. This week I would like to introduce you to my Heroine, Brielle.
Brielle is a young woman ready for medical school, until she awakens from a dream to find her Aunt and Mother, kneeling before a wolf that becomes a man. She learns she is a witch. A witch with very little power, but witches must be taken to Misty Haven and be trained in the covens that police the balance of the natural and supernatural worlds,
The wolf is a Paladin. A Witch from the first coven, and friend to Belshazzar, He was also one of the first werewolves. While Brielle's Mother argues she has no power, Vaden, another Paladin gifted with sight, has given a prophecy that indicates Brielle will be an important part of Misty Haven in the days to come.
Against her will, she goes to Misty Haven to find a Priestess who hates her, werewolves that want to kill her, and the…

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Character Inspirations

This was initially meant to be a character blog. Musings was added later. I think it added a subtle balance, but lately it seems to have more musings than characters. It's time to get back to it's roots. I have some interviews out and I hope they will eventually come in, but in the meantime, I'll be showcasing my own characters, one day a week. Today I'm kicking it off with a few animal creatures you'll be seeing in the future, and where you can find them.

Kitty from The Covens of Misty Haven
Characterization is different for all of us. This is just about the things that inspire me. Most of my characters are simply what the story called for as it came to me, but sometimes there are special circumstances.

When the idea of Misty Haven began to form, I wanted to add a cat to the story. Most witchy stories have some kind of a cat after all. My main character is guardian to his thirteen year old sister, What would be the most aggravating type of babysitter? An eight-hu…