Monday, April 24, 2017

Character Madness: Haunted by Darkness - Belshazzar, The Legend of Misty Haven


Jessandre from Eye of the Gods and Belshazzar - The Legend of Misty Haven 

Jessandre is a phoenix, called on of the brethren, who were created to be the eyes of the Gods, With time, humans had no more need of the old gods, so they appointed Belshazzar to guard the natural from supernatural realms, and laid down their lives. In time, the brethren left to sleep with their masters, all except for Jessandre, who asked to become a servant to Belshazzar, so he could continue protecting the people. When Belshazzar's spirit moves on, Jessandre is left alone, until he returns to Misty Haven, where he finds a kindred spirit in Ariantha, Princess of the sea elves, and half mermaid. But Jessandre returned to Misty Haven to join Belshazzar in eternal sleep. Will he stay with Ariantha, and help save her from  the wicked regent who wants to marry her, or fall into eternal sleep with his master?

Monday, April 17, 2017

Character Madness: Haunted by Darkness - Belshazzar, The Legend of Misty Haven


Belshazzar - God of Misty Haven

Appointed by the Gods, Belshazzar is the first Enchanter/Witch Guardian to police the supernatural worlds. He loves all people and creatures, and judges fairly, but now he's going mad. He never aged due to a potion he created to remain young, not for his own gain, but for the safety of others. His closest companions are his servants, Jessandre, the phoenix, and Meylan, the dragon. Both are able to shift into men, but wild in nature. The people that make up the first coven were his closest friends. He will experience the ultimate betrayal. In Misty Haven, he is revered as their benefactor, and one of the Gods.

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Monday, April 3, 2017

Character Madness: Haunted by Darkness - Children of the Moon

Mrs. Armand

Mrs. Armand from Children of the Moon in Haunted by Darkness

Mrs. Armand is Kaitlyn's Mother, and a Dark Witch who harasses anyone Kaitlyn feels has crossed her. She torments Raven through her dreams, and no matter what Raven does, she can't stop her. Her mother thinks she's crazy. Her best friend Micah, doesn't believe her, and what would the police think? When Mrs. Armand finds out Micah has a new girlfriend, she starts harassing Cadence too. The world is the witch's oyster, but Raven won't give up searching for a way to stop her.