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It's Character Madness Monday

Variety is the spice of life so we're going to change things up again
Today we're introducing  Australian Author  Ellen Mae Franklin (Carol March)
Tolor stretched and lay back against the gate by the meadow and watched as Selene trotted toward him.

"What are you doing Tolor? This is Character Madness Monday. Shouldn't you be at the cottage getting ready for your interview?"
Tolor sighed. "No, there were too many characters to choose from so I decided to showcase this Authors stories instead."
"What's her name?"
Tolor turned to the cover sheet. Ellen May Franklin. Hang out with me. Her stories are interesting and her characters well defined.

"Sounds like fun."

"Here is the Author's story from her own hand."
As a fantasy writer, I am self-indulgent in the belief that anything is possible in the writing world. Dark, epic and high fantasy is where I dwell, so grab onto your seats, settle down with a cuppa or two and lo…

Character Madness Monday - RA Marshall

Today we Welcome RA Marshall
My characters were unable to sneak out this week since I've been sleeping a lot less lately. 
So this week we're changing things up and spotlighting 
The Portal & The PantherBook 1 of Guardians of the PortalByRA Marshall

The only thing seventeen year-old Jon Parker wants is to escape his sleepy Arkansas hometown. But everything changes when Jon stumbles into the boys’ bathroom and transforms into a black panther.

Without choice, Jon is thrust into a world where parallel universes are real, shapeshifters exist, and dangerous “intruders” control the elements with a mere thought. Like it or not, Jon's new mission is to protect our world from intruders from other worlds.

But is it a mission Jon will accept? Haunted by his past and facing an uncertain future, Jon struggles to know who he can trust. Ultimately, his decision will impact the people he loves -- and our whole world.

About Guardians of the Portal, a YA Fantasy Series

The Portal & the…
Today We Welcome Alan Price  from  Jonathan Yanez' New Novel Alan Price and The Statue of Zeus

Book Three in The Nephilim Chronicles Series
With the fallen Archangel Gabriel wielding an unparalleled power and all out war on the horizon, Alan, the chosen Horseman of War, is forced to seek help. There is another Archangel, Raphael, who holds the key to unraveling the mystery behind Gabriel’s power. However Raphael wants nothing to do with either side, still living in regret from a past that haunts him. Convincing the Archangel to once again enter the never-ending battle between Light and Darkness will be a task Alan can’t achieve on his own.

Two more Horsemen will appear. Dragged back and forth by the sides of Light and Dark, these two new Horsemen will sway the outcome of history. It seems demons and even angels will do anything to control a Horseman and the influence they wield.

Things go from disastrous to catastrophic when, Alan finds himself developing feelings for one of his …
Last week was a blast. Thanks again to KT Stevens, Joey from The Pride Anthology.
This week we welcome Louise Redmann from the anthology  The Bowman's Inn.

Alexis and Ezra sat alone in the parlor, enjoying the opportunity to have a free moment together, but it didn't last long.

Amos enters the room with Ettie, his Father trailing behind them. He nods at Ezra before they sit. Amos puts his feet up on a box made into a footstool giving Ezra a threatening look.

Before anyone can speak, laughter fills the air and Juliette arrives with Colovere.

“Where’s Selene and Tolor?” Ettie asks. “I so love the bear-man.”

“Not a bear-man,” Juliette says irritably. “Tolor is a beran.”

Amos laughs. “It amounts to the same thing I’d say.”

Juliette opens her mouth to speak but is interrupted by a rap on the door.

Alexis jumps, “Oh my God, She’s here.”

“Whose here?” Colovere asks.
Juliette rolls her eyes. “This week’s guest silly. Alexis is doing the interview this week.” She turns to Alexis. “Sor…