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Character Madness Monday: This week: Jamie White

Character Madness Monday This week Fiona Stevens from Stains on the Soul By Jamie White

Tell us about your story  I don’t even know where to start! Let’s just say, I have some pretty freaky dreams… and most of them are real.
What part do you play in it?  I’m the protagonist, or should I say ‘protagonists’? I’ve been around a few times, and these lives haven’t all been fun. Actually, most of them kind of suck.
Is it scary or a love story? It’s a little of both. 
Have you heard any good gossip lately? No, I haven’t really been paying attention. Lack of sleep is making me into a zombie. 
If you could be anything you want to be, what would you be? Anyone but me. 
Why? It’s getting a little complicated at the moment. 
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Yes, but I’m planning on breaking up. I’m not good with the whole relationship thing. Plus, there’s this guy who just showed up in town. He kind of creeps me out, but there’s something about him.  
What would they think about the change? I…



CMM INTERVIEW with Jacklyn Madison

Tell us about your story:

Well, I’m not technically supposed to talk about it. But you aren’t supposed to know I even have a story, so I’m going to assume you’re initiated and I wasn’t informed. Anyway, my name is Jacklyn Madison, and I just found out that I am the long lost member of The Order of the Key. The Order is a group of people with special abilities who fight creatures that come through interdimensional rifts. It sounds great, but the Order…it has some corruption issues. I’m not so sure I’ve gotten myself into the best situation here. Half the time, I’m really excited about helping people and learning how to fight monsters. I’m much less excited about dealing with Lavinia, the group’s leader. She gives me a very bad feeling, and I can’t help but think that she can’t be trusted. Thank God for Kyp, Lavinia’s son. He has promised to guide me through the politics of the Order, which sounds g…
Character Madness Monday
An Interview with  Ciro From Nightfall by
Maximillian dErembourg

Introduce yourself, tell us a little something about yourself. Ya, fine, I get it: I'm going crazy. Guess this is what happens when I stop sleeping. Or, it's like my wife always warned me about...Scorpian telepaths like her form bonds with their mates so close that they tend to go crazy when he dies. 'Cept, she was the one who died...and me the one who's going crazy...? But, I figure my best bet will be to play along until all of your 'questions' are answered, when –I hope– you'll disappear back down whatever madness-tunnel you came from, back into the Void.  So, my name is Ciro Andronicus, though for seven years I went by a different name, as I hid amongst the population of Alaria...
Tell us about your story Uhm, yeah, I..was? Maybe stop interrupting, bear-man-thing, so we can get this over with, eh? My dad was kinda the most dangerous person in the Nebula...the Draco …