Monday, May 18, 2015

Character Madness Monday

Today's Interview 

Kai Zolu from Providence

Mthical Madness Book II

by Author AR DeClerck

Alexis put a rubberband in her mouth and pulled a brush through her hair. It was her turn to do the character interview and she wanted to look her best.

She tied her hair up high with one hand, copying a style she had seen Catara do when she snuck into the Misty Haven area of Jena’s imagination. Watching the mirror, she tilted her head, twisted to the side and smiled. She was ready.

She entered the living room. Ezra was off somewhere so she waited for the interview alone.

The doorbell rang and she ran to answer it. She opened the door to a young man with dark hair and silvery blue eyes. If she was a single girl, this interview would have been dangerous.

“Ah, come in,” she says. smiling.

“Thanks. I’m Kai Zoku.”

She takes his hand. “It’s good to meet you Kai. I’m sorry, what story were you from again?”

“Story, you say? I’ve been in a few.” He grins roguishly, shaking her hand briefly before taking a seat in a chair and crossing one ankle over his knee.

Sorry, I thought I had misplaced my notes. She picks up a folder from the sofa. “Here they are. I’ll go grab us a cheese tray. Just in case we get hungry.” She smiles wondering if he might be interested in meeting Brooke.

“I’ll eat anything that’s not tied down.” He winks at her, his mouth stretched wide as they laugh together.

Alexis pops a piece of cheese in her mouth and flips through the file.

“So this says the name of your story is Mythical Madness. Would you tell us about it?

“Providence, actually. Book II of the Mythical Madness series. It’s a bit of the adventure I had when I took my ship over to Asgaard for a bit.” He raised a shoulder lazily, “A bit of a romance involved when I happened upon a goddess in need of a ride to her sister in Alfheim.”

And what is your place in the story?

He raises an eyebrow and grins. “Well I’m the hero, of course. You know, dashing pirate captain saves the mythical worlds from certain catastrophe. All that sort of thing.”

Do you have a girlfriend? My sister Brooke loves a man with sinfully sexy lips.” She shakes her head. “I mean with strong hips.” She sighs, face red. She just needs a boyfriend, alright?”

“She sounds lovely, but my heart has one owner and she would rain the wrath of a goddess down on anyone who might hope to take her place. Not that anyone could, mind you.”

Alexis mopes. Okay, but if you ever break up, check out Brooke in Jena’s imagination. She’ll be there. So who are the Fates and Asesino?

The Fates are my adoptive mothers. Nona, Morta and Decima. They are the tribunal responsible for overseeing the orderly disbursement of godly powers. My brothers and I are the Asesino, their sons, who dispense their justice throughout the land.

Alexis reads a little further down the page. “Oh my God! You have a flying ship?”

Indeed. I won the Lady’s Revenge in a game of cards and I fly her through the mythical lands with Sheridan and my crew as my mothers have need of me. She is powered by a magical nexus that is older than this reality, having come here from the land of the Old Gods long before our universe even existed.

Can you tell me more about Sheridan?”

No woman exists more beautiful, stubborn or proud. She died for me, once, and hasn’t let me forget it yet. She’s the goddess of Beauty and Song, daughter to Bartholomew God of the Hunt. Master of limericks, if I might say. She has a bit of a fondness for naughty ones. “ Kai’s eyes get a faraway look as if recalling a pleasant memory.

Brooke comes through the front door. Alexis pales.

“Hey Alex.” She sees Kai. “Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot you had the interview today.”

Alexis motions, “Um, this is my sister Brooke, Kai.”

Brooke extends her hand with a smile.

“Lovely to meet another beautiful lady” Kai grins at Brooke. “If you have need of a mate I’d suggest you visit Caroline’s on the island of Thule. Caroline is most adept at bringing couples together.”

"Excuse me?" 

“Just go sit down, please,” Alexis tells Brooke as she turns red and sputters. 

“where were we,” Alexis asks. “Oh, yes. Sheridan.”

“The keeper of my heart and the salvation of my soul.” Kai’s grin is devilish. “We’ve had our share of heartache, but the times of peace make it worthwhile.”

“So how do you plan to deal with this ancient evil rising in your land?” Alexis shivers, grateful there is no such thing in her world.

According to Odin I am the savior foretold in an ancient prophecy. Most likely it will require a good bit of luck.

“What is Ragnarok and why does it affect the mythical world?”

“Asgaardians have a prophecy foretelling the end of the worlds as we know them. Long ago the Old Gods came to our dimension and created all that we know of as reality. Some were bent on destruction and chaos, and so they were trapped far beneath the Earth. Now they are rising, and if they tap the ancient magic at the root of the Tree, they can gain enough power to destroy us all. That is Ragnarok.”

“What does you think of your Author? What is her name again? This says Amy DeClerck but I remember Jena writing it differently in the last cover reveal.”

AR, she goes by. A cheeky gal, lover of great adventure and romance. She doesn’t make it easy for a hero to save the day. I found myself working hard to win the heart of my love and save the mythical kingdoms.”

“Do you think she portrayed your character well?”

She called me a layabout a few times. I took a bit of offense to that, but didn’t have the energy to argue too much about it. As for the sinful lips and sense of humor, I think she got those right.” He quirks his lips at the girls as they both blush. 

“Is there anything you might have done differently?”

I would never have risked Sheridan’s life… that made me angry, prophesy or no. And setting the Lady afire was a bit overboard as well. As for my… what shall I call him… sidekick, perhaps, Edmond Dantes, I think she could have found a better compatriot for me. But I suppose that’s why she’s the author, as she sees that nothing ventured is nothing gained. Without all my trials I would never have come to the life I so abundantly enjoy today.”

Brooke looks at her clock and sighs. “We have to go, Alex. We have dinner at Mom’s and you know how upset she gets when we’re late.”

“Unfortunate. I would have liked to continue our talk” Kai stands and both women admire his broad shoulders and lean physique. 

“Okay,” Alexis looks at Kai apologetically. “Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers?”

“Never underestimate a man in love. We will suffer much, sacrifice anything, to protect those we love. Someday I will look back on this adventure and thank my writer for giving me this gift. Never fear, any story by my author, AR DeClerck,  will keep you on the edge of your seat.”

Alexis stands. “Thank you so much for joining us today, Kai.”

“Aye, and you, dear lady. Do look me up again, won’t you? We’ll be about, Asgaard, Alfheim, Oz, Wonderland… you never know where the Lady’s Revenge will make port next.”  He bows low and lets himself out, both women admiring the cut of trousers as he walks away. 

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Character Madness Monday: Dora Gonzalez

Hey Everyone, It's Character Madness Monday.

Today we Have



The Five Kingdoms of Severi 


Dora Gonzalez

Selene strolled through the meadow enjoying the sunshine. Colovere ran through, playing with his herd. She stopped when she heard Tolor's voice behind her and turned to find him walking toward her with Juliette, a young stranger took long, confident strides beside them.

They stop and Juliette motions. "This is Edwin from The Five Kingdoms of Severi, he's your interview this week."

Selene's hooves tear at the foliage. "You're a little early. Wonderful."

“If I didn’t come now who knows when I would be able to wander from the rest of my group.” Edwin tugs at his belt strap holding his sword and tries to keep his gaze from wandering to the centaur’s lower body. This was his first time seeing such a creature.

Selene blushes but she was used to it. Still, she was grateful Tolor hadn’t noticed. "Shall we walk?" She asks, leaving the others trailing behind.

Edwin clears his throat. “Yes, of course.”

"It's good to meet you, Edwin. I hope you didn't have too much trouble finding your way to our world. But I've heard that you're familiar with journeys. Will you tell where you're going and why?"

“I am heading to the King’s Hold located in the Second Kingdom of Severi. One of my companions seems to believe that I will find the answers to what ails me there,” Edwin replies, his words suddenly reminding him of the markings showing from the edge of his sleeve. He quickly tugs the sleeve down and over his glove.

"Aren't the kingdoms in Dora's imagination at peace right now?"

“Yes, but an unknown assailant is stirring up trouble. In fact my own village was…” Edwin trails off, his eyes setting on the landscape in the distance but his mind searching beyond what the visible eye can see. “I’m sorry, I seems to have trailed off,” he replies dropping the subject and continuing his walk.

"I've been trapped behind the mirror since I was a filly. What is the journey like? Are there challenges?"

“There are many trials, stumbles and challenges to say the least. This being my first journey I can’t say if it is harder than most have faced.” Edwin tugged at his sleeve again and tried his hardest to smile.

"Who accompanies you on your journey? Surely your Author isn't making you travel alone."

“I kind of wish I was traveling alone,” Edwin smirks. “Alden, the one who suggested I head to the King’s Hold, constantly orders me around as if I was his servant. But he does make the journey colorful to say the least.”

Is your realm a magical one?

Edwin sighs and ponders on what to say or more like how to say it. “I don’t want to give much away, but what we have encountered so far can only be explained by magic. There are creatures I never thought existed and I am sure I will meet far more before this journey is done.”

"What is your part of the story?

“I’m the main character of course,” Edwin’s smirk widens. “Though if you ask Alden he might argue on that fact. My role in this story is to vanquish the evil that threatens the peace in Severi and get revenge on those who robbed me of my family and friends.”

"Is there anything precious that you hope for?"

“That my parents are still alive. I’ve seen so much death that I wish they aren’t among those no longer residing in this world,” Edwin went on, his smirk long gone.

Selene smiles and glances at Tolor. "How about a girlfriend?"

“I don’t think there is time for one right now with fighting to stay alive and trying to prevent a war.”

"What do you do when you're not trying to save the world?"

“I mainly practice my swordsmanship and try not to lose control of my new found powers.”

Selene looks up to see Juliette with Tolor and Colovere staring with anticipation, and sighs. "They don't get out much. Heard any good gossip lately?"

“I’ve heard that there are strange occurrences near the shorelines of Severi. Some say it is the work of mermaids. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised.”

Everyone smiles and Selene scowls.

“I fear our time must come to an end,” Edwin says holding on to his crystal hanging around his neck and trying to hide the shimmer it emits.

I need to finish this up too and get our dinner on. Juliette can't cook anything that tastes good and Alexis is only marginally better. Ezra won't say anything since he loooves her. Pah! 
Is there anything else you'd like to share with our audience today?

“There be dragons in The Five Kingdoms of Severi. If they want to know how many and what their role is in this story they will unfortunately have to read the book,” Edwin replies satisfied with the teaser he has just revealed.

Dora Gonzalez is currently working on her third novel. She enjoys writing the occasional short story, dabbing in flash fiction, getting lost in a video game, and hunting down the next book to fall in love with. She also loves to paint, design book covers, and go sight-seeing. She lives in Texas with her son and three miniature poodles.