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Apologies for not posting last Monday, even with my best efforts, sometimes things fall through. This week I'm making up for it with a surprise guest. 

Joey from Balancing Act  Interviews  Joanna from Summer Rains. From the Anthology, Seven Deadly Sins: Pride 

Joey picked up the throwaway phone, stared at the number lit on the screen, and pushed the send button, taking a deep breath. His author had handed him the cell yesterday and told him there was only one number on it. “If you want to meet someone from halfway across the world, dial that number. Her name is Joanna and I have a feeling you guys might find some common ground.” He wanted to tell her he didn’t need help finding chicks, but a free phone was too good to pass up. He’d go along with the gag. The phone rang twice on the other side of the world.

Wow. She sounded pretty. Joey rolled his eyes. He was really desperate if he thought that. “Hey. I’m Joey. You know my author, K.T. Stephens, right? She said she worked …

Character Madness Monday Cover Reveal!

It's a Character Madness Cover Reveal
Rosalie by Author C. L. Moore


Unhappy in the 20th Century, Rosalie Jones wants to change her life. She travels to Hadrian's Wall to search for her ancestors, and finds herself in another time. Quite unprepared for what happens next, she finds love, but will she lose herself in the process? Rosalie is in the fight of her life and only one man can save her, will he? Or. will she be the one to save herself?



AUTHOR BIO – C L Moore Author of Paranormal Erotic Romance and Horror
C L Moore grew up in a small country town in Northern NSW, Australia.
As a child she surrounded her thoughts with a world of fantasy. She loved nothing more than reading books and she read everything she could get her hands on. Elephant Walk by Robert Standish was one of her earliest reads.
When she received ‘Black Beauty’ and ‘Wuthering Heights’ as a birthday gift, the dye was cast. She wanted to be in the worlds that the authors wrote about, l…

Today's Interview: Sage from MARRED

MARRED, by Sue Coletta

MARRED is a adult psychological thriller/mystery. This interview contains violence.
Amos walks to the guest room where the interviews take place scanning the area around him. Even the soft footfalls of his booted feet are barely heard on the soft grass. Moving to a nearby shadow, he stops and cringes.

 “This is my interview and I’m tired of this damn meadow." He scans Jena’s mind until he sees nineteenth century, London. He steps in, sighs and rolls his shoulders. “There we go. This is far superior to a bunch of horses with horns prancing all over a meadow. He opens the door to the manor he shared with Ezra and his Father to find them waiting.

“What are you doing here?” Amos stammers.

Ezra takes a deep breath. “We’re here to make certain you present yourself like a gentleman.”

“The high and mighty older brother. But this is my interview so get out.”

Alexis comes out of the kitchen with Ettie. Cora carries a teapot behind them.

“What are they doing here? A…

Today's Interview - Nick Traverson

From - The Four-Year-Old Guardian Only Human On The Block Series By S.L. Madden

Hooves clipity clop on the pavement and Tolor spins around facing Selene with a finger in front of his lips. “Shhh.”

“It’s just an interview Tolor, what has gotten into you today.”
Tolor frowns. “I heard there might be monsters in here.”
“Don’t be silly.”
“I’m not. Just stay still one minute so I can check the place out.”
Selene huffs and begins to move forward. Tolor snarls. She moves back, tail swishing wildly.
“If you bite me I’ll call my brothers,” she says, but doesn't move forward.
Tolor disappears through the door returning in moments. “There’s nothing in there but a teenage boy. He didn’t even flinch when he saw me.”
Selene pushes her way past. “That’s my interview. Now stop or you’re going to make me late.” She trots into the room. “You must be Nick.” she says smiling.
“I am. And you’re..uh, different.”
“Welcome. We’re glad you came to see us. I don’t sit well, want to walk through the meadow…
Veiled Memories

Tolor hits the red button on his cell and flips the phone into his pocket.

"That was this week's interview. They can't make it."

Ezra frowns. "But this is my first week as an interviewer."

"That's what he thinks," Tolor mutters under his breath.

Juliette kicks him in the shin under the table.

Amos laughs. "What was that my Beran friend?"

Alexis takes a deep breath. "It was nothing!"

Amos hisses showing his sharp teeth but Ezra holds him back.

"No fighting amongst ourselves," Ezra chides.

Grumbling, Amos sits.

"Well then, what should we do?" Alexis asks.

Thinking himself so professional Tolor lifts his chin. "We'll interview Ilan"

"Good idea," Juliette says smiling.

"You don't have to look so surprised," Tolor responds.

Colovere shakes his head. "I'll go and get him."

Minutes later, Ilan walks in, his arms crossed, beside Colovere.