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Review - Thompkin's School for the Dearly Departed by Tabi Slick

Book Review
Tompkin's School For The Dearly Departed
Book 2 in the Tompkin's School Trilogy

Tompkin's School: For the Dearly Departed
by Tabi Slick
Genre: YA Paranormal/Dark Fantasy
Release Date: August 2nd 2017

 Visions of the past, powers beyond belief, and a school that has been waiting for them for over a hundred years. Kain and Izara's abilities have advanced far greater than they ever imagined possible and it's all due to their new friend that has joined them. This year will bring the Torvik twins closer to solving the mystery of who they are, why they have these powers, and even closer to unveiling the school's most haunting secret.

“The lights of the Artesian Hotel flickered as the party drew on into the night. I saw Bart Bessler dancing with Mary, and the bright, dazzling yellow eyes of the French, red-headed woman as she drew in the light around her. I shivered at the sight of the wolf-man killing one of the intruders that night they had chained Bart t…

A Quirky Interview with Author Assaph Mehr

Sitting Down With  Assaph Mehr Author of Murder in Absentia

GenreHistorical Fantasy Bio I have always been fascinated by ancient Rome, from the time I was in primary school and first got my hands on Asterix. This exacerbated when my parents took me on a trip to Rome and Italy - I whinged horribly when they dragged me to "yet another church with baby angels on the ceiling", yet was happy to skip all day around ancient ruins and museums for Etruscan art.

A few years ago I randomly picked a copy of a Lindsay Davis' Marcus Didius Falco novel in a used book fair. I fell in love with Rome all over again, this time from the view-point of a cynical adult. When I decided to sit down and write a novel, the setting was clear in my mind.

Assaph now lives in Sydney, Australia with his wife Julia, four kids and two cats. By day he is a software product manager, bridging the gap between developers and users, and by night he's writing - he seems to do his best writing after mid…

Cover Reveal! Demon's Blood by Lissa Bilyk

Cover Reveal
Demon's Blood
By Author Lissa Bilyk

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Book Review - Fractured (Mirrorland #1) by Majanka Verstraete


Genre: Romantic Thriller
When Piper discovers an old antique mirror on the attic of her new home, she has no idea what terror she unlocked.

Eerie shadows lurking in the night and estranged voices crying out for help are only the beginning. As Piper’s world comes crumbling down, she realizes everything that she believed was imaginary, might have been real all along.

Something is very wrong with that mirror. And if she doesn’t find out what, the mirror might end up killing her.

With some help of old and new friends, Piper tries to get to the bottom of the mystery. One thing is for certain: the mirror preys on the guilty. But what exactly is she guilty of?

Author Bio Majanka Verstraete is a twenty-four year old author from Belgium. She studied law and is now studying criminology at university. She writes speculative fiction for children and young adults. When she's not writing or helping other authors with marketing, she likes spending her time playing World of Warcraft …

Reflections - The California Gold Rush

Revisiting Reflections

California wasn’t even a state when gold was first discovered in the Sacramento Valley in 1848. The state joined the union in 1849.
Over a hundred thousand foreigners uprooted their lives, moving to California by any means necessary, hoping to find their fortunes. In 1849, San Francisco’s harbor was so inundated with boats that it took days for travelers to be able to disembark.
Imagine reaching down to retrieve a shiny nugget of gold. There was a time we could do that. But it didn’t last long, and soon the miners had to dig and pan to find this precious metal. By 1855, less than ten years after it started, the Gold Rush was history.
For more information on the California Gold Rush, check out my Reflections Pinterest board.

Cursed to live in a world behind a mirror, Juliette learns the skills of survival from a unicorn, blood-thirsty beran, and a cantankerous, but beautiful, centaur, while being forced to watch her family and friends grow old without her.


Reflections: Regency Era Corsets

Revisiting Reflections

The guest post I sent out a few days ago was based on the Victorian Era. The Carriage takes place in that time period. Reflections takes place in the Regency Era, and moves forward from there. There were some differences in actions and style.

When we read about the Georgian and Victorian era, we always hear about tight bone corsets. Sometimes they were worn so tight that internal organs were forced to move aside. But in the Regency era, women escaped that fate. Corsets were made to enhance a lady’s natural curves, rather than making them smaller.  Like the modern day bra, the corsets of the Regency era were made to lift the bust, creating a shelf that highlighted the breast.

Muslin and silk were common fabrics, and dresses were embroidered intricately by hand. They flowed to the floor, draping like the robes of ancient Rome. Still, they wore a petticoat, chemisette, and long stockings held by garter belts for modesty.

While Juliette was not royal, her father wa…

New Blog

Jena Baxter's Bookworms

Maybe I should have added this to my earlier post, but the topic is different, and I didn't think about posting until now.

I've recently began a new blog called Jena Baxter's Bookworms. It showcases Author interviews, guest posts, excerpts, and reviews done by Brandy Mulder. Although I'll have one to post in the near future as well, and I may start doing more reviews here as well. There will be giveaways, and you can learn about Authors you may not have met before.

Here is the link if you'd like to follow:

Hope to see you there.

While I'm here, don't forget to read this month's chapter of Coven's of Misty Haven.

It sounds unimportant, but Authors need our reviews


An Old Guest Post, The Charm and Truths in Historical Romance, by Jena Baxter

It's been a while since I've done a musings sort of post. I started a new blog recently to showcase Authors, some are friends, and others are people I've never met. We all have something in common though, and that's that we think, and muse, and think, and muse, and then comes the work, whether that work is putting together a story that's worthy to be read, or marketing, which requires a good deal of thought as well. This post kind of falls in the middle.

I always ask Authors for guest posts. It isn't because I'm lazy, although, I am sometimes, but because I've found that readers like to read fresh articles and thoughts from Authors they might not be, or often aren't, familiar with. While I rarely get much feedback on my blogs, I know that you are reading them, so I'm still here, posting and musing.

This week while searching the internet, I ran across my first or second guest post on a blog. I was horrified when the blog tour company asked for i…

July's newsletter is out. Read the current chapter of Covens of Misty Haven.

The July newsletter is out. Check out my Author introduction for this month, CL Gaber, and the current chapter of Covens of Misty Haven.
The website chapters have been updated with images as well.