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Character Madness Monday - Today's Interview: Joey from Balancing Act

By K.T. Stephens Available April 1st, 2015

Tolor’s snouty nose comes into view as he sniffs to make sure no one else is there. Almost satisfied, his eyes peek past the doorway. He smiles, pushes a clump of hair behind his ear and bounces into the room.

A new file folder sits on the coffee table.

cla clop, cla clop, cla clop.

Tolor hurriedly sits on the folder as Colovere enters the room.

The way he smiles almost seems menacing on a unicorn, but Tolor knows it’s genuine.

“There’s no need to sit on that folder, my friend.”

Tolor looks around. “What folder?”

Colovere nudges his horn into Tolor’s shoulder. He jumps out of the chair and the file falls on the floor.

“Ouch!” He eyes the papers. “Where did that come from?”

Colovere snorts. “Pick them up. You’re the host this week.”

Tolor rubs his shoulder a moment longer before bending to retrieve the paperwork.

Someone knocks on the door.

“Come in, come in,” Colovere calls.

“What a rude way to usher in a guest for an interview,” Juliette say…

The Carriage Trailer

A Taste of today's Character Madness Monday. The Carriage

Character Madness Monday: The Carriage

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Tolor hops onto a square, bends as he growls and scrapes the ground with his sharp claws before righting himself, but still balancing on one of his feet.

Selene tilts her head, the sweat on her forehead shows she's more than a little bit skeptical.

Colovere snorts, while Juliette covers her mouth to hide a burst of laughter.

"Try it," Tolor says. "It's fun. All the cubs in my village played it."

"It would be near impossible for me to do that, and if I tried it would hurt my hooves!" Selene tells him.

Alexis and Ezra enter the room with Brooke and Amos. Mr. Bowen, Ezra and Amos' Father, follows behind with Cora, the maid, and Mrs. Brentwood.

Alexis crosses her arms. "What are you doing, Tolor?"

"Playing hopscotch. I'm trying to teach Selene and Colovere, but they aren't getting it." He scratches his furry head.

"That's not a hopscotch," Alexis says, rolling her eyes.

Character Madness Monday: Today's Interview Merlin from Rolf's Quest.

A Sneak Peek

Tolor walks in with a sheet of paper, clears his throat and sits down.
“Hello Everybody. Today we have—“

Colovere enters, hooves clip clopping on the tiles.
“Sorry, Tolor. This is my interview.”

Tolor’s brows creep up to his hairline. “I’m the interviewer here. Go find an apple or something.”

Colovere grabs the back of Tolor’s shirt with his teeth and swings him out of the chair into Selene’s waiting arms.

“Time to go big guy,” Selene says covering his mouth and pulling him out the door.

Merlin sits quietly on a stool with his staff in his hand and chuckle. “I like a unicorn with attitude."

Juliette walks in and places a pair of glasses on his nose.
“Thank you.”

Colovere turns to Merlin.

"My apologies, sir. Would you like to continue this in the meadow?"

"It’s raining right now, but if you’d like I could change that. No, never mind. I’d rather finish my cup of mead."

Character Madness Monday: Today's Interview - Alexis from The Carriage

Tolor carefully picks up this weeks file with long claws. "Juliette, why is it addressed to Juliette?"

The gremlin enters, "grabble grabble grabble grabble." He takes the file and pops Tolor on the head with it.

"What was that for?"

"Grabble, grabble."

Juliette enters the room and laughs.

"It's my turn to do the interview, Tolor." She rubs the knot on his head and gives the gremlin an 'I'm not pleased with you,' sort of look.

He grabble, grabble's his way to the corner.

Tolor shrugs. "It's okay I guess." He glances at the cover. "She looks pretty upset to me, anyway. Reminds me of you when you arrived in Zylphia's world".

Juliette smooths her hair. "I'm certain I didn't look that bad."

"Here she is." Tolor says, walking toward the door. "I'll see you later."

Juliette smirk…