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A Character Madness Interview  With Marai bin Ahu  From Children of the Stone  By Mary Woldering

Tell us about your story 
I'm just a simple man, devoted to my goddess, but every since the night the stars sang, things have become complicated.
What part do you play in it?  I move through all of the pages.
Is it scary or a love story?  There are scary parts, but more love, because it heals all things.
Have you heard any good gossip lately?  I don't really listen to any. The woman downstairs is cheating on her husband. Her last child wasn't his, but he refuses to see it.
If you could be anything you want to be, what would you be?  Happy, maybe with a small business or a plot of land for sheep or goats. I'd love to have my wives with me too.
Why?  To see my increase.
Where would you live?  No real preference. I would like a place where life and survival isn't a struggle.
Where do you live now?  Ineb Hedj (that’s near modern day Cairo, Egypt for my 21st century friends)
Do you …

Hurdles in Writing: What About Voice

Voice - What is it?

Like poetry, all writing has a cadence, a rhythm all it's own. The flow of sentences becomes your voice, and when the flow is disrupted, you can hit a discordant note.

While this is an accurate description, voice is not as easy as it sounds. I believe in the Author's voice. When you pick up your favorite author's latest novel, you have an expectation, and that expectation is what separates that author from others. It's their voice. You know it, without even realizing it.

There are many facets to the craft of storytelling, and most if not all are valid in some form. As I've said before, I don't believe in rules. I am an artist, and how I write my story is a blend of my craft and voice. Not only my voice, but the character's voice. Tricky huh? They are not the same.

I will use repetition to emphasize a point, and so far, I've been applauded for it. I don't do it often, but there are moments when it can raise the level of tension. …
A Friend Asked Juliette for a Character Reference
For Jena Baxter
Here's What she Said.

Juliette sat under the apple tree. A character reference for Jena. Why would anyone trouble me for such a thing? She smiles. "I guess I do know her best though. Who better than her most abused character? I have plenty to say." 

She takes a bite of an apple and shifts pages as she chews, then grabs a blank piece of paper and pencil. "However should I begin?" She sets her pen on the paper, and begins to write.

Dear Sirs,
My name is Juliette Barrows and I am the main character and Heroine, in Jena Baxter's greatest story, Reflections.
She pushes the lose hair from her face, smiles, and tosses the apple.
I'm not certain how to say this, but Jena is a masochist, who thrives on the pain of those beneath her. Take me for example. I'm thrown into a magical world all alone. Not even one servant to attend to my needs, and there are weird, mystical creatures there too. 

While I admi…