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New Release: Nocturne by Author Heather McKenzie: I am hunted. A pawn in a vicious game. The only way I can protect the ones I love… …is to disappear. *****Excerpt - Giveaway - Read Book One Free*****

Nocturne Heather McKenzie
(Nightmusic Trilogy, #2)
Published by: Clean Teen Publishing
Publication date: March 20th 2018
Genres: Mystery, Suspense, Young Adult

I am hunted.
A pawn in a vicious game.
The only way I can protect the ones I love…
…is to disappear.

Finally free of her father, Kaya has the one thing that keeps her heart beating—Luke.

Blissfully content in his arms, everything seems perfect…until their world is shattered by a deadly invasion. When an old ally comes to the rescue, Kaya wants none of it. She is devastated to learn the identity of her attacker, and that she must do something truly heartbreaking if she wants to save the ones she loves. Sacrificing everything and sinking into bottomless sorrow, Kaya finds solace in an unlikely friend—one who shows her a different kind of love, and helps her discover an inner strength she never thought possible.

A heart-pounding journey of self-discovery, Nocturne is the transformative second installment of The Nightmusic Trilogy by Heather McKenzie.

Grab book 1 – Serenade – for FREE!


I flew out the door into the cool night, took four steps, then stopped—the latest enlightening news about my father had sent me over the edge. Tears burst from my eyes. The last shred of hope I’d been hanging onto that Henry wasn’t all bad had been completely obliterated; he was an actual monster.

I dropped to the curb and put my head in my hands. The rain started falling, lightly dusting my shoulders at first, then becoming a downpour just to add to my misery. I became soaked head to toe, but I didn’t care. I stayed where I was, wishing the rain would melt me into a puddle that would drain into the gutter and then just disappear into the earth…

“You left something in my truck,” said a voice from out of nowhere.

At the edge of my vision was Ben, rain coming down even harder now and pouring off his cowboy hat in rivers. He was holding out a paper bag, which was now soaked. It was the muffin I hadn’t eaten.

“I didn’t want it to go to waste,” he added, eyeing me with concern, then glancing at the café window where I could feel many sets of eyes on my back.

I dropped my gaze back to the gutter. My body didn’t want to move, and I still held out hope that the rain might just wash me away. Ben said something, and then he hauled me up and turned me to face him. He lifted my chin, and I had no choice but to meet his eyes. The rain plastered my hair to my face, mixing with the tears that were spilling out of me with blinding force.

He gave me a weak smile. “I tried to leave. Got in my truck and was ten minutes out of town, but then I realized…” He paused, fumbling for the right words. “I could really use some help at my ranch. Now, the job doesn’t pay much, but you’ll have your own room and all the food you can eat.
You’ll be dry.”

He waited patiently for an answer, but I was so grateful that all my words caught in my throat. He tossed the paper bag with the muffin into the garbage. After a quick glance at the internet café and the white-haired waiter watching from the doorway, his hand firmly latched onto mine. I had the sense I wasn’t being given a choice, I was going wherever this cowboy wanted me to.

“I’m taking you home now,” he said over the downpour.

Home. Home was in Luke’s arms….

The rain was falling in sheets. Since I wasn’t about to turn into a puddle and dissolve, I let the cowboy lead the way.

About the Author

Heather McKenzie is the Canadian author of The Nightmusic Trilogy. Also a professional singer/songwriter with five albums to date, she told stories through music for years before falling in love with novel writing. Heather pulls from her extraordinary experiences as a musician to fuel her passion for creating Young Adult fiction. She is a rocker at heart, a mom of three and an aspiring painter.

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New Release! Reflection, by Author Jessica Roberts ***Excerpt -- Giveaway***

ReflectionJessica Roberts
Publication date: March 20th 2018
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult

Bright, spunky Heather Robbins has escaped her small hometown and is anxiously beginning her freshman year of college. Rising above her rocky childhood, she’s found a place where good things are finally starting to happen: her own private apartment, refreshing college classes, and an intense attachment to a mysterious and rugged classmate, Nick Richards.

But when her dreamy college life turns out to be nothing more than a wonderful dream while resting in a coma, questions threaten.

Now, Heather must press forward to unlock the real past, and find the answers buried deep in her mind. What she unlocks instead is a roller coaster ride through flashbacks, embellished memories, and a whirlwind romance.

And when it’s all over and she comes face to face with the truth, will she lose everything she’s fallen in love with?

Are you a book reviewer?
Request a review copy here!


He bent down by the fireplace—catching his body with his arms—and did a half push-up to rest beside me. Lying down side by side, our shoulders touching, his face close to mine, I could feel the temperature of our bodies rising, fusing together as one. Did he feel the heat?

“Let’s see here,” he huffed, teasing me with his mechanical savvy.

“Funny,” I whispered back, watching him examine the guts of the fireplace. “But once you realize it’s unfixable—”

“Hand me the matches?” His voice turned businesslike as he studied the wires.

I responded with a groan.

As I reached across his body for the small box on the floor, the smell of him suddenly caught my senses—musky and male, and much too close. I hesitated, hovering over his back, fascinated that my body was responding in a similar way to when my temper peaked. My eyelids shut, and I drank in the hot adrenalin rush, emotions that were strange, feelings I didn’t understand. I forced myself back, careful not to touch him or move any closer.

“I’ll tell you what,” I said, shaking the haze away. I brought the matches forward, lying on my stomach again but with ample space between us. “You fix it, you get a wish. If not, the wish is mine.”

He readjusted himself. “Watch and learn, sweetheart,” he said absently, keeping his attention on the project, his head bent low. “Light that for me?”

I removed a match, struck it against the strip, and carefully handed him the flame.

With a push of a button, a small spark erupted into a bright-blue flare. A muted explosion sounded, and the two-faced fire rushed across the imitation log.

“How did you do that?” I hollered.

I stared at the mesmerizing flames of blue, deep yellow, and crimson endowing our faces with a warm glow, the heat already radiating through the glass. However, a different sort of heat ignited within me. It was my competitive edge, I reasoned. A few failed attempts from him would have been nice before it burst into a bright, blazing banner of victory.

“Ahhh, the sweet smell of methane,” he heckled.


Even through my poor attitude, I allowed my shoulder to nudge his. I went to my knees and crawled toward the small cabinet to put away the matchbox. I breathed out heavily, releasing all my confusing responses to him.

“Next time you want to light it, just—”

“I know, I know,” I told him. “I watched you.” I reached up, tugging on the cabinet drawer and telling myself he could explain when I wasn’t so wound up.

Like a sudden shift in the weather, a solid wall of warmth pressed into my back as his body covered mine from behind. I stiffened instantly. He reached around my rigid body and gently took the matchbox from my hand, his entire frame as calm as a warm summer breeze, encasing mine.

As he leaned forward, putting the matchbox in the bag and placing it in the cabinet, his words teased softly in my ear, “I’m going to have to teach you some manners.”

His whispers drifted deep inside me. Every thought left instantly, replaced with a keen awareness of the warm areas where we touched. A soft energy from his body merged with a surge from my own, and with each passing second the energy increased.

“Lesson one,” his even voice rolled off my shoulder, terrifyingly close. “What do you say to someone who fixes your fireplace?”

I was lost in the emotion, my throat nervously parched, an arid swallow catching at the base of it. “Thanks?”

“You’re welcome.”

The embrace from behind felt too heavenly to withdraw from, like little angel wings caressing my entire back.

My breathing picked up as his fingers softly enveloped my shoulders. My eyes locked shut, but that only amplified the sensation as his fingers glided across the edges of my collarbone, the tips sending little bolts of lightning through my body.

I stayed unmoving, gratified and petrified at the same time. He had never touched me so intimately, as if he were getting to know me. To most it was a simple shoulder massage, but to me it was dangerous. And even though I knew this, I longed for the way his hands touched me in such a personal and protective way.

About the Author

Jessica grew up in the San Francisco, California Bay Area where she spent most of her time playing sports alongside her six siblings. She was crowned Miss Teen California her senior year of high school, and went on to Brigham Young University where she graduated in Human Development. She currently resides in Utah with her husband and three children.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter

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Interview with Jennifer Ellision, Author of Over Raging Tides - *****Giveaway*****

Over Raging Tides
Jennifer Ellision
(Lady Pirates, #1)
Publication date: March 20th 2018
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

The pirate crew of the Lady Luck lives by many rules, but chief among them is this: they do not allow men on board.

That’s a rule that quartermaster Grace Porter is willing to break when a shipwrecked young nobleman offers her information of an omniscient map, stolen from his warship by an enemy vessel. Until now, the map was only the stuff of legend… but with its help, Grace may finally be able to hunt down the Mordgris, the sea monsters who stole her mother away from her.

Unfortunately, some members of her crew have other plans…

To find the map and face the Mordgris, Grace will have to confront her past, put the Luck between warring nations, and uncover treachery aboard the ship. And ultimately, her revenge and the destruction of the Mordgris will come at a hefty price: the betrayal of her crew.

Grace promised them they wouldn’t regret this.

She just isn’t sure that she won’t.

An Interview with Jennifer Ellision 
Author of Over Raging Tides

Welcome to Character Madness and Musings
Thank you! Happy to be here.

Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m Jennifer Ellision, author of young adult fantasy, the Elementals: The Threats of Sky and Sea series. I’m a former book blogger who lives in South Florida. I cultivated my love of writing through writing Sailor Moon fanfiction and then went on to obtain my Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing!

Tell us about your newest book.

Over Raging Tides is the first book in the Lady Pirates series, about a female-led pirate crew. Over Raging Tides tells the story of Grace, her ship’s quartermaster and first mate, who lost her mother to murderous sea creatures called the Mordgris. But a shipwrecked nobleman who knows where to find an omniscient map could be her key to revenge…

Is it available now?

Yes! Over Raging Tides released on March 20.

Have you published any others?

I have! While Over Raging Tides is the first book in this new series, I have another complete YA fantasy trilogy called Elementals: The Threats of Sky and Sea series. I’ve also written and published a standalone New Adult contemporary romance called Now and Again.

How long have you been writing?

As long as I can remember. The earliest “story” I still have of mine basically amounts to Nancy Drew fanfiction, starring my parents as “Nancy” and “Ned.” I think I was about eight years old. As I grew older, I discovered the great, wide world of fanfiction in my teen years and cultivated my writing in those communities before working on short works in college as I pursued my Bachelor of Arts degree. I started writing Now and Again after graduation during NaNoWriMo, trunked it for a while, and then got to work on Threats of Sky and Sea, which was my debut novel.

What inspires your stories?

The one thing all of my books have in common is that they all started when a random scene jumped into my head. For Threats of Sky and Sea, that scene didn’t make it to the final draft, but it’s the reason I wrote the entire series. For Over Raging Tides, the inspiration grew stronger when I watched Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl one day and realized there was only one central female character. After that, there was no stopping me from writing this book.

Titles are tough. How did you come up with your title?

Titles are tough! The early working title of Over Raging Tides was Hoist the Colors, but I wasn’t altogether happy with it. For starters, I didn’t think that it was a title that could carry over well to a sequel (Grace’s story is a planned duology) and secondly, the fact that the crew of the Lady Luck goes into battle from time to time isn’t a key part of the story for me. My critique partners and I did a bunch of ‘pirate’ and ‘sea’ word association and eventually they helped me land on Over Raging Tides.

When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

Hmmm, as a voracious reader, I’ve almost always known that I wanted to be a writer of some sort. Pretty much since the idea clicked that “these words that I’m reading were written by someone. That’s their job.” But in high school, I was a devoted member of my school’s yearbook staff and I thought for a while that I might like to pursue magazine journalism.

I quickly realized that I like making stuff up better and haven’t looked back since.

Is theme an important concept in your stories? If so, is it personal for you, or something you feel strongly about?

Not particularly. For me, reading has been an escape and distraction when I’ve needed it, or just a fun pastime and that’s what I want to provide for my readers. If there’s any theme to Over Raging Tides it’s that women can dominate and succeed in traditionally male fields… which, yes, is something that I feel strongly about.

What do you look for most in a book when you’re reading, and how do you incorporate that into your own writing?

I suppose what I look for most is immersion, so that comes down to the writing itself. I read a great deal of genres… romance, sci-fi, fantasy. I gravitate most toward fantasy, female-led worlds, but don’t solely read those works. What I want is to be able to lose myself in another world, or other characters for a few hours before I return to my own life. I do my best to provide the same experience to my readers.

What can we expect to see from you in the future, any books on the backburner?

Next up is the sequel to Over Raging Tides, currently titled Through Fathoms Dark and Deep. After that, it’s a toss-up. I’ve got ideas for other Lady Pirates stories, but also have a ghost series on the backburner. We’ll see which way I lean next!

Is there anything you want to add before we close our interview?

No, but thank you for having me on the blog!

Thank you for being with us today. Good luck with Over Raging Tides.

About the Author

Jennifer Ellision spent a great deal of her childhood staying up past her bedtime with a book and a flashlight. When she couldn’t find the stories she wanted to read, she started writing them. She loves words, has a soft spot for fanfiction, and is a master of the fangirl flail. She resides in South Florida with her family, where she lives in fear of temperatures below 60 Fahrenheit.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter

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New Release: Galatine's Curse, by Author T.J. Green - An ancient sword. A dark secret. A new enemy. *****Excerpt -- Giveaway*****

Galatine’s Curse T.J. Green(Tom’s Arthurian Legacy, #3)
Publication date: March 20th 2018
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

An ancient sword. A dark secret. A new enemy.

In the third book in the series, Tom has established a new life in the Otherworld, a life he loves. He lives with Arthur in New Camelot, and Arthur is hosting a tournament. Eager to test his sword-fighting skills, Tom’s competing. But while the games are being played, his friends are attacked and everything he loves is threatened. Tom has to find the intruder before anyone else gets hurt.

Tom’s sword, Galatine, seems to be the focus of these attacks. Their investigations uncover Galatine’s dark history and a terrible betrayal that a family has kept secret for generations. But this secret now puts others at risk, including Tom, and he realises that he could lose everything unless he can solve the mystery of his sword’s past.

Galatine’s Curse is the third book in the YA Arthurian fantasy series, Tom’s Arthurian Legacy. If you enjoy magic and mystery, a strong group of characters and Arthurian fantasy, then you’ll love this action-filled adventure.

Buy Galatine’s Curse for your thrilling new fantasy adventure today!


They shuffled towards the light, and Tom gasped. The passage had opened out, and they were on a narrow shelf, looking out across a large cave that twinkled with a faint blue glow. Far below them was a lake lit from beneath, reminding Tom of Ceridwen’s Cauldron.

“Where’s the light coming from?” Tom asked, as he craned round to look at the cave. It was almost circular, and although the lake was a long way down, the roof seemed far above them too.

“Great Goddess!” Nimue murmured. “It must be coming from daystar sapphires.” She pointed. “There are hundreds set into the cavern walls.”

“What are those? I’ve never heard of them,” Brenna said.

“Very rare stones with strong magical properties,” Nimue replied. “Only those who practise magic use them, and they’re very hard to get.” She gazed around with wonder.

“And yet Raghnall seems to have had his own enormous supply,” Arthur said.

“I wonder,” Merlin said, “could they have been used in Filtiarn’s spell?”

A narrow walkway ran off to their right before petering out, and Merlin felt his way along, heading towards where a smattering of stones came within reach.

“Maybe,” Nimue murmured, deep in thought. “They have the ability to enhance any spell, but the power actually makes them dangerous. I have never used them, even when I had some. If they’re used incorrectly, they can cause what I can only describe as a magical explosion.”

“That’s a long way down,” Bloodmoon said, peering over the edge. He picked up a stone and dropped it. It was several seconds before they heard a faint splash. “I think there’s something down there.”

“Like what?” Tom said, alarmed.

Beansprout dropped to her knees, better to look over the edge. “Can you see that black shape against the blue? It looks like it’s circling around.”

“It’s getting bigger,” Woodsmoke said. “Is that because it’s getting closer?” He looked at Bloodmoon, annoyed. “Have you woken something?”

“I only dropped a stone in!” he said, indignant. “Whatever it is, it’s a long way down. You worry too much, Woodsmoke!”

Before anyone else could comment there was an enormous splash and the black shape emerged from the water, silhouetted against the blue. The shape kept coming, and then a spurt of fire emerged from the blackness, followed by the familiar roar of a dragon.

“It’s a bloody great dragon,” Arthur yelled, pulling Excalibur free with a hiss. “Run!”

But Merlin was still at the end of the ledge, examining the stones.

“Merlin, get a bloody move on!” Arthur yelled, preparing to fight as they stood mesmerised by the dragon’s approach.

And suddenly Tom was aware of Galatine, trembling, its hilt warm to the touch. “How can it live in water?” he shouted as he pulled Galatine free, its opals now swirling furiously.

“Water dragon,” Nimue yelled above the roar, “very vicious, and territorial.”

A blinding white light emitted from her hands, held palms forward, forming a wall in front of them just as the dragon drew level and released another stream of fire.

They instinctively ducked, but the shield held, turning into a wall of flame as the fire hit it. Beyond, the dragon flapped its enormous wings and fixed them with a vicious stare before flying round to circle back, its huge wing span creating a rush of air.

“Wow!” Tom said, rising to his feet and looking with new appreciation at Nimue.

Merlin stumbled, and Arthur ran to him, helping him to his feet. Woodsmoke and Bloodmoon had already drawn their arrows in case the shield failed.
“Get a move on, Merlin,” Nimue commanded icily. She turned to Beansprout. “Join your hand to mine, and hold your other hand out, like me.”

Without hesitating, Beansprout did as she asked, and Tom saw her stiffen as a wave of power travelled through her, strengthening the shield.

Tom watched the dragon turn back towards them, dripping with phosphorescent water, like a sheen of blue fire racing along its wings and dripping down its jaw. It was magnificent and terrifying all at the same time.

About the Author

T J Green was born in England, but moved to New Zealand 10 years ago. She currently lives near Wellington with her partner and her cats Sacha and Leia. When not writing she does lots of reading, gardening and yoga.

In a previous life she's been a singer in a band, and has done some acting with a theatre company - both of which were lots of fun. On occasions she and a few friends make short films, which begs the question, where are the book trailers? Thinking on it ...

Tom's Inheritance is TJ Green's first book in the series Tom’s Arthurian Legacy, the sequel Twice Born was released in February 2017. Galatine’s Curse, book 3, will be released in March 2018. She is also working on a few short stories which further expand the world of Tom in the Other.

Her new project is an urban fantasy series about witches.

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A Quirky and fun Interview with Thommy Hutson, Author of Jinxed: High school can be a real killer. *****Giveaway*****


Thommy Hutson
Publication date: March 13th 2018
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Young Adult

High School Can Be a Real Killer

Break a mirror
Walk under a ladder
Step on a crack

Innocent childhood superstitions …

But someone at the secluded Trask Academy of Performing Arts is taking things one deadly step further when the campus is rocked with the deaths of some of its star students.

Layna Curtis, a talented, popular senior, soon realizes that the seemingly random, accidental deaths of her friends aren’t random—or accidents—at all. Someone has taken the childhood games too far, using the idea of superstitions to dispose of their classmates. As Layna tries to convince people of her theory, she uncovers the terrifying notion that each escalating, gruesome murder leads closer to its final victim: her.

Will Layna’s opening night also be her final bow?

A Quirky Interview with Author 

Thommy Hutson

Welcome to Character Madness and Musings

What made you decide you wanted to write?

I feel like I’ve always been a storyteller. As a child, I certainly was a talker! I loved writing little things down and reading them to people. I remember in first grade I wrote my first story, which was all about how the ghouls and goblins on Halloween night can be captured if you dress like them. It made sense at the time! I was definitely lucky to have the constant encouragement of my parents and teachers. They really instilled in me that writing was something I could do and should pursue. I think the desire, the need, to keep telling stories never left me.

I bet that scared the kids in the neighborhood.

What sort of people or writers inspires you?

So many! In fact, I try to find a little inspiration in everyone and everything. There’s always a takeaway where I think, “That’s interesting” Or, “That would make a good story.” Or even, “That person is so dynamic, they’d make a great character.” I do love reading about people who have overcome tremendous obstacles, as I think there is so much to be learned about oneself in learning about another’s journey. In terms of writers I have read a lot and admired, Stephen King, Wes Craven, Shirley Jackson, Agatha Christie, S.E. Hinton, Mark Twain, Jack London, John Green … the list goes on and on! I’m a big fan of horror, mystery and young adult works.

Any quirky or hard-headed characters?

The characters in “Jinxed” are a mix of teenagers and adults and they all have their, shall I say, moments. The kids are seniors at a very exclusive performing arts high school. They are all there because people, for most of their lives, have told them they are amazing, talented, going to be stars. When you hear that over and over, coupled with being a teenager, it’s bound to affect your thinking, your actions, your words. These kids are gunning for their moment in the spotlight. It just so happens to be at the same time someone is trying to kill them and they are not only trying to figure out why, but who is doing it and who is next. It gets under their skin and the stress puts a strain on their interactions.

There is definitely one adult character, the dean of the school, who certainly fits the idea of hard-headed. In his mind, there’s a place for everything and everyone and he will make sure you are aware, in no uncertain terms, where you stand. But people soon realize even the most perfect have secrets…

If you were a character or creature in one of your stories, what would you be with your personality, and why?
I’d be the goofy, talkative, best friend. Unfortunately, I think history has shown that character makes it close to the end, they don’t always make it to the end. I like to think I’d go out with a fantastic one-liner.

What would you want to be?

The awesome, smart survivor who comes back for the sequel!

Good answer!

If you were a fantasy creature, what would you want to be?

Anything that could fly.

I love bouncing around with alternative choices, so …

Angel or demon?

Land or air?


City or Country?


Candy or Cake?


Red or blue?

Coffee or Tea?

Hot cocoa!

Music or Television?

Music. It helps me write.

Paperback or Kindle?

Paperback, for sure. I love the feel of opening a book and flipping the pages.

Christmas or Halloween?

Are there any books planned for the future that we can look forward too?
The sequel to Jinxed! I’m writing it now and am realy excited about where the story and charactrs (those who survive, that is!) are headed.

Do you have a website?

Facebook or Twitter?
Twitter: @thommyhutson
Instagram: thommyhutson


Is there anything you want to add before calling it a day?
“Jinxed” releases on March 13th, but I am doing a pre-release signing for the book on Saturday, March 10th at Dark Delicacies bookstore in Burbank, CA. The book for signing can be ordered here:

It’s was great having you Thommy. Thanks for joining us today.
Read more about Thommy Hutson below.

About the Author

Born and raised in Upstate New York, Thommy graduated from UCLA and launched his career co-writing the story for the Warner Bros. animated hit SCOOBY-DOO IN WHERE’S MY MUMMY? He followed that with co-writing the concept and additional material for CHILL OUT, SCOOBY-DOO!

His career then took a thrilling turn when he wrote and produced several definitive genre film retrospectives for television and home entertainment: SCREAM: THE INSIDE STORY, NEVER SLEEP AGAIN: THE ELM STREET LEGACY, MORE BRAINS! A RETURN TO THE LIVING DEAD and HIS NAME WAS JASON: 30 YEARS OF FRIDAY THE 13th.

He was also a staff writer on Hulu’s daily web series “The Morning After,” a smart, witty, pop culture program aimed at getting viewers up-to-date on the latest entertainment news and celebrity interviews.

Thommy also produced the critically acclaimed feature THE TROUBLE WITH THE TRUTH, an insightful relationship drama starring Lea Thompson and John Shea. He also produced DREAMWORLD, a quirky, romantic dramedy.

He co-wrote and produced ANIMAL for Chiller Films and Drew Barrymore’s Flower Films. The project debuted in iTunes’ top ten horror films (reaching #1) and became the network’s highest-rated original movie.

Continuing his passion for uncovering the stories behind the story, he went on to produce CRYSTAL LAKE MEMORIES: THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF FRIDAY THE 13th, which is the most comprehensive look at the popular film franchise.

As an author Thommy crafted a limited-edition coffee table book detailing the making and legacy of Wes Craven’s 1984 classic A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET. A trade version distributed by Simon & Schuster reached number one in’s Movie History & Criticism category. He also has a deal with Vesuvian Media to write a YA thriller trilogy with the first book due out spring 2017.

He produced and made his feature directorial debut with THE ID, an independent psychological drama/thriller. Filmmaker Magazine stated it was “a deeply unsettling thriller that’s as moving as it is frightening…with skillful, provocative direction that has echoes of early Polanski.”

Most recently, Thommy wrote the screenplay for CineTel Films’ supernatural horror film TRUTH OR DARE. He is also directing, writing and producing a documentary with Clive Barker’s Seraphim Films in addition to developing other film and television properties with the company.

As an author, he is currently writing another book that definitively details the history, making and legacy of another fan-favorite genre film from the 1980s.

A member of the Producers Guild of America, Thommy continues to develop unique, compelling and provocative projects across multiple genres for film, television, publishing, and home entertainment through his company Hutson Ranch Media.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Just Friends - To be Yours - Two stand-alone novels - Summaries, excerpts, and giveaway

Just Friends
by Elana Johnson
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance
302 pages
**both books are standalones!**

Mitch can't keep running from his girl problems.

High school senior, Mitch Houser, is thrilled to have multiple colleges recruiting him because of his record-breaking times on the track, but Mitch hasn’t told anyone the real reason he’s been setting records.

He’s trying to outrun his girl problems.

He really hits it hard when Holly Isaacson, the girl next door and his best friend for a decade, becomes buddy-buddy with Jade Montgomery, who is Mitch’s latest crush. He wants to move Jade from a girl he invites to eat dinner with his family to a girl he takes out to dinner—and maybe kisses afterward.

So Mitch runs, and he runs fast. Things progress with Jade at the same rate they fall apart with Holly. Most days, Mitch can’t change into his running clothes fast enough. But running from his problems isn’t a good solution, and Mitch will have to face both Jade and Holly—and decide which one of them to put into the “just friends” category.

**.99 cents March 7th-14th!!**


So, Drew, you need a ride home after school?” Omar Juavez sidled up beside my sister as we walked down the main hall at Stony Brook High. A smart move considering I’d warned him away from Drew at least ten thousand times in the past month alone.

My stupid lipglossed freshman sister giggled and looked at me for permission. I glared first into her hopeful eyes, and then toward Omar’s sly smile.

“I have track, so I need the car,” I said, gripping my cell phone too tight. I willed it to buzz. Just once.

“So you do need a ride home after school.” Omar draped his arm around Drew’s shoulders and let his eyes linger on her chest —which was barely concealed beneath the scrap of fabric she called a shirt.

She beamed under the glow of his attention, making me stop dead in the middle of the crowded hall. “Listen, Omar. You keep touching her like that, and you won’t recognize yourself next time you look in the mirror.”

The smile slid off Drew’s face, replaced with a scowl. Omar dropped his hand from my sister’s shoulders, a sheepish glint in his eyes. I’d seen this look plenty of times over the years. Every time his mom came looking for him, in fact. He always seemed to “forget” to call her and tell her where he was. Omar did have the courtesy to look and sound apologetic when he screwed up.

Drew stopped next to Omar, and glared at me. “Shut up, Mitch,” she said. “You’re not my father.”

Omar was the kind of guy my dad wouldn’t want anywhere near Drew. Just because Omar ate dinner with us almost every night didn’t mean he could suddenly transition from sleeping in my bedroom to camping out in Drew’s. He and I had been in the same classes for years, and he’d spent so much time at my house, my mom washed his jeans and stocked the kind of cereal he liked.

“When it comes to my senior friends—” I glared at Omar. “— dating my little sister, you bet I am.” I stepped back into the flow of students, my sister and my best friend following.

“I’m not that little,” Drew complained. “And I don’t want to wait until four-thirty to go home.”

“Fine, whatever.” I hooked Omar with a pointed look as I stopped at my locker in Senior Row. “But no touching.”

He crossed his heart and slung his arm around Drew’s shoulders— which counted as touching in my book—drawing her down the hall and away from me.

I watched them go, my mood darkening as he leaned in and whispered something that caused Drew to throw her head back and laugh. Omar twirled her ponytail around his fingers. I turned away before I witnessed them doing something I wouldn’t be able to erase from my mind.

I spun the combination on my locker and opened it, thinking that someone had to watch out for Drew. She was all flirt and no thought, and Omar kept blankets in the trunk of his car. I’d never cared who he slept with, but the thought of that person being my fourteen-year-old sister filled my stomach with fire.

I clenched my teeth and drove them from my mind. The frustration remained as my phone stayed silent. Holly hadn’t texted.

She wouldn’t until she could do it alone—without the inquisitive eyes of her latest boyfriend, Greg Matthews. I had nothing against Greg. He and I had played football for the jaguars until seventh grade. He went on to play tight end until he made the varsity team as a freshman, and I’d left football to the real jocks. I preferred being able to think with my brain and switched to a sport that didn’t require special equipment: Track.

Holly Isaacson and I had been best friends since fifth grade, when she moved in next door. With a newly divorced mom and a younger brother, Holly came with a bright smile and lots of lawyer jokes. We had Mrs. Toolsen, and she was the kind of teacher that made us hand our spelling tests to the person behind us to get corrected. I never crossed my t’s, so they looked like l’s—until Holly, who sat behind me, crossed them for me. It was this unspoken thing between us, the fact that she was saving

my fifth grade spelling grade every week. When Mrs. Toolsen found out—Holly didn’t have an identical blue pen to cross the t’s with one week—she said if Holly crossed my t’s one more time, we’d both fail.

The very next Friday, we both failed, because Holly crossed all my t’s. I could still remember the stubborn glint in her eyes as she stared at Mrs. Toolsen and took her F without a word. From that Friday on, we’d been inseparable. We ran together, we studied together, we grew up together. I talked to her everyday— except when she was dating someone.

I’d texted her last night with no response. And again this morning. Still nothing. It wasn’t like I needed her. I didn’t have a pressing question for her to answer. I didn’t like her for anything besides a friend. But I didn’t know how to function without her.

She’d know what to do about Omar and Drew, and she’d ask if I’d finished my history essay. She’d remind me about youth group on Wednesday, and she’d assure me I was going to win the cross-country meet on Friday. I’d tell her about my latest crush on Jade Montgomery, and she’d advise me how to ease into Jade’s social calendar without being obvious. Without Holly, I felt isolated, lost.

As much as I hated to admit it, I was lonely without Holly. I missed hanging out at her house after track, and I missed having her and her brother over for dinner when her mom had to work late. Holly and I had trained for track all summer, running earlyearly in the morning before the sun could bake the Kansas landscape into hundred-degree temps and before I had to work at the car wash and she had to strap on her roller skates and waitress at the drive-in. When Holly started dating Greg in mid-July, I’d found a new running partner. I wanted to believe that getting up at five a.m. to train with Ivy Olsen and Lance Higbee was the same, but it wasn’t. I gathered my books for first and second period and slammed my locker. My cell buzzed, causing a tremor of hope to vibrate through my chest. The warning bell rang as I checked the message.

To Be Yours
by Elana Johnson
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance
242 pages

A girl who's lost herself and the boy who's always known how to find her.

When seventeen-year-old Eden Scotson skis to the bottom of a mountain on a routine trip with her older brother's best friend, Grayson Young, they find the lift non-operational and the biggest storm of the season upon them.

Unable to stay in the tiny hut, they decide to make the climb back to the luxury condos at the top. Along the way, they have to battle the danger of an avalanche, the elements of wind and snow, and their feelings for each other. As Grayson deals privately with his mother's alcoholism and an absent father, Eden's grief over her father's death nine years earlier is a little more public.

Compared to dealing with the complexities of friendship and more-than-friendship, overcoming grief, and learning how to forgive old wounds, physically climbing the mountain will be the easiest part of the journey for both Eden and Grayson.

**.99 cents March 7th-14th!!**


I can’t believe I let you talk me into coming here again.” I picked up the single-sheet menu and pretended to look at it. “I’m the one who needs consolation. I should’ve gotten to pick the place.”

“Third Thursday.” My brother, Josh, slid me look over the top of his menu. “You like the shrimp rolls. You’ve had those before.”

I glanced my way into the sushi restaurant, but this place could actually be called a dive—and it would go with the fishy theme. A certain stench hung in the air, and I almost bolted.

“I don’t understand why you like kelp,” I said, shifting in the booth. The cheap vinyl made a slurping sound as the duct tape that had been holding it together came loose.

“It’s an acquired taste, Eden.” He grinned at me, his dark eyes shining though there was hardly any light coming from the bare bulb—definitely a dive—above us. They probably kept it dim on purpose, so customers couldn’t see what they were putting in their mouths.

Josh and I ate out every Thursday night, because it was the night Terry had to work late at the hospital and Mom ordered pizza when our step-dad did that. We’d arrive back at the House of Chaos in time to help her get all the littles to bed, and not a minute sooner. Josh and I had perfected the timing over the past year of working our way around all the eating establishments in Collinworth, the tiny ski town in Idaho where we lived.

We’d been everywhere, and sometimes when it wasn’t winter, we drove to nearby Twin Falls. But in February, we stayed in town, and Josh got to pick the restaurant every first and third Thursday.

“What’ll it be?” I glanced up at the nasally voice, finding a bored man with a very large chin. I ordered the shrimp rolls and waited while Josh ordered half the menu. The waiter didn’t write anything down before walking away.

“I don’t see how you’ll eat all that.”

“Have I ever let you down?” Josh spread his arms across the table. “Now tell me you’ve decided to come up to Sun Valley with me tomorrow.” His enthusiasm for a weekend of skiing was almost infectious. Almost. “Four-day weekend.”

I couldn’t suppress my smile forever, and I let a sliver of it show on my face. Josh seized onto it and practically lunged across the table to scrub my hair. “I knew you’d relent.”

“It’s only ‘cause I don’t want to spend the next four days cooped up in the house with the kids.”

Josh leaned back, some of his humor evaporating. “I can’t believe Mom asked you to babysit overnight.”

“Why wouldn’t she?” I’d babysat a lot over the past seven years—since Mom remarried and started having babies like she was trying to repopulate the earth. A set of twin boys was followed by two girls, giving her and Terry four kids under the age of six.

Oh, and Josh and me. We still lived there too, with Josh only three months and ten days away from graduating and leaving me alone with the Chaos for a whole extra year. I’d been panicking about it at random times, like when the morning announcements at school included things like, “Be sure to turn in your graduation deposit by Friday!” or “Seniors, the all-night party has been scheduled! See the poster in the student center and sign up to reserve your spot.”

Josh and I had been close since babydom. Irish twins—Mom’s always been Fertile Myrtle—he was only eleven months older than me.

“She just shouldn’t go away overnight and leave you in charge of everything.” Josh’s expression darkened. “Promise me you won’t let her pull that crap when I’m gone.”

My stomach flipped and not only because the waiter set down a tray of sushi rolls that had the thickest layer of kelp I’d ever seen. “I won’t,” I promised. I swallowed hard to keep the emotion building in my chest where it belonged. Deep down. “Thanks for inviting me on the ski trip. Grayson won’t be upset, will he?”

Josh eyed me for a moment before digging into the disgusting sushi. “Are you kidding?” he said around a mouthful of fish and rice. He swallowed and stared openly. “He invited you specifically.

He’s been pestering me about talking to you about it for weeks.”

I frowned, that emotion shooting to the top of my skull, coating my tongue, making my eyes hot. “Why would he do that? He knows I don’t ski.”

“He knows you have in the past.”

“That’s only because he knows everything about me.” We’d grown up in Collinworth together and he was Josh’s best friend. I saw a lot of Grayson Young, whether I wanted to or not. Sometimes I did, and sometimes I didn’t. Right now, I was in the undecided category.

“You’d really rather spend ten hours in the car with Mom and the kids? And then babysit while she goes shopping with her sister?” Josh’s right eyebrow cocked, the way it always did when he was trying to prove a point or make me laugh.

“Mom said I could stay home alone.”

“With Terry.” He refused to look away. “Just come with me. We’re driving up tomorrow morning. Not early,” he rushed to add. “I know you like your beauty sleep.”

I rolled my eyes. I’d been wearing my more-brown-than-auburn hair in a ponytail for two years, and I usually left the house wearing only mascara and lip gloss. Nothing beautiful about me.

Josh chuckled and finished off his appetizer. “Seriously, Eden. It’ll be fun.”

“Grayson’s bringing his brothers, yeah?”

“Both of them, yeah. Their cabin is like a resort. Don’t let the word ‘cabin’ fool you.”

“I’ve heard all about it from Grayson.” He sat behind me and one row over in health class, and he’d whispered all about the cabin for the past week trying to get me to come.

“He likes you, you know.”

I met Josh’s eye, that brother-sister understanding passing between us. My heart softened, and I wished I could properly explain why I held Grayson at double-arms-length. But I’d have to know for myself first.

“He’s not my type,” I finally said.

“Rich, muscular, and smart isn’t your type?”

“I’m not into athletes. Especially baseball players.”

“You’re an athlete.”

“Which is how I know I don’t want to date one.”

“You don’t date anyone.”

“This argument is old,” I said. “Can you please not?”

He held up one hand in acquiescence, and I relaxed into the booth. “How long does sushi take? They don’t even have to cook anything.” I glanced in the direction the waiter had gone.

“So?” Josh asked. “The ski trip? Cabin-slash-resort? Hot Grayson attending to your every need?”

I couldn’t help the laugh that slipped past my vocal chords.

Grayson did land at about an eight on the attractiveness scale, what with his hair the color of dark chocolate. Some of the previous girls he’d dated had sworn up and down that their fingers got caught in his hair, so thick and “luxurious” as it was. Their words, not mine. I hadn’t touched his hair since yanking on it in fifth grade so he’d give back my package of grape bubble gum.

“I need to let him know if you’re coming or not,” he said. “He’s having the maid set up the rooms tomorrow morning.”

“Oh, the maid.” That right there almost made me change my mind. But I’d already decided. “I’ll go.” I glanced away as the waiter arrived with the rest of the food. The sight of it set my guts rolling, but Josh dug in with vigor. I pinched one shrimp roll between my thumb and forefinger and dipped it in the sweet ginger sauce. Coated in enough candied ginger, anything would taste good. Right?

“I’m glad you’re coming, sis,” Josh said when he finally stopped stuffing his face. “It wouldn’t be good for you to be home alone.”

“I know.” I met his eye again. “Thanks.” That one word said more than my appreciation, and Josh smiled before attacking his bento box.

About the Author

A speculative fiction author and USA Today bestseller under the name Elana Johnson and an inspirational adult romance author under the pen name of Liz Isaacson, her work includes the young adult dystopian romance series Possession, published by Simon Pulse (Simon & Schuster), Elevated, the Elemental series, the Songs of Life fantasy series, the Redwood Bay romance series, and the #1 bestselling Three Rivers Ranch Romance series.

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New Release! Dominion by Author Julie Hall ***Excerpt - Giveaway***

Dominion Julie Hall
(Life After, #3)
Publication date: March 19th 2018
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

After defeating the red dragon’s legion of bloodthirsty demons, Audrey can finally settle into the afterlife with the knowledge her family is safe. But her quest for a perfect existence shatters the moment Logan is kidnapped in an attempt to bend her to Satan’s will.

Audrey must now travel to the one place no hunter has ever ventured to save the man she loves . . . Hell.

Savage demons, desiccated corpses, life sucking zombie trees, and a land of death and rot await Audrey and her friends as they battle through the fiery realm.

But Logan’s freedom comes with a price . . . the destruction of Audrey’s happily ever after.

As Satan schemes for dominion over all the realms, Audrey learns that some acts may be beyond redemption.


We sat on his bed, tucked up against the headboard, Logan sitting with one knee bent and an outstretched leg, and me curled into a ball against his chest, practically cuddled on his lap.

When my tears were spent, I let out a shaky breath of air.

“Audrey, I can’t—” Logan’s voice caught on something. His head rested on top of mine. When he continued, his voice dropped an octave, thickened with emotion. “I can’t imagine what you went through down there. I’m so very sorry. I should never have bonded with you.”

I savored the warm thud of his heartbeat on my cheek for several seconds before what he’d said sunk in. The leakage from my eyes along with a bad case of the feels must have dulled my reactions.

I jerked to a sitting position to stare at him in disbelief—and anger. My face was crusted with the salt of dried tears. There was no doubt I was a hot mess and a half. But that was nothing compared to the mess he’d just spewed.

He reached for me again, but I put a hand up to ward off his movements and curled my upper lip.

Where to even start?

“What I went through? Are you insane?” His gaze jumped around my face as if he couldn’t decide on a safe place to land. “Logan, I actually felt an echo of what you went through. I even experienced some of it in a dream or a weird out of body experience where I was you. What I went through was nothing.”

He opened his mouth to speak, but I slashed a hand through the air to stop him. “Nothing compared to what had been done to you. You were torn to shreds. Literally, in some spots.”

His face paled. I shouldn’t have gone there and instantly regretted bringing it up—but I couldn’t handle his concern for me when he had been tortured. We’d get to the “should never have bonded with you” comment next.

“You experienced some of . . . of what I went through?” he asked.

Shoot, I gave him another reason to beat himself up. Rookie mistake. “Never mind about that. And what’s this business about regretting bonding with me? Frankly, that’s kind of—hey!”

He grabbed my upper arms and held me still as I tried to push away even farther. His blue eyes flashed, and his face was hard as stone. “If bonding with you caused you to feel even a second of what I endured in that place, then yes, it’s something I deeply regret and would do anything to take back.”

Buried under the caveman response was something sweet, but I wasn’t feeling it.

“Argh. You . . .” I pointed a finger at his face. “You just . . .”

As I sputtered to find the right words, the corners of Logan’s lips just barely tipped up. I stopped talking when I spotted his involuntary reaction. Of course I’d find a guy who thought it was cute when I got mad. Actually, that was probably pretty lucky considering I did tend to have a short fuse.

I pressed my lips together and narrowed my eyelids before performing another visual sweep of his body.

Yep, he looked to be relatively healthy.

I launched myself at him and grabbed the sides of his face, and then I planted my lips right over his. Just like the first time I’d surprised him with a kiss, he was momentarily stunned.

I gently but firmly bit down on his full bottom lip in a silent demand for him to get with the program. Then I pulled back a fraction, just far enough that my lips grazed his when I spoke. “Less talking, more kissing.”

I’d gone to Hell and back for this guy. I wanted to collect my reward . . . with interest.

About the Author

Julie Hall is a USA Today bestselling YA fantasy author and 1st place winner of the 2012 Women of Faith national writing contest. She was also was awarded "Best Debut Author" at the 2017 Ozarks Indie Book Festival.

Before writing her first novel Julie worked as a film publicist and rubbed elbows with the rich and famous . . . as in she would gently nudge them to let them know their meal had arrived during press interviews.

She now spends most of her "office hours" with her two furry writing buddies. Her daughter thinks that mommy's superpower is “sleeping all day,” but that’s because she’s often awake until the wee hours of the morning weaving tales of adventure in worlds of her own creation. When asked in an interview what she wanted to be when she grew up, she’s quoted to have answered, “to never have to grow up.”

She currently lives in Portland, Oregon with her four favorite people--her husband, daughter, and two doodles (because dogs are people too).

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