Tuesday, June 27, 2017

New Release by Raven Williams

***New Release***

The Beast & The Sleeping Prince


A long time ago, in a kingdom far, far away, a young prince is born.  When his parents choose not to invite the Ruler of a nearby kingdom to the celebration of the prince's birth, he crashes the party and curses the child; a curse which will bring about his death on his eighteenth birthday.

Luckily for the princely babe and his parents, the Faery Queen had yet to bestow her gift upon the child.  Using her magic, she changes the curse from death to a long sleep.

In the meantime, in the Sorcerer's own realm, a girl is born to a peasant couple.  When they cannot meet their tax burden, the Sorcerer King claims the babe as his own, declaring she will become his bride on her eighteenth birthday or be doomed to walk the land as a beast.

Join James as he, once again, uses magic to twist two of his favorite books, Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast, into one story, The Beast & the Sleeping Prince.  Will love and honor prevail or will evil sorcery rule the day?

Available now

Website:  https://ravenmwilliams.com

Universal Ebook Link:  https://books2read.com/TheBeastSleepingPrince

Author Bio

A prolific writer, Raven began her career in 2010, first with a blog, next with non-fiction, then finally moving to fiction in 2014, when she began Elven-Jumper, the first book in the Realm Jumper Chronicles.  Now, she has eleven stories published in that epic fantasy series with more planned, as well as two stories in a new mashup series, Raven’s Twisted Classics, and two novelettes in her new dark paranormal series, Witch Hunter’s Society.
When Raven is not writing, she is creating art in the form of fractal designs and abstract paintings.  She is also a caregiver for a disabled family member and two cats.  She currently resides in the Northwest Florida Panhandle, but the Pacific Northwest is the home of her heart.  She hopes to return there one day.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Character Madness: The Carriage and Silas


Ezra from The Carriage and Silas

Ezra meets Alexis at the most vulnerable time of his life. His brother Amos, hired an assasin to kill him, but his father refused to lose another son, and found a way to bring him back. He wakes up in a stranger's lab, and returns home after a short time of adjustment. He arrives to mayhem, not having known that his brother hired the man who killed him. 

His favorite pastime is walking in the thick London fog late at night where he can easily disappear. On one of these walks, he witnesses Alexis' crash into the Victorian Era. Adjusting to gifts he acquired with his new life as a Prodirari, he is shocked when a light touch shows him her thoughts. The things he sees in her world boggle his mind. He follows, and tries to protect her, even though she's rebuffed him numerous times. When Ezra finally gives up, he finds her facing the local magistrate and life in an asylum.

In Silas, book two of The Passages of Time, Alexis has been kidnapped. Her parents blame him, although he had nothing to do with the crime. Fearing she might be killed any time, Ezra and his friend Alen search everywhere, including Misty Haven, for her. He doesn't find Alexis, but acquires the Sovereign, Khayrie's, help in searching for her.

Read more about Ezra in The Carriage, and Silas. Purchase your copies here
The Carriage is also available on Audible.com, here.

Character Madness: The Carriage and Silas

It's been a while since we've visited characters from The Carriage, and they are some of my favorites. Some of them are also in Silas, so I think I'll merge the two books here.



When the story begins, Alexis is a senior in high school. She's pretty, popular, smart, and she knows it. Her sister Brooke is a bookworm, less pretty, and not popular, She and Alexis don't get along. When Alexis pushes Brooke one too many times, she purchases a potion, and sends Alexis crashing into the Victorian Era.

Alexis faces a world much different from her own. She finds herself in a place where women wear long dresses, big hats, boots, and the damnable corsets she's always read about. Unable to work, she finds herself hungry and poor.

Ezra, a man she met the night she arrived, has been stalking her. When she finds herself facing the magistrate for stealing food, Ezra is her only hope of escaping a cruel future with no way home.

After living in an Era where women have no rights, children work catching rats, or in coal mines, and people die in the streets of diseases long since eradicated in her own time, she finds herself soul searching about the person she was in her former life.

You can read more about Alexis in The Carriage, Book 1. Purchase your copy here.


Sunday, May 14, 2017

A Mothers Day Poem

Mothers Are a Special Gift by Faye Diane Kilday

Mothers are a special gift sent 

from God above, 

They bless us with their nurturing,

And fill us with their love.

They pick us up when we are down,

And when we're sad they know,

They're always there to lend a hand,

And guide us as we go.

And mothers are like special jewels 

that can't be bought or sold...

A mother's love's more precious 

than the rarest gem or gold.

Yes, mothers are a special gift sent 

from God above, 

And we'll be blessed forever with 

their never ending love!

© Faye Kilday 1996

Monday, May 8, 2017

Character Madness: Haunted by Darkness - Belshazzar, The Legend of Misty Haven


Qwei - Belshazzar's Lovers and Paladin of Misty Haven

Qwei is the closest woman to Belshazzar. She's tried to get Belshazzar to move in with her, and settle down, but worried about the people he protects, he has always refused. It hasn't changed anything. Qwei is always there for him in his time of need. Her relationship with Meylan is strained, although she gets along with Jessandre fine. She does everything she can to help Belshazzar stop aging, but he's been taking his potion for too long, and she soon finds she has an obligation to either help him, or if she can't, to tear him down.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Character Madness: Haunted by Darkness - Belshazzar, The Legend of Misty Haven


Meylan from Belshazzar, The Legend of Misty Haven

Taken in by Belshazzar when Meylan was young, he is a loyal and loving servant, but only to his master. He is a dragon, with an irritable demeanor. He calls Jessandre 'the chicken', to the phoenix' dismay, but won't hurt him because he, like Meylan, is the last of his kind, and Meylan will never do anything to displease his master, even though he puts on airs with that sarcastic edge of his.