Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Have you seen my newest release?

A Horde of Dragons 
An Anthology

Nominated for best summer anthology
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A Horde of Dragons multi-author anthology from the fantastical minds of Jena Baxter, Guy Donovan, Barb Lieberman, Ellie Lieberman, Kindra Sowder, and Raven Williams. Within these pages, you will find stories of dragons that will tantalize your imagination and leave you wanting more. So sit back, relax a spell, and immerse yourself in A Horde of Dragons.


5 Stars
This compilation of Dragon fantasy writing from indie authors is beautiful and sometimes heart wrenching. So many different worlds, mythos, and viewpoints, all well-delivered. A must read!

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Barb Lieberman

Ellie Lieberman

Raven Williams

Jena Baxter

Kindra Sowder

 Guy Donovan

Monday, August 29, 2016

Writing Prompts: Why I Love them

Wow, I haven't written my blog for a while. I love my blog, but illness put me behind, and I needed to catch up on my writing once I managed to get settled once more. My blog-prompt group has moved forward, but I'm going to continue with the prompts, because it's something I've always wanted to do. I might just focus most of them on character prompts. Since characters and emotion are my passions, I may write about characters I like and why, as well.

At any rate, thank you for joining me, and being patient. If there are things you would like to see me write about, I would love to hear your thoughts.

This post is focused on writer's prompts, and why I love them.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love prompts of all kinds. I have a Pinterest board dedicated to it, and a Tumblr blog devoted to writer issues and prompts I'm not better at posting on that blog than I am here, but do try to keep it up. I also post thunderclapts there for new releases from author friends on occasion. Pinterest I use to calm my nerves. I can post without too much thought, so I use my boards a lot. I also have a Encouragement and Hope for Writer's board there if you want to check it out.

Like many people, I started writing by poetry, although it's not my strongest talent, moved to short stories, one of them became a novel called Veiled Memories, and then on to writing novels. Most of my storylines came from something I read, or heard, or something I saw. Here are a few prompt methods that I've used.


Images have been big for me since I decided I wanted to work on a dragon story, but the full plot wasn't strong enough for me to use it. A friend sent me numerous imaged of dragons to help me out, and I was hooked. Those images led to a short story, which became a novel called, Methalis, One with the Dragon. It's on the back burner waiting for a rewrite, but the first draft is mostly intact. I have just a few chapters to finish yet. For a taste of that book, check out A Bucket of Fishes in the A Horde of Dragons, anthology. 

Here is a teaser for that story:

A Bucket of fish is a historical companion novella to Methalis, One with the Dragon

Another story born from an image is called The Covens of Misty Haven. This story is also awaiting a rewrite, but almost finished. There is also a short story novelette, called Eyes of the Gods, for that one that will be released sometime next month. Sorry, I don't have the official date or link yet, but here are the images that inspired it. I do not own them.

 I need to make a teaser for this one, which is sitting on the editors desk at this moment.

I have a co-authored book of dark faitytales to be published later this year, and all of the stories I'm contributing at inspired by my own stories, companion shorts, and images. I'll be sharing more about that in future posts. 


While I haven't used a prompt for them, Instrumentals and music done in foreign languages has been a great inspiration in my writing, and often helps me creating scenes. It's a different sort of prompt, but a prompt in my opinion none the less. Here are a few of the musician's/composers that have inspired me.

Within Temptation - Although Memories is just one of their songs that have inspired me. Going under helped me to give Alexis more of a back bone in the upcoming Silas, book two of Passages of Time, The Carriage.

Sad Violin and Piano - I love piano and violin

Yuki kajiura and Kalafina - The audio was removed from youtube, so I didn't include the links here.

Yiruma - I just missed him in concert and I'm still pouting over it. I cheered myself up by purchasing one of his CD's.

My other stories were all based on something I read or heard, or simply wanted to try. I always loved fantasy, but didn't think I could possibly write it. Recently, a friend told me he couldn't imagine me writing anything else, but my first story was not fantasy. A die hard fan of the fantasy genre, he hasn't read my new adult/contemporary romance, Pretentious, yet.

Are you a writer inspired by writer's prompts, or a reader inspired by great artwork?

My newsletter is behind, but will be going out the 5th of September, back on schedule. There is a follow me sign-up on the right hand side of this post, if you haven't signed up yet. I'd love for you to travel through this journey of writing with me.

Have an awesome week everyone. 

Friday, August 12, 2016

A Guest Post byAuthor, Kat Caffee

The Followers of Torments

Though I am an “accidental author” the story that makes up The Followers of Torments has made sure to keep me an HONEST author as well.  Not only does it push me to continue writing the story (if I want to sleep, that is), it has also given me reason to stretch out in new ways, dust off old skills, and adapt some of my old hobbies to new mediums. 
What started out as a single book grew into two, then three, then exploded to a five book saga.  So far, it’s listened to me when I put my foot down, and not grown beyond that.  Along the way, because I’m one of those people who doesn’t know the meaning of “half-hearted effort” I’ve also learned how to manage my time well enough to support a blog and social presence to help the story that insisted on being written get discovered.  That’s what has led to today’s wonderful news.
Initially, I had no idea about how to market or promote anything.  What experience I have in sales has always allowed me to use a “soft sell” where I help people who know they want something figure out exactly what they want.  If the place I was selling didn’t have that item, I had no issues with telling the customers where I remembered seeing it last.  That hasn’t worked so well in the book world – there are a lot of people who know they want a book, and some of those even know they want a book from a specific genre.  However, there are so many books to choose from that helping them find just the right book has meant I’ve sent them away from my own work.  Especially when I have trouble even admitting I’ve got work out in the marketplace for them to try.
When I first started writing, this wasn’t an issue, because there wasn’t enough of the series written to make it really worth anyone’s while to start.  Even when I published the second book, I couldn’t guarantee that the rest would be coming any time soon.  As such, I began building a blog, and worked on build up a blog following.  I posted samples of short stories, flash fiction, and even some of the lessons I learned along the way to where I am now. 
With the publication of the third book, along with the detour into companion novellas, I began to notice that I’d managed to back myself into the obscure corner.  I tried to remedy this by introducing a blog series focused on my books, but in the hustle and bustle of everything else going up on the blog, the posts were getting lost.
Eventually, I realized I did need to break up the blog – not to leave my current fans, but to separate the post types – I decided it was time to dedicate space specifically to my books.  So, when the Alterraden website design came about, I made sure to set up such a section where the book could be featured, and the posts that had been lost in the jumble of all the different types of blog series I’d been running could shine in the spotlight. 
I’m re-releasing the posts that were buried, and adding a few new ones along the way.  If you wander over to the Pukah Works HomeOffice, or the Alterraden site, you’ll find a menu link to the Followers of Torments section of the site.  This is where all the wonderful posts about the series can be found.  There are themed posts for a “Behind the Scenes” look at how the books developed, “Meet the Characters” where I provide character sketches for the important characters introduced in each book, and updates about the progress for upcoming projects. 

Why not come on over, and learn some more about The Followers of Torments?


K. Caffee has always been a storyteller. Now, she is sharing her words with the world, rather than a small group clustered around to hear what she has to say.

When she is not taking anyone on a ride through her wild imagination, she is thinking of something new to tell, trying to keep her cats from claiming the keyboard from her, or studying to pass her next class exam.

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