Sam Says: You Are Born to Shine by Sam Hirschmann - Children's Fiction (Ages 3-7), 38 pages, Children's Picture Book



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Book Details:

Book Title: Sam Says: You Are Born to Shine by Sam Hirschmann
Category: Children's Fiction (Ages 3-7), 38 pages
Genre: Children's Picture Book
Publisher: Mascot
Release date: February 2024
Content Rating: G. Suitable for everyone.

Book Description:

Shine bright and don’t ever dim your light. These are the words Sam’s mom tells her every night.

When Sam begins at a new school, her classmates make fun of her colorful clothes and vivacious dance moves. Not letting her inner light dim, Sam shows them that the joy you exude when you’re unapologetically yourself is contagious!

In Sam Says: You Are Born to Shine, readers learn the power of expressing their true selves.

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Interview with Sam Hirschmann

What is the most surprising thing you discovered while writing your book(s)? 

How easily writing it came to me. It showed me that there doesn’t need to be any forcing when it comes to creativity and inspiration - you just have to be open and ready to listen!

Does one of the main characters hold a special place in your heart? If so, why? 

The main character of Sam holds a very special place in my heart as she reminds me of my own inner child who is always telling me to have more fun being myself and to always shine my light as big and bright as I wish. Even as an adult I find it’s easy to get frozen by the thought of others' opinions that I always need to hear this message periodically.

What is the key theme and/or message in the book? 

The message I wish to land on every reader’s heart is that we’re all born to “shine” and we all have a unique light to shine out into the world. This light when shown and expressed freely (by simply being ourselves) will not only make you feel good, but it also inspires those around you to do the same.

What’s the most courageous thing you’ve ever done? 

Leaving my career in finance to go to acting school and start something from ground zero. A lot of my friends and family thought I was crazy (including myself!) to leave a great and secure job and one I had worked so hard at. However, I knew the job wasn’t aligned with my authentic self and it would never bring me true joy. Making that scary jump ultimately ended up being the best decision I ever made. I met my husband in acting school and grew so much as a person…also, let’s just say I wouldn't have ever written this book!

What do you like about audiobooks? 

What I like most about listening to audiobooks is the ability to go on a walk while listening to a great book. Nothing transports me more than when I’m on a walk outside in nature while listening to a story.

Meet the Author:

Sam Hirschmann is the creator and writer of Sam Says: You Are Born to Shine, and is a true dancer of life. After playing Division I volleyball and working on the trading floor in New York City, she decided to take an acting class, which Sam thanks for sparking her journey into seeing life in color.

She left finance to study acting at the William Esper Studio, which took her down the path of finding her true self and how to authentically let her light shine in every situation. While pursuing acting, Sam began teaching Breathwork classes and sharing her insight on social media in hopes of inspiring others to find their joy within and to let their inner light shine.

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