The Singular Adventures of Jefferson Ball by David Perlmutter -- There never was a heroine like Jefferson Ball. And, thankfully, there may never be. ***Q&A with the Author -- Giveaway***

The Singular Adventures of Jefferson Ball
by David Perlmutter 

Genre: YA SciFi Fantasy

There never was a heroine like Jefferson Ball. And, thankfully, there may never be.

She is, simply, the most powerful humanized female dog in a universe full of them. Faster, stronger, more attractive to boys. Unbeatable as a lover. Unfortunately, her brains are not up to this quality, but don’t tell her that.

About the only one who can is Major Hamilton Pomeranian, the diminutive ex-soldier who is Jeff’s best friend and conscience. When she gets too big for her limited clothing, Hamilton tells her what for. And it’s usually only after that point that they are able to escape from whatever convoluted situation they find themselves in.

This potential collection will have readers both laughing and awestruck at the events that happen. And, hopefully, you will be one of them.

Guest Post
Q&A with David Perlmutter

What inspired you to write this book?
Jefferson and Hamilton were the first characters I created when I started writing, and I felt comfortable writing about them in a way I haven’t otherwise, so I have kept doing it. What I was trying to do was the channel the comic adventure style of the television animation programs that I loved when I was young, especially “Rocky and Bullwinkle” and the early Hanna-Barbera stuff, but with enough of an edge for it to still feel relevant to contemporary readers. Which is probably one of the reasons why Jeff and Ham ended up being girls rather than guys, the way my influences had it. It also allowed me to address and parody a lot of the double standards that still exist regarding women compared to men. A man can make love to many women and drink and do drugs and things to excess, and only rarely suffer the consequences, but a woman who does those things is still considered the Devil incarnate. Jefferson and Hamilton do those things, but they still have standards for their lives and abide by them. And Jefferson dresses in a bikini chiefly to surprise and disarm her enemies rather than to simply exhibit her body. They think they’re getting one thing with her, and then they get something they never would have imagined in a million years. And, besides which, they’re funny and sharp-witted, like the majority of the characters who inspired them are, but which the vast majority of movie heroes today are not.

What can we expect from you in the future?
I am awaiting the publication of my first novel, “Orthicon”, which has been locked up in the vaults of the publisher I sold it to a couple of years ago for a while now, but they assure me it will be published soon. I also intend to continue writing and publishing new non-fiction and fiction. Recently, I joined Curious Fictions, and have started publishing things I can’t sell anywhere else there, and I hope to put things from my back catalogue up there as well. Readers interested in my stuff can follow me there, as well as on my social media accounts (provided).

Can you tell us a little bit about the characters in The Singular Adventures of Jefferson Ball?
They live in a future universe where humans no longer exist, but dogs have effectively taken their place, and are dealing with a future full of dangerous alien species and so forth. Jefferson Ball is a super-heroic figure, extremely powerful and physically attractive, but she has Achilles heels in her personal pride, bordering on arrogance, and her insensitivity to others. She started out as an ugly runt, but became who she was because of a wonky genetic inheritance pattern in her family. Major Hamilton Pomeranian is really the only friend she has. Hamilton was drummed out of the planet’s central army, the Star Soldiers, because she got injured in battle, and they don’t have any patience for anyone with a disability of any kind. So, out of options, she reconnected with Jefferson, an old army buddy who got tossed for being too insubordinate, and they try to make a living any way they can together. They don’t see eye-to-eye on everything they do, but no one does with their friends, anyway. The important thing is that they’re there for each other, since no else will be.

About the Author

David Perlmutter is a freelance writer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He is the author of America Toons In: A History of Television Animation (McFarland and Co.), The Singular Adventures Of Jefferson Ball (Amazon Kindle), The Pups (, Certain Private Conversations and Other Stories (Aurora Publishing), Honey and Salt (Scarlet Leaf Publishing), The Encyclopedia of American Animated Cartoon Series (Rowman and Littlefield, forthcoming) and Orthicon; or, the History of a Bad Idea (Linkville Press, forthcoming).

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  1. I enjoyed the guest post and these sound like a fun adventure. Great cover too.

  2. Interesting cover. It’s simplicity sets it apart


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