Waypoint Deborah Adams & Kimberley Perkins -- How far will they go to restore the power? ***Guest Post by the Authors -- Giveaway***

Deborah Adams & Kimberley Perkins 

Publication date: December 1st 2018
Genres: Adventure, Post-Apocalyptic, Thriller, Young Adult

How far will they go to restore the power?

It’s been lights-out for three months and society is already falling into chaos.

Teenage tech-genius Simon Harper and his team of fellow gamers have been searching for the cause of the outage since it went down. Simon and his twin brother West are often at odds, but when the key to restoring power drops into their hands, they’ll risk everything and join forces to bring it back.

Descend into an epic, young adult adventure, featuring family and friendship with a heart-skipping side of romance by debut authors Deborah Adams and Kimberley Perkins.

Mysterious deaths and disappearances are piling up, and unknown enemies are everywhere. As the brothers make their 500-mile journey to Waypoint they’ll have to decide who they can trust, and which secrets can be told.

“Thanks to its tantalizing pace, well-established consequences, and complicated character development, this novel is worth writing home about. I didn’t feel ready for it to end.” -Independent Book Review

Guest Post by Deborah Adams and Kimberly Perkins

“Our Vision of a Post-Apocalyptic World”

I don’t know if a power outage is something most people think about when they think post-apocalyptic. But that’s what Waypoint is. A world recently devoid of power.

A few years ago, here where we live in north Alabama, we had tornadoes that caused power to go out for about a week. It was only a few days without power, and it was crazy how unprepared we were for it. When we started to plan Waypoint and decided the power would be out—everywhere, I went back to that week, the worries we had at the time, and the difficulties it caused people. I thought, “Imagine this all over the world. For months,” and we went from there.

We were trapped so many times over our inability to fully imagine the scope of what it would affect. Medical devices, transit, supply chains, etc. We made it worse by setting Waypoint in the future where reliance on technology was even greater than it is today. We looked at the political scene now and how people react to even small things. So, we knew that in a global outage situation, we’d have protests and riots. Some people would come together, some would take advantage, and some people would die. This was the scene we set in Waypoint. A lot of people reacting a lot of different ways to an extremely difficult situation.

So, when I think about a post-apocalyptic world I think about: what does the world look like when you shake it up and turn it over? What does humanity look like when the jobs we work are obsolete and the things that were once easy are hard? The post-apocalyptic genre is about who people are at their core, when we are stripped of everything that makes up our shiny facades, and survival is the only thing important. Exploring that side of people, that we rarely get an honest look at, was what was so compelling about this genre.

Author Bio:

DEBORAH ADAMS and KIMBERLEY PERKINS are friends and coworkers. They share a love of coffee, literature, and teenagers saving the world. By day, they work for a defense contractor in Huntsville, Alabama as the HR Director and an Excel-wielding Analyst, respectively. By night, they build worlds with words and devour stories. For more information about Deborah Adams and Kimberley Perkins and their foray into writing, check them out on social media.




  1. It's so freaky when either power or even just the internet goes down and you then realize how much we rely on it! I haven't been without power for more than a few hours so far but it's like you can never truly be ready for it you know. Great post, ladies!

    1. Thanks. I'm glad you're back up and running. :)


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