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Hinder: A Bender’s Novel
The Guardian Of Monsters
Book One
Kristin Ping
Genre: NA Paranormal
Publisher: Fire Quill Publishing
Release Date: 15th May 2018

Ethan Sutcliff seems like a normal seventeen-year-old—at least that’s what he’s trying to portray. In a secret society run by the Supernaturals, Ethan is what witches call a Bender. Benders are Witches’ Guardians, who are able to control a witches’ ability, bend it, or move it away from harming humans. In Ethan’s case, he is able to bend the Earth element. But at the age of fifteen, he lost all connection to it, and the reasons behind it could only mean one of two things: His Wielder is either dead, or hiding out somewhere.

Alex Burgendorf has been living in her aunt’s locket for the past sixteen years with her mother—a Fire Wielder, and her father—a Water Wielder. For sixteen years, her parents vowed to protect her, and they have, as she is the last Earth wielding witch. However, time is running out. Alex must find her Bender, or the fate of the Supernaturals might be at stake.

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My Review

Warning: Possible Spoilers

Love, loss, hope, devastation, and betrayal. This book has it all. I will admit that in the beginning it reads more like a young adult novel, but due to a bit of foul language and sexual encounters that are not over the top or graphic, it crosses the line to new adult. There is also some violence, but that isn't usually over the top either. There is one scene where the violence gets a little intense, but the rest is tense, but not in your face. I will say that the manuscript needs a good edit, but I received this book prior to release for an honest review, so it might have still been in the final editing stages. I didn't ding the story, because I believe it still deserves 5 stars.

The characters are unique, with overprotective parents who mean well, but sometimes go too far. There is a hefty body guard that I can envision growling, and teenagers that don't always listen. The main character has an Aunt who is a fun and sexy shifter. Our male main character is gorgeous, ultra strong, and a good guy, but he still makes lots of mistakes, and our heroine is gorgeous, smart, and not always what she seems. Many of the other characters aren't what they seem at first glance, leaving surprises, both good and bad.

There is some description, but much is left to the imagination where the environment is concerned, but characters are clearly defined. I believe this is a series, and there are issues that could easily be pursued in more books, but this book could be read as stand alone. But, I think it will make you want to read the rest of the series. Hinder is a fun and interesting read.

About the Author

Kristin resides in South Africa with her husband, two beautiful girls and two bulldogs that tries to eat her house.

She has been writing for the past eight years and her first debut novel, Hinder: A Bender's novel will be published 2018 by Fire Quill Publishing.

When she isn't writing, she is spending her time with her family, or trying to teach her two bulldogs to not eat her house.

You can find more about Kristin at 

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