Character Madness: The Carriage and Silas


Ezra from The Carriage and Silas

Ezra meets Alexis at the most vulnerable time of his life. His brother Amos, hired an assasin to kill him, but his father refused to lose another son, and found a way to bring him back. He wakes up in a stranger's lab, and returns home after a short time of adjustment. He arrives to mayhem, not having known that his brother hired the man who killed him. 

His favorite pastime is walking in the thick London fog late at night where he can easily disappear. On one of these walks, he witnesses Alexis' crash into the Victorian Era. Adjusting to gifts he acquired with his new life as a Prodirari, he is shocked when a light touch shows him her thoughts. The things he sees in her world boggle his mind. He follows, and tries to protect her, even though she's rebuffed him numerous times. When Ezra finally gives up, he finds her facing the local magistrate and life in an asylum.

In Silas, book two of The Passages of Time, Alexis has been kidnapped. Her parents blame him, although he had nothing to do with the crime. Fearing she might be killed any time, Ezra and his friend Alen search everywhere, including Misty Haven, for her. He doesn't find Alexis, but acquires the Sovereign, Khayrie's, help in searching for her.

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