Virtual FantasyCon 2016

It's almost here so mark your calendars

Virtual FantasyCon is a fun and interesting online event happening October 9th to the 16th, and it’s free to attend. The location is on your computer. You can drop by any day during the event and check out the booths for that day. 

Here is the schedule:

Sun   October 9th - Epic/Sword & Sorcery (Includes High Fantasy)

Mon  October 10th - Sci-Fi/Sci-Fantasy/Time-Travel

Tue   October 11th - Fairytale/Punk (Includes all versions of Punk)

Wed  October 12th - Paranormal/Urban

Thu   October 13th - Series/Short Stories (Includes all subgenres of Fantasy Series & Collections/Anthologies of Short Stories)

Fri    October 14th - Dystopian/Apocalyptic

Sat   October 15th - Dark/GrimDark/Horror

Sun  October 16th - Children/YA Fantasy

There will be authors, bloggers, editors, artists, and publishers to list just a few, and a Cosplay booth, 

Check out the Blog Hop Hunt, panel discussions, and a new booth this year an Author Cache Sale booth (This booth is only for the participating authors on the day of each event. Books on sale for $1.99 or 0.99 can list these books in the comment section for guests to find and buy.) It is put together by lovely people like Carol March, Raven Williams, Denise Garrou, and others who have worked behind the scenes to make this event happen. 

Visit the official website for the Blog Hop Hunt - this is where you will play to win. 
Visit the author's blogs/website that will be featured each day and collect the hidden number in each Virtual FantasyCon post. Tally them up, go to the entry page on the website and enter the number, answer a couple of questions and you could win yourself a $5 Amazon Gift Card for each day you play.

Catch up on your favorite author and discover new ones. 

To find out more about the event check out the following social media links:


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