A Character Madness Interview 

With Marai bin Ahu 

From Children of the Stone 

By Mary Woldering

Tell us about your story 
I'm just a simple man, devoted to my goddess, but every since the night the stars sang, things have become complicated.

What part do you play in it? 
I move through all of the pages.

Is it scary or a love story? 
There are scary parts, but more love, because it heals all things.

Have you heard any good gossip lately? 
I don't really listen to any. The woman downstairs is cheating on her husband. Her last child wasn't his, but he refuses to see it.

If you could be anything you want to be, what would you be? 
Happy, maybe with a small business or a plot of land for sheep or goats. I'd love to have my wives with me too.

To see my increase.

Where would you live? 
No real preference. I would like a place where life and survival isn't a struggle.

Where do you live now? 
Ineb Hedj (that’s near modern day Cairo, Egypt for my 21st century friends)

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? 
I have three wives.

What would they think about the change? 
Two wouldn't mind. Deka still wants to go to Ta-Seti and discover her forgotten past.

Does your fur mat and pull? I was just wandering because I have a mat right now and it really hurts. 
Fur? No.

Who is the scariest person in your story? 
Scary? I'm not sure if he is scary, but I really don't trust Count Prince Hordjedtef

Who is the happiest? 
Hard to say. We all have our moments.

What’s your author like? 
A dreamer. She's a little disorganized, a lot like my wife Ari, but not as rambunctious.

Do you think she portrayed your part well? 

Does she sleep as much as Jena does? 
I don't know how much this Jena sleeps. 

Do you have any pictures to share? 
Of me? She has a picture of this actor named Jason Momoa she thinks could play me if we made a movie, but my hair is different and my skin is a little darker. Let her know if you want this Jason picture. There are pictures of the 2 book covers and some of her drawings.


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