Maya's Tiny Warriors by Manasi Vegesna - Children's Picture Book - Children's Fiction (ages 4 to 8), 32 pages



Book Details:

Book Title: Maya's Tiny Warriors by Manasi Vegesna
Category: Children's Fiction (ages 4 to 8), 32 pages
Genre: Children's Picture Book
Publisher: Manasi Vegesna
Release date: Oct 2023
Content Rating: G. Suitable for everyone.

Book Description:

On the first day of school, Maya wakes up with a terrible flu. As she sneezes, coughs, and burns up with a fever, she can’t quite understand why she is sick. And why isn’t she getting better?

Thankfully for her, there are tiny warriors in her body that are battling for her well-being. Follow these warriors as they fight to keep Maya safe in this epic showdown between the immune system and the flu.

For ages 4-8, this book is perfect for young kids learning how their body works. By accompanying Maya’s warriors on their journey, readers will better understand their immune systems and illnesses.

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An Interview with Manasi Vegesna

1.     What made you write a book about immunology?

I always loved reading growing up, whether it be picture books about the human body or chapters of magical lands. I found inspiration within these books, and after I learned about my immune system, I was set on writing a book that could incorporate such science. As a child, I constantly had throat infections and fevers. I was at the doctor’s at least 2 times a month, but never completely understood what was going on inside my body. Until I reached highschool and conducted research on how immune cells differentiate friends vs. foes, the nuances of the immune system were pretty much a mystery. I found this topic incredibly interesting and I wanted to spread some of this knowledge to others as well. And what better way to do so than with a children’s book similar to all of those I read growing up?


2.     How did you do research for your book?

I already had some background in immunology from my previous research experience, in which I had to extensively investigate T-cell development in the thymus. The thymus is an organ involved in the creation and management of T-cells and other immune cells, so I knew I wanted to focus on this aspect in my book. As a result, I did brief research on the main cells of the body’s defense- T-cells, B-cells, and macrophages. After fully understanding their roles and how they work together, I was able to paint them as warriors in the midst of a battle in Maya’s Tiny Warriors.


3.     There are many books out there about science. What makes yours different?

Maya’s Tiny Warriors is unique because it presents science in an engaging and accessible way. By comparing the immune system and its struggle against the flu as a battle with different teams of warriors, anyone can learn about their body. You don’t have to love science to read this book, so Maya’s Tiny Warriors can be enjoyed by everyone.


4.     What do you envision for the future of this book and its impact?

I hope that Maya’s Tiny Warriors can get into the hands of many children who are fascinated by science and anyone else who wants to learn more about their body. I would love for this book to get in many libraries, bookstores, schools, and even hospitals. In doing so, I envision this book as an inspiration that can increase awareness of immunology, a budding topic in science today.


5.     What is your next project?

I want to make a series out of Maya’s Tiny Warriors. Whether it be the nervous system, hormones, or various organs in the body, I desire to explain science in a way that reaches the general public.

6.     If there is one thing you want readers to remember about you, what would it be?

I love learning about the human body and writing, but my favorite part is being able to talk to some of my readers and increase health awareness. On my social media platforms, I love receiving reviews about how much people learned from reading Maya’s Tiny Warriors or reading responses to my posts about various parts of the immune system. In the end, connecting with the book community and motivating others through my book is my main goal.


7.     What do you do besides writing?

I’m currently a senior in high school, so my days are filled with homework, clubs, and extracurriculars. I love biology and STEM, so a lot of my activities are centered around research and volunteering. I also teach Bharatanatyam, an Indian traditional dance, which I’ve been learning for 10+ years. When I’m not practicing on the violin or reading a book (my current obsession is historical fiction), I love to bake and make origami creations. I also enjoy binging Netflix, especially Grey’s Anatomy, while eating chocolate cake.

Meet the Author:

Manasi Vegesna is a passionate author from Arizona who is interested in biology and medicine. She has utilized her love for immunology in order to help future young generations face their sickness with courage. In the future, she hopes to further dive into the wonders of science through more imaginative stories. Currently a high school senior, she continues to remain curious. When she’s not doing her homework, you can catch her playing the violin or reading a book. Or, she’s probably binging Disney movies.

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