Starla by Terrilynn Moore and Quade B. Smith - YA Fiction (Ages 13-17), Urban Fantasy



Book Details:

Book Title: Starla by Terrilynn Moore and Quade B. Smith
Category: YA Fiction (Ages 13-17), 434 pages
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Laurel Elite Books
Release date: May 2023
Content Rating: PG + M: Mild profanity and the lead character lives in a mental and verbally abusive household. The theme of living in an unhealthy household and getting help is a theme in the book.

Book Description:

High school is stressful enough without having to save your town from evil incarnate.

But Starla never really had a choice in the matter.

Starla, an aspiring artist, lives an uneasy life with her mom after the sudden loss of her dad. She seeks refuge at the home of her grandmother, Ma Mère, where she feels safe. As a teenager, Starla begins to demonstrate magical abilities. Among them, she discovers her hands glow with purple light and she can understand the squeaks of her pets.

Her new abilities are no surprise to Ma Mère, who reveals a long-hidden family secret of power and magic. Starla's new abilities have been passed down for generations and were awakened by the shift in power when Hel, an ancient evil being, escaped containment.

Hel and those under its power are determined to gain possession and control over the citizens of East Pine and the magical dimensions concealed there. Starla and her friends refuse to let that happen.

If she hopes to thwart Hel's insatiable quest for power and regain control over it before East Pine and all of the dimensions of existence are destroyed, Starla will have to trust her instincts and find the courage to harness the ancestral magic she was born to wield.

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Guest Post
Finding inspiration – how did you dream up Starla and
how do you suggest would-be authors get started?

Starla is based on frightening childhood experiences I had during visits to my
grandmother’s house. She had a haunted looking Victorian home with a coal furnace in
the basement that growled whenever it kicked on-which was startling to me. When the
furnace ignited with its loud rumble, I would cry and demand to be picked up by my
parents. For me, the first-floor heating grates were a conduit to another world. I was
afraid to walk over them. I thought I might be swallowed up by whatever creature was
making those horrible sounds. I imagined there was something quite dangerous in my
grandmother’s basement.

I suggest that authors keep a journal of their short-stories, their poems, any thought that
carries weight to them and use those journals to intertwine with larger projects as they
might apply. I encourage would-be authors to take creative writing classes. Writing is a
skill as well as an art. The more you practice, the better you get.

Meet the Author:

Terrilynn Moore is a retired police officer who now lives as an artist and storyteller. She expresses her passion through her words and art. The book, Starla, was largely written but not completed until after she reconnected with Quade B Smith after a high school reunion. Quade has prior experience as a co-author of a non-fiction book called, The Bark of the Cony.

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