Character Madness: Haunted by Darkness-Hunted


Darla from Hunted: Haunted by Darkness

I've spent the last month on Misty Haven. There will be more to add later, but it's too soon for some of the characters. So this month we're changing to my newest release, Haunted by Darkness, A Collection of Fairytales and Legends. Haunted by Darkness is a book of short stories I created with Raven Williams. We each have four novelettes. As a treat, I've asked Raven to showcase the characters from her stories too, but in the meantime, we'll begin with one of mine, called Hunted.

Darla is Princess of the kingdom of Levoran, and everyone's darling. She's beautiful, but different with her dark hair, and violet eyes. She is used to getting her way, and tends to manipulate the situation when things don't move the way she wants them to. She's close to her brother, Prince James, and has a crush on his Equerry, Javan. She knows they can't be together, since he has no title, but leads him on anyway because she likes the adoration her shows her. Until one day she pushes things too far, and it isn't long before she finds herself in trouble, with no way of rescue, living in the body of a deer, she is unable to approach her family, or break the spell that's been placed on her by the Fairy Queen.

You can read Darla's story in Haunted by Darkness.


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